Multi-Delivery App: How To Build A Super App Like Gojek?

Mobile app development services and updates have changed the way we view different services, and in particular, Gojek will definitely change the way we view mobile apps. When looking at mobile apps, we tend to think of a single app that offers one, or plural, the same services. However, Gojek has changed dramatically in providing multiple services in one app. For the most part, it has only been possible because of extremely professional mobile app development services.

Such apps that offer many services under one umbrella are called advanced apps or easy, excellent apps. You can easily hire the best mobile app development company in USA for your own business and get an app for significant profits and benefits. 

A brief history of the best apps

Most apps aim to integrate multiple applications. However, data restrictions and a growing emphasis on privacy meant that these apps would never see the light of day. Most of the best apps we know now, such as WeChat, Gojek, and PayTM have been created in South and Southeast Asia..

The success of these apps and especially the growing popularity and respect of Gojek as a company and as an app has made many people think about the idea of ​​excellent apps.

It may not be possible to define the market size of the best apps. However, to integrate all used resources, including but not limited to transportation, grocery, food delivery, care, parcel delivery, home beauty services, and even home massage, the market value will definitely be the largest. loan applications are included.

Focused on Gojek

Gojek started with its humble start as a taxi call center in Indonesia. It launched its operating system in 2015 and included trending and useful services only. Today Kamal Gojek offers a variety of services with a value of no less than 20.

While the range of services offered by Gojek is familiar to almost everyone. Further, it is important to note that the company is known for its awesome portfolio of investors. Gojek has found its investment in popular names such as Sequoia Cap, Facebook, and Google. About a year ago, Gojek received an estimated $ 1.2 billion in investment from Google, pushing its value to $ 10 billion, making it Indonesia’s first and only Dedacorn.

Gojek also got into trouble with the purchase of goods. Founded by intellectual property companies and fin Tech in India, it established its first coastal office in the city of Bangalore. The company continues to grow, and in this process, it has come out of many compliments and compliments, being included in the list of many re-branded companies for Fortune magazine.

Advantages of super apps

Super apps bring a lot of benefits, turning them into amazingly profitable business ideas.

  • First and foremost, also the most obvious advantage of a super app is that it offers many resources under one umbrella. So users don’t have to keep switching between apps to make things happen. In addition, it also allows the installation of other applications within Gojek. 
  • Some applications, such as courier services or credit card payments, may not be used regularly or daily. However, when their time comes, the app is inevitable. From a simple utilitarian perspective, it also saves a lot of userspace.
  • It also helps users to earn more loyalty points because all spending is focused on one app. It also makes it easier for the user to use the loyalty points they earn. 
  • When you make a payment for your electricity bill, you will have to wait until the next round to use your loyalty points. However, you can use the loyalty points you have earned by paying your electricity bill to cover your taxi fare with the best app.

In business, it produces a number of significant benefits.

  • Any app developer would agree that one of the most painful areas of their app is the cost required to ride their first set of users. 
  • Marketing remains a huge expense, especially for applications that have already made their entry into the market. However, a new app can be introduced with almost no egg spent on advertising with a larger app. 
  • The user base has already been established, and marketing is not a matter of simple software updates or perhaps minor updates on the home screen announcing the availability of a new app. 
  • This makes it very easy for the app to get its first set of customers.

Could this silence the ongoing need to improve, add, and update apps regularly? Well… The answer is no! There are many app developers who are developing small and medium-sized apps to fit the Gojek framework. Therefore, Gojek does not have to spend a lot of money on development. All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going. Therefore, production-related costs are also eliminated.

Perhaps the most amazing and least visible benefit of a high-performance app is the richness of data it provides. Data, as we all know, is the most important currency today. The ever-increasing nature of data protection laws and privacy reflects the value of data. When data is distributed across multiple applications, it becomes a challenge to assemble them and get smart. However, with the best app, you can rate users from multiple data streams. 

This analysis finds practical application in the payment of microloans. Using spending patterns, user preferences, general purchasing volume, and a variety of other factors, the artificial intelligence engine can decide whether a person can be offered alone or not. Therefore, an app like Gojek has a very high success rate and a very low default rate of credit that it offers, and that comes with the benefit of making the loan amount available in minutes, if not seconds.

How can you jump?

It is natural for a budding entrepreneur to want to start this highly profitable business idea. However, the technology involved in building an app like Gojek from scratch can be a daunting and daunting task.

Or, you may want the Gojek clone app. Gojek Clone text is easy to customize and can be customized to carry the features you want, not only in terms of service offerings but also depending on your style and personalization. What makes this even better is that the app has no bugs that might interfere with basic functionality.

Things to look for

It may not be a good idea to buy without seeing any Gojek clone available on the market. You will need to check out the Gojek clone app for a few features and resources. It should be noted that you may not be providing all services at the Gojek office. Therefore, you should have a module space on your way by enabling the removal and installation of new applications/services.

It may look similar to or go with Gojek under the hood, but the front end of the app should not wear any similarities that might make people think you want a Clone white label app. Customization should be perfect for non-compromise.

No doubt, it is a good idea to have a well-developed and well-designed app. It is equally important to ensure that the app reaches the app stores of both leading mobile platforms. The company should be able to help you find the app in stores.

The conclusion

It has, without a doubt, proved that an app like Gojek is a good business idea. Now that you know all the features and benefits of an excellent Gojek-like app, all you need to do is contact the top mobile app development company that focuses on creating and customizing the Gojek clone white label.

They will take care not only to give you the product but also to make it the way you want it, the way you suck it when you make a big profit with every download and every action!

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