E-commerce Business Ideas for 2021

Top 6 E-commerce Business Ideas for 2021

Our increasing dependence on technology and smart gadgets has resulted in changing the face of businesses. The traditional physical market has now shifted to digital online platforms. As a result, the online business scenario is gaining popularity and fostering by expanding its market shares in the global domain. Undoubtedly, a lot of start-ups are cropping up with the motive to start an E-commerce business. The global pandemic outbreak has made the E-commerce industry even more lucrative and alluring for all business enthusiasts.

Starting an online business in the E-commerce industry requires your business idea to stand out. An outstanding and unique business idea will help you sustain the mushrooming competition and enable your business to hold a stronger market position.

Our team of professionals at Code Craft Crew understands the market competition and thus presents to you the top six trending 6 E-commerce business ideas for 2021 for the growth and success of your business endeavors.

E-commerce store for smart home gadgets

The pandemic outbreak has reinforced the usage of smart gadgets by an increasing number of people. Undoubtedly, smart home gadgets are in steady demand with technological advancements. Therefore, starting an E-commerce business for smart home appliances and gadgets can be a lucrative business idea.

Although smart home appliances are available at high prices, the emerging dependence on comforting smart home devices during these times has culminated in a rising demand for these gadgets. Therefore, an E-commerce store for smart home accessories gadgets will foster the growth of your business and result in high profits as well.

E-commerce store for online food and grocery delivery business

E-commerce store for online food and grocery delivery business

An exponential growth of many industry verticals across the digital platforms is witnessed owing to the pandemic outbreak. The evergreen food, groceries, and restaurant industry continue to remain popular with its catapulting digital shift. With the onset of food delivery apps such as Uber eats, Swiggy, Zomato, etc., the exponential market size of food delivery apps has tempted many investors to relish this opportunity.

The Statista reports suggest that the online food delivery revenue generation is predicted to reach its potential of US$28,486m in 2021. The reports have also suggested that an annual growth rate of 4.3% can thus be anticipated, leading to an increase in the market volume of US$32,325m by 2024.

The online food delivery business, therefore, continues to be a lucrative business investment idea for the growth and success of your e-commerce business.

E-commerce store for Niche accessories and jewelry products

For any business to flourish, the businesses must aim at coming up with unique and intriguing ideas that captivate the users and turn them into customers. Having an e-commerce business of a niche jewelry and accessories store can help you build strong brand value that stands out among the users.

Niche e-commerce stores not only have a distinctive brand value but also reinforce the consumer demand by curating and catering to their niche audience. This also helps in building brand loyalty and brings your e-commerce business with returning customers.

E-commerce store for beauty, healthcare, and cosmetic products

The beauty and cosmetics industry never runs out of fashion. Beauty cosmetics and healthcare products have witnessed a surging demand owing to the increase in health and skincare awareness among the youth.

The beauty and healthcare industry has now started catering to a wider population. The inclusive range of products that meets the needs of people across different sexes and ages has risen the demand and supply of these beauty products. Furthermore, the pandemic outbreak has shifted people’s attention to looking after their skincare routines.

The beauty and healthcare industry thus engrosses audiences from different walks of life. Providing a store online that helps shop and deliver the skincare and cosmetic enthusiasts their desired products at the doorstep culminates in a profitable e-commerce business idea.

E-commerce learning platform

The dawn of the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a sharp rise in the demand for online learning platforms. The mushrooming of learning portals has catapulted over the recent years.

With a hot opportunity to capitalize on the emerging need of student learners, starting an e-commerce business that provides innovative and insightful education and learning resources can be a highly lucrative business idea.

The ever-evolving online learning platforms can be adjusted to meet the needs of students under one platform across various grades and institutes by making provisions of resources for different subjects.

E-commerce store for E-books

Another thriving sphere of the digital economy can capitalize on the emerging interest of bibliophiles with an affinity for reading. Especially with the dawn of the pandemic outbreak, people have tapped on their hobbies of reading. Since the users are increasingly surrounded by gadgets of diverse kinds, such as smartphones, laptops, iPad, Kindle, etc. they are making a shift from books to digital copies encompassing E-books.

Furthermore, many publishers and authors find it convenient and profitable to release their books and novels on online platforms for a wider reach. Thus, applications that enable bibliophiles to read, buy and organize their books at one stop would be a lucrative business idea to tap into.


In conclusion, the advancing technology has been fortified by the pandemic outbreak in increasing the public dependence on the online medium for all their requirements. This emerging consumer need can therefore be capitalized by churning out a lucrative e-commerce business. Meet the consumer needs by revamping your e-commerce stores to their optimum functionality.

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