Top 5 Best Features of An Online Medicine Delivery App

Covid-19 has shown us the days no one ever thought could exist, and as a result of those days, we have realized the importance of medical aid in our lives. In those tough times when visiting a doctor or a chemist was a hell of many risks, we found an alternative that made our lives so simple. That is the online medicine delivery app. There are many apps for different purposes, but these apps have significant importance of their own. These apps helped us order medicine of our needs right at our door with all the safety measures.

When everyone was caught up in their homes in a raging pandemic, the sudden need for medicine could or can arrive at anyone’s place anytime. Getting a doctor’s appointment was not easy, and even the risk of visiting a doctor was too much. In those situations, the medicine delivery app was a boon. Let us have a look at some of its key features.

Best features

1. Add prescription

One of the best features of these apps is their reliability. All you have to do to get your medicines are add your medical prescription and set your delivery location. The medication will be available to you at the earliest possible time. Easy, right? Instead of going to the chemist, the medicines are available to you in your hour of need.

2. Order tracking

Impatience is one of the expected consequences of anxiety. When you order your loved one’s medicines, you often become restless about how far the driver has reached. In such situations, the app also provides you the order tracking feature to trace our order location constantly. These features also help to avoid the trouble of delivery at the wrong places. The advancement of technology gives us new features every day, and these are indeed the best of them.

3. Online consultancy and side-effects

Sometimes we get fever, cough, cold, etc. In such situations, we often take the usually prescribed medicine instead of a doctor’s advice. These apps also give you a feature to tell your problem, and you will get medications prescribed by experts’ consultancy. Also, the medicine you get usually has its side effects written in its description to avoid any fatal effects on the consumers.    

4. Medicine Company

When you search for a medicine on the app, you get more than one option available for it. When you search for a particular drug, the app shows the treatment of the same chemical formula but different companies. From there, you can even choose the pharmaceutical company you want the medicine from, depending on the ratings of the drug and the pharmaceutical company.

 5. 24/7 support

Illness does not come on with an invitation. It can come any time; you might feel the need for a pharmacy or a general medical consultant at any time. Many times in odd hours, facilities like these aren’t available at your convenience nearby, that time the only that helps you is an app of this kind where you can consult someone about the physical discomfort you are having and order the prescribed medicine from the same app itself that you will get at you door in a few mins.  

6. Payment flexibility

Cash or e-cash is your choice. Want to pay cash? You will get the COD option. Want to pay through an online transaction? Pay online. This payment option flexibility makes your love for the online medicine delivery app a bit more profound. You might or might not have cash in hand at an odd hour, so you can go for the online transaction option. Not only this, you even get considerable rewards in the form of cash-back, discounts, etc., on some certain payments apps or cards.

7. Booking of lab test

Blood tests, dengue tests, malaria tests, covid tests, etc., can be done online through online booking. The medical assistant team of the app would send their experts to your location to take your samples safely and send them for the test. The reports will be provided to you via the app.

Revenue generation 

Now you are wondering about the revenue generation plan of an online medicine delivery app. Some standard revenue generation plans may contain the following:-

  • % commission on the wholesale price of the medicine.
  • Commission from registered pharmacy
  • Personal testing lab or share from each lab report

There are some more ways of revenue generation that an app can use, such as subscription, additional features, etc.

Different panels

Apps like these work on more than the panel; generally, there are four panels, i.e., the pharmacy panel, user panel, delivery panel, and the admin panel.

  • Pharmacy panel:- here, the pharmacist can register themselves, upload the stock of medicines available with them, and also the accessibility of their shops.
  • User panel:- this panel is the front end of the app where the customers can look for things and features according to their needs.  
  • Delivery panel: This panel is for the people related to the delivery work, to let them know where to get the medicines and where it has to be delivered.
  • Admin panel:- this is the central server or control panel of the app where all the activities are kept checked on, be it the pharmacies registered, medicine available, delivery guy tracking location, etc.

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