One of the most promising sectors of consumer demand appropriates to the industries associated with restaurant and food businesses. Thus the food and restaurant industry continues to be an ever-growing and consumable industry. With the onset of technological advancements, people are no longer waiting in queues to get their favorite meals. Especially, owing to the pandemic outbreak, the user base, and the thereon demand of food and restaurant applications has significantly increased. As per the Statista reports, the consumer base of food delivery app users has risen from 36.4 million in 2019 to 45.6 million in 2020.

Therefore, capitalizing on this constant consumable demand, an on-demand restaurant and food app can be a great startup idea. To curate such an application, an efficiently functional app idea that can make provisions for the emerging consumer demands and the current tech progress can be devised. Releasing a food application will not only help foster your sales but also benefit in other managerial aspects of your food business such as handling the inventory, maintaining the record of orders, logistics, food deliveries, managing and regulating pricing, etc.


Now to stand out in the competitive market of food and restaurant businesses, your application must cater to the needs of the customer with optimum functionality. We understand the market trends and the growing competition in the food and restaurant business industry and thus present to you some top mobile app ideas to boost your food business. Our team of professionals provides you with the best services being the best mobile app development company in Delhi. Our team prioritizes the success of your business and thus assists you with tailor-made Food Delivery App Solutions, curated for your company to stand out from the rest of the competition.

These ideas will only increase your engagement but also will widen your customer base.

Food delivery app for the health-conscious

  • The consumer base is evolving to be more health-conscious and inclined towards fitness, thereby creating a demand for healthy food. For a population that takes care of the minutest details of their nutrition, healthy food delivery apps can be a great on-demand startup idea to capitalize on.
  • You can offer the features that filter out the options as per users’ food preferences such as vegan food, meals for lactose intolerant. Furthermore, providing the nutritional value of their meals and enabling them to make a decision on how to plan their diet?
  • A food app that provides insights into the nutritional value, and the recipes of the right food for you and enables you to make such a purchase with one click could be a lucrative idea. All you need to turn this idea into a profitable app is an expert mobile app development company.

AR-based food and restaurant applications

  • The growings market trends suggest that the app functionality needs to be engaging and fascinating to have the customers hooked on to your application. Augmented Reality (AR) can thus be integrated into the application.
  • There are a plethora of customers who choose dine-out places on the basis of the aesthetics or the ambiance of different restaurants. In such cases, AR can be the ideal choice to boost your mobile application and foster your business growth.
  • Captivating and creative ARs such as Augmented menu cards and food ingredients and deliverance-based ARs can be an attractive option to add to your mobile application.

Grocery and confectionery Delivery App

  • According to a report by Statista, an average person spends nearly 60 hours a year by visiting the grocery shop 1.6 times a week by picking and purchasing grocery items. You can thus capitalize on this idea by developing an app that caters to this consumer need.
  • A grocery shopping and delivery app that enables customers to make their own grocery basket and avail the discounts as well as delivery services at one stop. Furthermore, digital solutions that help in delivery tracking via RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) can be incorporated in the application for a convenient and efficient delivery made at their door-step.

Food Wastage Reduction App

  • An eco-friendly and absolutely socially validated and significant app idea for your food startup business can be to create an app that keeps a check on food wastage. A startup idea can focus on appropriating the food that is wasted in huge quantities and making provisions of the leftover or extra food items to the needy and the homeless poor people across different places.
  • The demographics can be easily understood and tapped into for this social cause and therefore can be supported in the corporate circles to not only function as a lucrative business but also as a responsible part of the society.


We at Code Craft Crew thus seek to provide you with the best of mobile app development services to turn these ideas into reality that you can leverage on. Connect with us to find the digital solutions at one stop. Our team will help your business foster technological transformation. Connect with us to build a lucrative mobile application for your business.

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