benefits of playground booking mobile app development

The benefits of playground booking mobile app development

A playground booking app is generally an application that can be used to book playgrounds for sports events, local tournaments, and a one-day-based booking. Through this type of app, a playground joiner or anyone who wants to play with his friends can directly contact the playground owner and book a reservation for a particular date. 

Playground booking mobile app development is slowly making up in demand as people are becoming aware of their physical fitness and starting to play sports in order to keep their cardio right and be fit.

Further in this article, we will be discussing the app features that can be added to a playground booking app to make it more accessible and efficient. And we will discuss the benefits that this type of application can offer. Alongside how to choose the right mobile app development company in USA for this task.

So, let’s get going.

First, we will discuss the app features suggested by the best android and ios mobile app development company in USA that can be integrated to make the app efficient.

Features of the App

Sign up/Login

For verification, enter your first and last name, email address, password, and phone number.

Users can log in using their phone number, email address, and password.


Playgrounds in the area can be viewed by users.

1) Create a match: Users have the option of creating a match.

2) Join the match: Users can join any existing match if they desire to play football.

Book a Playground 

Book a Playground

This service allows users to book a playground. They must choose a new match’s date and hours, as well as the match’s name and the number of players.


Users can view their playground book receipt with details such as price, the number of players, playground name, playground location, match duration, and match name after booking any playground.

My Reservation

Users can see information about all of their past, prospective, and present bookings.

Users can cancel any booking for matches on the same day or in the future.



In the following cases, users will be notified:

1) When users participate in a match

2) When a match is canceled by the user.

3) When consumers ask the playground owner to cancel a reservation.

4) One hour before the commencement of the match


Users can chat with each other as with the group owner or with the match creator. 


Here you’ll find information about us, how to contact us, our privacy policies, and how to get help and FAQs.

Change Language 

Users can modify the whole app language in different languages.

Ratings And Reviews

Ratings And Reviews

Users can rate and review the playground, as well as provide feedback when the game is finished.

Additional functions that can be included in a playground reservation app.

OTP verification on a mobile device

Grounds/Turfs can be searched by category.

Filter your results by price, reviews, location, amenities, and availability dates, among other factors.

Examine the detailed profile of each unique ad, which includes a gallery, facts, and prices, among other things.

Check for ground/turf availability on a given date and time.

Create a group with details such as the game, the venue, the needed users, the joining price, and so on.

Filter groups based on games, location, date, time, and other factors.

Each group will have a shared wallet with the money they have collected.

When a group’s pool is full, the group admin will book the ground/turf using money from the group wallet.

Using the group wallet balance to reserve a playground.

To obtain a discount on your booking, use a Promo Code/Coupon.

Facilities that are recommended

Games, groups, and turfs that are currently popular

To visit the playground, locate Tracking.

Use social media to disseminate information about the group.

Notifications on group membership, bookings, and transactions, among other things, are sent by push notification.

Access to reordering quickly

History of Transactions

History of Your Wallet

History of the Group

Apps to Share feature

Please refer to a friend feature.

Benefits Of A Playground Booking App

There can be several benefits of a playground booking application for both playground joiners and playground owners. The major ones are mentioned below:

For playground joiners:

To find nearby playgrounds

A person can easily find a nearby playground or turf that is open for bookings and can be used to play.

To book a playground or To join a group in a few clicks

One can easily book a playground for a sports event, a local tournament, or for a friendly match between their friends. Or one can join a group of players of the same sports to play with them in just a few clicks.

To meet new people with the same interests.

A playground booking app can be very useful to meet new people with the same interests. Someone can find a mentor or a friend to learn and know more about that sports.

For playground owner:

Easy advertisements for playground bookings

Owners can simply list their playground in the app, and people nearby them can see that playground info and pictures through the app. This way, owners won’t have to advertise much for their playgrounds.

More and easier bookings of playground

Anyone residing around the playground can book the playground for the app directly. Owners won’t have to break a sweat to get bookings for their playgrounds.

Why Choose Us?

It’s a genuine question. Why should you choose us to create a playground booking app for you? Well, here is the answer.

We provide exceptional advantages to assist your company in becoming a Great Success.

Payment terms that are flexible

We provide flexible payment arrangements to establish credibility and give you more control over your money. You only pay us once you’re satisfied with our work and have verified it.

Maintenance is provided for free.

We provide free maintenance after delivery to assist you in making your business a huge success.

Dedicated Team

You will be assigned a dedicated team to work on the project, as well as a Project Manager to communicate with and exchange project updates.

Revisions are unlimited.

You will be kept informed at every point, and we will proceed with your approval. If you are dissatisfied with the work, we will make unlimited modifications to fit your needs.

Commitment to Quality 

Our organization will never compromise on quality, will never ask for more money after starting the job, will never abandon the project in the midst, and will never fail to provide after-sales assistance.

Budget and Timeliness

We will create within your budget, using the most up-to-date technologies, and deliver within the specified time frame to help you get your business off the ground.

The Bottom Line

Playground booking apps are about to carry the pace as they have multiple and practical benefits. Playground booking apps lend a helping hand to both playground joiners and playground owners. 

So, if you’re planning to create a playground booking app for your business, make sure you choose a quality mobile app development service in USA

Code Craft Crew, as a top-notch mobile app development agency in USA offers the best to all of its clients. We believe in creating long-term relationships. 

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