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The Ultimate Guide to Develop a Language Learning App

The advancing technology has enabled people to connect and communicate with one another across the globe. This has tremendously encouraged people to widen their curious minds and learn new languages that are spoken around the world. A few years ago, people used to feed their curiosities by physically going out and taking foreign language classes and tuitions. Now with the emergence of modern technology and the pandemic outbreak, people are increasingly relying on digital solutions to learn new languages from the comfort of their homes.

The people today are thus becoming more appreciative of the global diversity and willing to learn different languages through their mobile devices and PCs. Capitalizing on this rising user demand therefore can be a great online business idea.

Learning any different language has never been an easy task. You can devise a language learning application that can make learning easy and fun for the users who can learn from among the diverse languages in a systematized fashion. Designing an application that addresses the various purposes of learning languages such as professional or business use, or for general learning purposes can be a lucrative business endeavor. Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning applications that has millions of users across the globe. Incorporating an AI that helps users learn languages saves learning time. The users can design their learning goals and pace themselves accordingly.

Code Craft Crew understands the market demand and the resulting quality standards that are required in designing and developing a language learning application. Therefore, we have got you covered with the ultimate guide that you need to develop a language learning application that will foster your business growth.


1. Registration or User Login

Registration or User Login

The provision to have their very own profile on the language learning application can be enabled with a registration process. In this manner, the user can track their records and access the application with their profiles across different devices. The user can be required to fill in the basic information for the registration process and set up their account and the password on the application. This can be done by adding the provision of authorization using social media accounts.

2. User Profile

User Profile

Once the user has successfully registered with the application, they can then proceed on to creating their profiles where they can provide the relevant data that would reflect on their profile pages. The user can be allowed to add, remove and change their language preferences via their profiles and manage their account. The user can set their daily targets and modify them accordingly as and when required.

3. Learner’s Dashboard

The user should be able to keep track of their progress and language learning status. The learner’s dashboard can thus be added to display the learner’s performance record and their achievements. The upcoming quizzes, or achievements that can be unlocked can be displayed on the dashboard to encourage the users’ active participation.

4 Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

Creating a language learning application must focus on enabling the learner to learn with effective peer learning methods as well. Making provision for interaction among users learning a similar language can be a great addition to the application. The users can exchange information, participate in group discussions and other activities that facilitate cooperative learning. The users can also foster each other’s knowledge by answering to the emerging questions of the peers learning the same language.

5. Using the psychology of negative punishment to promote better learning

This feature can help keep a check on the user’s performance and will direct them to be sincerer with their language learning sessions. Language learning apps like Duolingo pushes the users to be competent by performing well by reducing their health hearts or the virtual health levels that enable them to proceed to next levels.

This taking away of the virtual health points facilitate reinforcement of the improved user performance with elimination of errors to the minimum.

6. Providing the captivating and user friendly features for the optimum user experience

To attract language learners to your application, an optimum provision for the best services must be made available. These features can include the following-

  • Easy and hassle free built in translation of any word in a foreign language to your selected native language
  • Translation of an audio phrase with enclosed captions
  • availability of both the typing and audio recording features to take input for language learning
  • Synonyms, pronunciation and other definitions and usage of a word attached with the subjected word being learnt
  • Regular tests to monitor and assess the user performance and the guided pace of learning personalised for the user. Furthermore, revision tests can be added after the completion of a particular unit. 
  • Captivating user interface with encouraging graphics and visual elements that motivate the learners to continue with their learning endeavor. 

Therefore, creating an engaging, insightful and interactive UI and UX will help gain and retain language learners on your application.

7. Modular app functionality

Language learning cannot happen with a monolithic app structure. App modularization should thus be enabled to put a distinction between different app modules in terms of content and their functionality accordingly. In this manner, every function of different modules can be worked upon independently which also comes handy at the time of app upgrades and fixing bugs across different modules.

We at Code Craft Crew understand the market demand of the language learning application and required competency in designing and developing the application. Our team of professionals provide you with the mobile app development services.

We are a top mobile app development company that prioritizes user satisfaction and your business growth and development. Connect with us to avail the solutions to all your tech-related problems.

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