Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Smartphones have changed our lives in ways that far surpass the way we communicate, and there is no turning back. Today, more than four billion people around the world use hand-held devices to navigate, follow the news, listen to music, play games, watch movies, order food, read product reviews, and purchase goods. Safe to say, man’s best friend is no longer a dog – it’s a smartphone.

Over the past decade, mobile app development has become such a lucrative business. In fact, by 2023, mobile applications are expected to generate more than 770 billion euros in revenue. And that’s why organizations and skilled developers are always looking for mobile app development services that they can use to create the next great app.

Latest mobile app development trends 2021

Here is a list of the top 7 trends that will dominate the mobile app industry by 2021 and the foreseeable future.

1. M-Commerce

The unprecedented situation created by Covid-19 has led to a greater rise in E-commerce sales than ever before. On the other hand, stores sell more as owners prepare to take their offerings online.

In fact, according to recent studies, global m-commerce will generate more than € 2.8 trillion in 2021 revenue. Single ordering, voice buying, and selling omnichannel are just some of the many mobile app developers that integrate with existing E-commerce sites to provide customers with digital, fast, and seamless information.

2. Cross-Platform application development

In recent times, the development of cross-platform applications has become quite popular. Major IT executives such as Facebook, Alibaba, and Pinterest have used this approach to reduce costs, improve their performance, and reduce development time.

According to experts, with the launch of Google’s Future in April 2021, the trend of mobile app development will reach an all-time high. Flutter is a UI toolbar for creating custom integrated mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single code. It allows developers from the best android app development company to build customized apps without a lot of time, money, or effort.

With technology like this, the possibilities are endless.

3. Beacon Technology

Look at this – you are looking for Adidas shoes online that you absolutely love but want to try them on before you continue shopping. But before you decide to go out and visit for purchase, the Adidas app on your phone shows you which of their nearest stores have your shoe size in stock.

Would that not make life easier? With Beacon Technology, it is possible.

Beacon Technology, first introduced by Apple in 2013, uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to provide users with appropriate notifications and guidance. In 2015, Google launched its own Beacon Technology called Eddystone, and since then, mobile app developers have been thinking of new ways to integrate Eddystone into android apps.

Beacon is one of the most promising ways to develop a powerful mobile app for healthcare tourism, tourism, mobile payments, and gaming.

4. Foldable Display

The mobile app development trend set to transform the smartphone industry by 2021 and beyond is a rolling indicator. Foldable mobiles like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and LG G8X ThinQ have already been introduced to the market-facing high demand.

And therefore, mobile app developers will have to make applications that take into account changes that occur immediately on screen size every time the user folds the device. Will it make progress more complex? Yes. Will it open up more opportunities for app developers? Certainly.

5. Wallets on mobile

Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayPal – if you’ve heard of any of these names, you’re probably familiar with the popularity of mobile wallets.

Mobile wallets are becoming one of the most widely used payment methods because of their ease of use. Users simply link their account information with the mobile wallet app and use the app to pay bills, shop on Ecommerce websites, or transfer money to family members.

Currently, mobile application developers are working to improve existing mobile wallets by adding features such as audio-based payments, NFC, and RFID. And according to experts in the field, mobile wallets will pass a bit but certainly traditional payment methods.

6. Wearable technology 

Wearable technology makes big waves among people all over the world. What you wear is the future, from smartwatches to smart jewelry, body sensors, and even smart lenses.

The best thing about wearables is that you can control and communicate with these devices with your smartphone. And that’s why today, one of the mobile app development trends is creating apps that support wearable technology.

We now know that what we wear is of great benefit to the healthcare industry in tracking and analyzing body movements, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and more. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Smart contact lenses with a built-in display, smart glasses with intelligent reading technology (for example, Facebook), and virtual keyboards – the possibilities are endless.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality has already conquered the gaming space, and it is only a matter of time before this process of mobile app development begins to penetrate into other aspects of our lives.

For example, Apple has introduced ARKit – an enhancement platform to enable app developers to quickly and easily create the feel of AR in their apps and games using the device’s camera, processors, and motion sensors. This feature can help users analyze room layouts, capture volume and depth accurately, and re-create up to 80 music videos in AR. Similarly, Google’s ARCore gives users a sneak-peak into the inevitable virtual reality.

So by 2021 and beyond, users can expect many AR-based app ideas to turn into fully functional mobile applications in industries such as health care, marketing, tourism, and education. The only assistance that can help you with this in the present times is the best mobile app development company in USA


Mobile app development is constantly evolving, and businesses need to keep up with the latest in technology and competition.

With the advent of 5G networks and technologies such as Machine Learning and Augmented Facts, the future of mobile applications is about speed, simplicity, and customization. The integration of these new and up-to-date fashions into smartphones is a major jump in the industry – with exciting promises.

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