Why Kotlin is Advance Programming Language for Android App Development

JetBrains, the creator of AppCode and one of the brightest minds in the app development industry, introduced Kotlin in April. This powerful programming language has been gathering popularity among Android app developers, Java programmers, and the Best mobile app development company in USA since its release. Kotlin is a robust and flexible second official language for Android.

Four Wonderful Features Of Kotlin

Here are four wonderful features of Kotlin that make the job of an Android app developer much easier:

1. Simplicity- This modern programming language removes unnecessary code. In comparison to other modern languages, it significantly lowers boilerplate code, making development simpler and quicker. There are fewer risks of writing incorrect code because the language is compact.

2. Safety- Kotlin allows app developers to avoid certain types of errors, such as Null Pointer Exceptions (NPEs). In certain ways, it provides a secure and frictionless development environment.

3. Interoperability- Because Kotlin is interoperable with both Java and existing Android languages, developers can easily use established libraries for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Android. Kotlin allows developers to grasp the language rapidly because of this feature.

4. Tool-friendliness- Kotlin is a language that is similar to Java. To create a Kotlin app, developers can use any Java IDE. They can also develop an application from the command line thanks to the language.

Even the most devoted Java fan will appreciate its outstanding compilation using JavaScript or JVM bytecode.

Top 10 Reasons To Use Kotlin

Let’s go over the top 10 reasons to use Kotlin in your future Android app development project:

1. Solves real-time challenges

One of Kotlin’s most notable advantages is that it helps developers address real-time issues. NPEs, for instance, continue to bother Java developers, and Kotlin allows them to remove all of them. Kotlin is a significant step toward resolving the challenges with Android app development.

2. High-quality development at a budget-friendly price 

With the one-click Java to Kotlin converter tool and a focus on Java compatibility, you can get a high-quality development at a low cost. Furthermore, existing Java projects can be easily converted to Kotlin. Many mobile app development agency in USA suggest Kotlin for budget-friendly development. 

3. Simple to learn and use

Kotlin is simple to learn and use because it is a replica of Java and other prevalent languages. Because the language used is fairly basic, even someone with non-technical expertise can readily read and understand the programs as a Java developer becomes more comfortable with the language, the possibilities of errors in the development process decrease. JetBrains makes the conversion from Java to Kotlin as painless as possible because they use this platform for their own applications. The sole portion of Kotlin that is tough is where Java misses the game. Kotlin provides up a world of possibilities for developers, allowing them to become more creative and effective problem solvers by addressing each issue individually.

4. Flexibility to use different languages

Kotlin is an extremely flexible language that does not enforce any specific programming philosophy or style, such as Object-oriented Programming (OOP) Style, which requires the developer to interact with attributes and methods. In addition, Kotlin does not impose an excessively functional attitude.

5. No runtime overhead

Runtime overhead is one of the major headaches for engineers. The good news is that with a tiny and compact library, Kotlin imposes no runtime overhead. The Kotlin library is made up of specialized extensions that follow the Java standard.

6. Improves productivity 

Kotlin allows app developers to leverage productivity-boosting techniques. It integrates seamlessly with IntelliJ IDE. Like Java, developers may refactor, search, traverse, and auto-complete code. Additionally, Kotlin provides complete support for multiple development stages like debugging, profiling, and unit testing. Many freelancers are offering mobile app development services USA preferred Kotlin recently. 

7. Able for Enterprise Java Shops

Large Java codebases can be used to create enterprise-grade Java shops. Developers must devote a significant amount of time and effort to such a codebase. With substantial commercial support from its creator JetBrains, Kotlin is poised to manage these difficulties. Furthermore, Kotlin may be used to test a tiny portion of the code without impacting the remainder of the project. Developers can also export a Java API that is identical to conventional Java code using Kotlin.

8. Simple code reviews

Kotlin targets Java 6 and concentrates on readable syntax. As a result, even those who are unfamiliar with the language can review the code. The ease with which engineers can evaluate code can save them a lot of time and energy, allowing them to focus on other vital elements.

9. Provides IDE support

Kotlin is a very adaptable language, and thanks to its extensive IDE (Integrated Development Environment) support, we have a lot of options for combining it with other languages. The IntelliJ IDE is compatible with Kotlin. It comes as part of the Kotlin package. The fact that both the language and the IDE were created by the same programmers provides this combination with an advantage.

10. Familiar Syntax

Finally, but certainly not least, is the use of familiar syntax. Kotlin is a programming language that was created by industry professionals, not academics! Any programmer who operates in the OOP area will be comfortable with Kotlin’s syntax, and after some initial training, they will be able to create an app right away. Although Kotlin features several variations from Java, such as redesigned constructors, Java developers will be able to quickly grasp the language’s concepts.

All of these features, as well as a few more, make Kotlin a secure and practical language that can efficiently fulfill the requirements of the Android app development domain while also providing a pleasurable application development experience.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Kotlin mobile app development service USA appears to have a brighter future! Following Google’s formal announcement, developers are enthusiastically promoting this language. It has the potential to dramatically transform the landscape for the android mobile app development company in USA.

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