Travel Mobile App Success Story: How Airbnb Did It

One of the finest marketplaces for connecting people seeking rental properties or rooms for rent in the local region. The app Airbnb can help locals who want to rent out their properties to others. This is one of the most well-organized websites, having been founded in 2008 as Air Bed and Breakfast.

Airbnb works as a middleman who can charge consumers a fee for each booking. It provides consumers with homestays, housing, and tourism. As a result, it has now become the finest rental marketplace. Airbnb is the finest alternative for travellers since they may rent a home or a flat from the owners of the location they want. Mobile app development company in USA can study the factors behind their success and use them precisely to make better apps.

What is the Airbnb process?

It is a digital travel tool that allows users to book accommodations, purchase tickets, and compare costs. That is why this app is rapidly expanding. According to worldwide Airbnb statistics and growth, there are over 5.6 million active listings all over the world. Additionally, Airbnb operates in nearly 100,000 cities.

Property owners can rent out their homes and apartments to tourists and travellers. The Airbnb app allows users to look for destinations and homestay amenities and reserve a place and lodging online. With filter choices, the app lists the user’s required bedroom and other data. By establishing mutual trust and fostering a positive community among passengers and owners.

Five takeaways from the success of Airbnb

Following are the five takeaways that every android and ios mobile app development company in USA should take.

Your app must address a real issue.

According to Airbnb founder Brian Chesky, your app concept should not only be innovative but also solve a real problem. Airbnb allows travellers to book decent lodging anywhere in the globe for a fraction of the cost of the only other option: hotels. At the same time, it enables individuals who have extra space to rent it out and generate a passive income.

This type of marketplace concept is now popular, although it was mostly unknown in 2007. You’ll need an inventive concept that benefits individuals in their businesses or as customers to incorporate this learning into your app.

Users should come first in your app.

Airbnb has demonstrated how important it is to know your consumers and adapt your offering to meet their needs. Early on, the firm discovered that getting funds was critical for individuals who rent out their space, so they implemented the advance payments option.

Instant booking, host insurance, and 24/7 customer service are just a few of the other significant services that Airbnb added later.

Disruptive Apps

You can’t just deliver a me-too product with a few extra features and expect good results with the rapid speed of technological advancement. fetch incremental business.

Airbnb employed disruptive technologies by establishing a marketplace at a period when such a thing was uncommon. It made waves in the hotel sector by delivering a unique, charming, and fairly priced service. Users, on the other hand, were concerned about the service’s security.

Your app should provide a fantastic user experience.

One of your main priorities as a business owner is the user experience of your mobile app. Airbnb’s app users are extremely engaged. It customises your experience by displaying recommendations based on your prior searches. You can see your listings as you travel across the map thanks to the map integration.

You may also discover how many other people are looking to book the same property as you. It increases the users’ trust while also providing a sense of urgency to book.

The app’s UI features warm and inviting images to establish a connection with the audience and make them feel confident in their decision. When booking a home, you may specify a pricing range and quickly add your preferences to your wishlist. Airbnb recognises its target market and provides a user-friendly interface that allows them to book swiftly.

To create a user experience that delights people, you must first understand their persona and then create a story-driven and easy user path.

Innovative Integrations Should Be Included in Your App

The product first connected with Craigslist to increase traffic to its site. With this functionality, an Airbnb listing found a home on Craigslist and received a lot of traffic.

Airbnb builds customer loyalty with unique referral programmes and new-user promotions. Their goal is to provide their clients with additional and incremental value. You may create a win-win situation for both your business and your customers if you produce a product that offers value and then give your consumers an incentive to spread the word.

Recreate the Results on Your Own

Airbnb is one of those businesses that encourage you to be persistent and believe in your product.

You must continually improve your product to stay ahead of the competition. Along the process, there will be ups and downs, as well as rejections. Investors and consumers may criticise your business.

However, if you focus on the user experience and provide value to your customers, you may create a long-lasting app.

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