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With the mushrooming competition in the digital market, having a customised website has become a necessity to achieve optimum functionality for your users.


We at Code Craft Crew understand the significance of bringing business online for it’s development. Our team of qualified web developers strive towards elevating your digital footprints in the market by making provisions for the success of your website.


Connect with us and benefit from our expertise at cost effective web development services. Turn your ideas into reality with the best website development company in India and scale your brand with to new heights.

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Web development is an umbrella term that entails a wide range of services that are concerned with developing websites over the internet. Since website plays a crucial part in determining the success of your business, therefore, we broadly encapsulate all the steps, actions and updates required to create, manage and maintain your website’s optimum performance and amplify your user’s experience. Let’s have a look at what we offer

Progressive Web-Apps

Help your customers jump past the app stores and come directly to your business store from any browser while delivering all the features and performances like a native app. We develop highly responsive progressive web-app applications to ensure that your product and services are available to the users at their fingertips, no matter which device they use.

Dashboard Panels

A well managed business is a scalable business. We at Code Craft Crew ease the management process with our rich skillset to develop turnkey web ERP, CRM and other admin dashboards to planout your applications as well as operations in a well structured manner. Our customised and innovative solutions are always there to help boost your business performance and customer satisfaction.

SEO Friendly Websites

Grab the audience’s attention for your products with our ecommerce website solutions. A good website is one that everyone can reach and which reaches everyone. Therefore, we design cost efficient SEO friendly website helping your e-business rank at the top position of various search engines and gain credibility and brand awareness among maximum users, thereby improving your ROI.

Landing Pages

We understand the importance of first impressions to make your audience fall in love with you. Therefore, We help you create engaging landing pages with secure record trackings to attract maximum leads. Our professional web developers put your business prospectus in the right way to make users understand properly and convert easily.

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We Serve Many Industries

Tourism Industry

- Travel Booking Platforms
- Hotel Booking Platforms
- CRM Management Panels
- Staff Management Panels
- Fleet Management Panels
- Remote consultations and telemedicine platforms
- One-Tap appointment booking and management apps
- Multi-device accessible software to maintain logbooks
- Insurance/billing softwares for multi-facility organisations
- Ecommerce platforms for retail pharmacy

Health Care Industry

Ecommerce Industry

- Complete digital storefront and admin panels
- Unique brand omnichannel and unified retail solutions
- Scalable database and inventory management
- SEO friendly websites for better conversions
- Fully loaded platforms with chatbots, payment gateways and social media integrations
- Virtual classroom applications
- Learning management system
- Responsive mobile learning applications
- Reporting and attendance management dashboards
- Assignments and training analysis platforms
- Video courses and presentation applications
- Study material ecommerce retail platforms

Education Industry

Real Estate Industry

- Beautiful websites to showcase the brand
- Appointment booking platforms
- Dynamic listing management panels
- Videos and 360° view supportive applications
- Chatbots, payment gateways and social media integration applications
And many more...
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes, we can surely do that. All you need to do is provide us with your needs and requirements. Our company consists of an experienced workforce to assist you with having a completely brand new and influential look on your existing website.
The entire process and time depend on the category of package that you choose. It further depends upon the features and characteristics that you want to incorporate. The usual time is approximately 1-3 months that might lessen or increase depending upon your requirements and the changes that you might want to add. We are transparent with the duration and deadlines keeping you in loop. The significant focus, however, remains the same, Quality! 

To know more about your project duration, connect with our team today!
That’s for sure. Our primary objective is to satisfy your needs, and our team would consider all your inputs while designing. You may recommend any sort of graphic that you have in your mind, and we will make sure that it comes to reality on your website.

The tools and assistance provided online these days can be used by anyone to design and run a website but, professional companies are well-versed with the existing trends and latest designing techniques. These experts employ their proficient skills and knowledge to make your site more effective and efficient in all terms. The major objective of these companies is to make your website attractive and efficient.

The freelancers might have a bit of knowledge but not something to match the experts’. Further, they do not feel the importance of incorporating security as the major factor at times because they might think that they are doing it for free. However, our focus is to create something that attracts the viewers and brings more audience.

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