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Video Chat App Development Like Zoom; Process, Features, And Cost Estimation

What’s better than a video call where you can actually connect with the other person live and share your opinions face-to-face. It’s easier to connect and communicate with people on video calls remotely when compared to a standard text message. In times like the present, online communication is unavoidable, and hence, several schools, offices, and organizations have also switched their mode of communication to video conferences.

Video calls are well-known to increase user engagement and make the communication more specific with a clear depiction of our objectives. The mobile app development services have glimpsed incredible growth over the past few years due to elevated market demand and users. As a business owner, you might want to know more about the video chat application and how to build the same as it is the center of attraction for maximum clients these days. Moving forward, let us know about the same, including the features and cost of development which can better assist you with your idea and strategic planning.

Why should I invest in designing a video chat and conferencing application?​

Building a video chat application has proven to be the best possible business strategy in the present times. Every other person would have an application of a similar kind on their mobile phones for easy communication depending upon their requirements. Apart from this, a video chat application has a lot more in store for us and the benefits that could prove to be a boon for our existing requirements and needs. They can undoubtedly solve the problem of miscommunication when people can rarely meet and merely contact through calls.

1. Better representation of services and lesser doubts

Better representation of services and lesser doubts

If you own a business, a video chat application could best help you with the client services. You can now give a better presentation of your products and services worldwide, avoiding the problem or issue of accessibility that used to exist. The app allows you to communicate with people from any part of the world and make your business global with lesser investment and greater impact. Further, the clients can immediately clear all their queries relating to the product on the call itself, leading to an efficient work environment.

2. Enhance the customer services and assistance facilities

You can undoubtedly raise the standards of your customer support team and services by including a video chat application within your business. It helps you better connect with the customers and provide easy, reliable, and effective methods to avoid any problem that they might face. It creates better engagement and improves the quality of service that you provide. Further, it builds the trust and faith of your customers in your business and its services.

3. Better communication with the teams remotely

It is a great way to connect with your team remotely. If you have specific departments with the allowance to work from home, a video chat application developed by the top android app development company could help you with teamwork. It would allow easy exchange of ideas and avoid any chances of miscommunication. Hence the business would keep up with the growth even if the work is being carried out from home or remotely.

Types of video chat apps that you can design

video chat apps

You might not know, but there are different kinds of video chat applications available for distinct objectives. The major three categories of the same are:

  1. Professional communication 
  2. Social video chat, and
  3. Video social networking 


All of them are commendable in their own ways and outshine each other in every possible manner. They individually excel in their objectives and lead to the growth and engagement of users.

The must-have features for a video chat application

When you hire the best mobile app development company in India, it will assist you in every possible manner and give you insights into what possibilities you might have with the same. You may add various features to your application according to your budget and requirement, but a few are common and necessary in every video chat application. They are most likely to increase your customer base and develop a want amongst the users. A few of them are also listed and explained below.

1. A group video call or conference

It would be best if you had a group video chat feature within your application. It will allow a large number of people to connect, which is also an advantage from a marketing point of view. Such applications could also be used within various businesses, companies, schools, and offices for regular meetings, which will ultimately increase its reach and clients.

However, if you only allow a two-person conversation, it would limit your app users, thus creating a negative impact. It would be best to look forward to including various features for the listener, speaker, and moderator within the application to boost efficiency and productivity.

2. Screen sharing

A video chat application is more impactful and effective if it allows the screen and desktop sharing feature. All the members in the video conference can easily view the presenter’s screen allowing a better understanding of ideas. This is an important feature if you wish to grow your business, especially for desktop users. However, it also supports mobile applications for greater efficiency and usage.

3. Safety and security of user data

When you consult the top mobile app development company, it always recommends you to invest in the security measures for your video chat application. It is one of the most important factors as the cases of data breaches are increasing, which further leads to the decline of user trust and faith in your business. Online privacy must be a core feature for your application to allow maximum user logins and increase accessibility.

4. Inclusion of emojis and personal messages

The mobile app development services further recommend the addition of various GIFS, emojis, text messages, and media features within your video chat application. It makes the environment less formal and allows personal chat within a conference as well.

What is the approximate cost for video chat app development with all the necessary features?

We can never determine the cost without knowing the actual objective, features, level of complications, and various other features you might want to involve in your video chat application. It can always be estimated when we have a clear idea of what coding framework is used and the level of complicated features in your app.

The approximate estimation amounts to $12,000-$20,000 but could always rise and decline according to the client’s requirements. It would be best to start with a basic application and see its growth while gradually investing in the additional features. It will lessen the chances of any losses and make your app more productive.


Once you start using video chat apps for communication, there’s no going back. It’s an amazing way to connect with friends, family, colleagues, clients and business partners worldwide. It would be best to hire the top mobile app development company in Delhi to assist and guide you with the designing and various other procedures relating to the application. It is undoubtedly a profitable investment and will thus give greater returns if used in the right manner.



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