Why Kotlin is Advance Programming Language for Android App Development

JetBrains, the creator of AppCode and one of the brightest minds in the app development industry, introduced Kotlin in April. This powerful programming language has been gathering popularity among Android app developers, Java programmers, and the Best mobile app development company in USA since its release. Kotlin is a robust and flexible second official language […]

Android 12 Vs 11 Features Differences Impact Your Mobile Application

Android 12 has finally come out of the mist with its fascinating and innovative features. Google has brought down some completely new features that are quite enough to impress you from head to toe. The new features have left mobile developers in fascination and impressed by Google.  The hard work of the Google team paid […]

How To Create Educational Mobile Apps For Better Learning

Create Educational Mobile Apps For Better Learning

Educational aspects and their mode of delivery have transformed with the technological advancements to a massive level. The teaching method has not only shifted majorly on the online platform but has also led to a diversified nature of information and knowledge. Location and timings are no longer barriers in the pathway of any student who […]