Facebook changes company name to meta

Throughout the last two decades, Facebook has been synonymous with some of the most identifiable branding in the world: as a white and blue ‘f’ inside a box.  That is no longer the case. The social networking juggernaut presented a bold effort toward a makeover, renaming it as Meta and removing the word “Facebook” from […]

The Best Mobile Scanning Apps

Do you feel troubled at the thought of scanning your child’s assignments, classwork, homework and exam papers while online classes? Or do you feel puzzled while scanning your documents for office work? Do you also get confused while deciding upon the best mobile scanning app to perform any of the day-to-day activities?  If so, you […]

5 trends that will shape the future of mobile apps

shape the future of mobile apps

The boom of the digital world by the accelerated development of tech there is a huge increase in the demand for mobile Apps. Mobile app development services in USA have taken the lead in the world to build it.  There is ever positive growth in the sector of the mobile application and to cater for […]