Mobile Application For Hotels and Its Important Features

You watch and hear hundreds of proposals on how to expand your business, enhance earnings, and/or make present clients more loyal as a hotel owner, manager, or senior employee. Some of those suggestions become a reality, while others are never truly explored. However, the concept of your hotel establishing its own mobile app should be considered. There are various advantages to having your own hotel mobile app in today’s mobile-driven environment, whether you purchase off-the-shelf software or design one from yourself. The easiest way is to hire a mobile app development company in USA to develop an app for your hotel. 

Benefits Of A Hotel Mobile App

Here are a handful of benefits:

Hotel apps provide better customer service.

Once a traveler downloads your application, they’ll have fast availability to your hotel details and the option to book with just a few finger swipes. This will cut time on both sides and provide a better experience for your guests.

You may keep your hotel’s brand name in the public eye.

Applications are among the most popular and widely utilized commodities on a smartphone, so if your application has been installed, a consumer will certainly see it every day and keep it in mind when looking for a place to stay.

Improve your property’s client service.

Your hotel application will assist a traveler not only throughout the booking process but also during their stay. They can utilize your application to request services, purchase items, upgrade their plans, schedule appointments, and so on, and you’ll be updated right away. The best Mobile app development agency in USA has been coming up with many innovative ideas to provide a better user experience. 

Use an app to combine your communication.

Many various communication channels, especially social media, can be incorporated into your application. It’s a great method to keep your guests informed about your property even if they haven’t seen a Facebook post, tweeted about it, or aren’t on a mailing list.

Important Features Of A Hotel Mobile App

Now that we’ve learned about the numerous advantages of a hotel app. Let’s have a look at what features it should have. Generally, it depends on the location, offered services, and brand’s moto or image to have some unique features for a hotel mobile app.  But here are the essential and common things to consider if you want to design the finest hotel application for your guests:

Reservations made through the app

We all know that the majority of people are utterly reliant on technology. As a result, your app should provide the ability to book directly from the app. Even if new customers use more broad services like Booking to identify and book your hotel, returning guests who are familiar with and enjoy your app would choose to make a reservation through it.

Contact information for the hotel

Considering that this is data your guests require fast access to, keeping your hotel’s major contacts – phone numbers, e-mail addresses – widely accessible on your application is a must. An area designated just to immediately contact the hotel’s main desk to ask inquiries or seek services, with no lags or inconveniences, will increase your client’s satisfaction and, more crucially, make them aware that you are always ready for everything they require.

Room configurations

For potential visitors, room information is critical; that’s why your application should provide layouts and top-notch content (pictures and copy) to exhibit and promote the quality of your rooms.

Hotel-based activities

If your hotel offers guest activities such as yoga, massages, workshops, and wine tastings, your application is the greatest method to market them. Most of your customers may be unaware that these services exist, but they can find out about them and even be informed immediately based on their preferences using your app.

Dining options both inside and outside the hotel

Offering details on the hotel’s dining space, from menus to day’s specialties, is another vital aspect that offers a great deal of value for your customers like it should showcase in-hotel activities. Moreover, if you do have any connections with nearby restaurants, you can integrate them in your app and offer key information – this provides a lot of importance to the end-user because they’ll learn about other areas of interest that you’ve approved.

Site for an event

Allow your customers to look out for your accessible event space alternatives and book them straight through the app, even if they are clients or still considering. This will not only differentiate your hotel as a venue for events or gatherings, but it will also offer an additional resource to define your hotel.

The city’s dynamic map

As previously said, your customers will most likely use their cellphones for hunting for areas of interest in addition to hotel details. Rather than allowing your users’ focus to roam to other apps, include an interactive map in your smartphone application that indicates the location of nearby sites of interest as well as a pathway from the hotel. Not only will your customers stay longer in your application as a result of this, but they will also be pleased and thankful for the extra service you gave. The companies that offer mobile app development services in USA have started adding this feature recently and have received a great response from users. 

Segment for reviews and feedback

Because the views of other customers are an important part of a future customer’s decision-making process, your application should contain a segment dedicated to this and ask your guests to post a favorable review while and/or after their visit. In this manner, you can direct the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing into your application, converting additional customers while also showing your present customers that their feedback matters.


Consumers have come to rely upon mobile technology’s self-service, simplified experience. Hospitality, like other businesses, is evolving to make these encounters more accessible and to enhance service offerings. Mobile apps provide hoteliers with a significant chance to improve the guest experience, streamline operations, and increase repeat business. You can simply hire an android app development company in USA, or surely you can develop one by yourself if you want to.

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