Xamarin vs Flutter- Comparing two Cross-Platforms

Xamarin vs Flutter- Comparing two Cross-Platforms for Native-like Experiences

The world experiences numerous transformations and innovations regularly, especially when we talk of the digital platform. Best mobile app development companies in USA have been flourishing for the past few decades and have experienced significant growth. The number of downloads of various mobile applications exceeds one’s expectations every day, thus setting a new objective for various businesses. 

Most of the mobile apps run on the three prominent platforms, namely Android from Google, iOS from Apple, and Windows Mobile by Microsoft. Apart from these, numerous platforms have incredible mobile apps with effective services and meaningful goals. The initial strategy and idea of the Mobile app development services were to develop native applications that can only be designed for a specific platform. However, with time the developers shifted their focus to a more vast objective and started designing applications suitable for various platforms altogether.

What are cross-platform tools?

The traditional mobile app development method or the native mobile applications were only targeted to a specific platform and reduced the reach amongst the general audience. Over the years, the best mobile app development company in India started working with cross-platform mobile development tools, including frameworks that design mobile applications accessible on various platforms. A few of such prominent and well-known cross-platform frameworks include Xamarin, Flutter, and Cordova. 

Presently we would focus on Xamarin and Flutter to understand their distinct features and capabilities in terms of mobile app development services in USA. The following discussion would help you decide on the choice among the two cross-platform frameworks and design the best possible mobile app for your business.

What is the difference between Xamarin and Flutter?

difference between Xamarin and Flutter

To be precise, Xamarin is run by the Microsoft brand and employs the C# language to develop Android, iOS or Windows mobile applications. On the other hand, the Flutter framework is designed and operated by Google, which employs the Google dart programming language and light C++ engine for the development process.

When discussed, the top mobile app development agency in USA has varied thoughts regarding the Xamarin and Flutter cross-platform development framework. It mentions a difference in various features and abilities of the two frameworks, which impacts the mobile app development process altogether. On the one hand, the Flutter framework is the latest in the market but has managed to gain significant acknowledgement. 

While on the other Xamarin is a former framework available to the developers for a long time. Numerous companies are already using it for mobile app development services and assistance. Let us move forward and study more about the comparable features of Flutter and Xamarin to end up using the right one.

1. Supportive platforms

The Flutter framework is supportive to the Android and iOS devices, while Xamarin offers assistance to Android, iOS, and Windows altogether. It is also efficient for Mac OS applications which increases its credibility and portability. Xamarin framework has a comparatively larger ecosystem making it more effective and attractive to the developers. However, the fact could be covered up through the reports that mention 98.5% of smartphones running on Android or iOS devices. 

Further, if you look forward to keeping up with the older versions of mobile phones, including the iPhone 5 Flutter wouldn’t be an advisable choice. It is incompatible with 32 bit OS devices making it unfit for numerous older mobile phones.

2. Used language for coding

Used language for coding

The Flutter framework employs Google Dart language, which is also fresh and latest when compared to Xamarin. The Xamarin framework employs C++, which is already being used by numerous companies and is popular among developers, building up the faith factor. 

It would help you develop your mobile application more easily and conveniently with effective features. However, if you are known to Javascript and C++, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to choose Flutter as it could always be learnt and approached.

3. The community support and backing

As we’ve already mentioned, Xamarin is a former cross-platform framework, thus resulting in a greater community and supporters. The number of followers and supporters in the Xamarin community is incredibly larger than what we glimpse with Flutter. The assistance of Microsoft makes the Xamarin procedure safer and secure for users. 

On the contrary, Flutter lacks community support and is still very young to compete in the existing market. However, most of the mobile app development services are already in favour of the Flutter framework for efficient and impactful mobile applications.

4. The UI design and regular maintenance

UI design and regular maintenance

While we know of the numerous benefits of using Xamarin, it also comes with a few drawbacks, like that of the UI design. It constantly needs updates and maintenance to keep up with the effective features and to work on your mobile app. 

The Flutter framework, on the contrary, is still new and has immense possibilities of growth within a few years. It is open to development and growth with numerous alterations in its actual framework. It only provides you with a set of available templates and layouts for the company according to their common requirements. If implemented or used in the right manner, the Flutter framework could do immense transformations in business and mobile applications.

The conclusion

Xamarin enables its developers to implement all the existing skills and experience in the development process. The knowledge of C++ coding could be of great help and assistance while developing a mobile app with the same framework. On the other hand, Flutter is a bit new and does require immense knowledge before its use. The developers need to gain immense knowledge and understand the method of using the Flutter framework within your mobile applications. This is a bit time consuming, and there is avoided by the developers for the initial phase. One could only develop the Flutter app if one knew the Google Dart language well enough.

The best android mobile app development company in USA supports the Flutter framework due to its uniqueness and innumerable features. However, Xamarin is equally effective and impactful when developing a mobile app for customers. Compared to the Flutter application, Xamarin is more experienced and mature in the development field, making it the right choice for professional mobile app developers seeking effective and persuasive mobile applications.

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