MEAN Stack vs. MERN Stack Detailed Comparison

Full-stack development is getting more and more crucial for web development with each passing day. A full-stack development solution includes the entire front and back-end and testing solutions. The requirement of a full-stack developer is getting off the charts nowadays. Alongside that, the market is divided into two based on the usage of the full-stack development framework. The two frameworks are the MEAN stack and MERN stack. The debate of which one’s better has been going on for a long time between mobile app development companies in USA. Now let’s look at the differences between the two.


MEAN stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js are the technologies used in this framework. MEAN stack framework allows the quick and easy development of web and mobile apps. 

The feature that makes it most fascinating is that the entire code in this framework is written in JavaScript. And this makes it easy for beginners to learn and develop an app using this framework. It also offers integrated services that shorten the period of development and save a lot of money. The MEAN stack has an impressive amount of additional libraries and modules that are reusable, which works together smoothly to give a dynamic product. 

MERN stack: MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, Node.js) framework also makes it simple to create web and mobile apps through using Java as its basic element.

A Comparison of MEAN Stack with MERN Stack

The biggest element that makes them distinct is the usage of Angular and React in the MEAN and MERN frameworks, respectively. 

Both of them have many positives and negatives, considering that let’s compare MEAN stack and MERN stack for some specific terms. Let’s get right to the heart of the matter!

Learning Difficulty

Node.js, MongoDB, and Express.js are undoubtedly quite popular that offer considerable documentation. MEAN, and MERN appears to have the same learning difficulty. Regardless, React, and Angular have different learning difficulties.

As templates and typescript are used by the angular framework, there can be a greater learning difficulty with Angular, but there isn’t much of a learning difficulty with React.


As both of the frameworks use Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB, comparing their profitability will reveal the specific differences between Angular and React. 

It is more profitable to utilize Angular because it is a full framework. To increase designer efficiency, you’d most likely use React-related third-party libraries.

Data Flow

Due to the bidirectional data flow of Angular changing, the UI changes the model state as well. At the same time, the data flow in React is strictly one-way. Now while utilizing React, you could just modify the UI once you’ve changed the model state.

Third-Party Assistance

One essential issue when designing apps for a higher level is the use of third-party libraries. MEAN comes with Angular, which has built-in support for HTTP calls and backend interaction.

In ReactJS, there are other libraries for implementing similar capabilities. MEAN uses a plug-and-play technique to allow third-party extensions, whereas MERN involves multiple settings.

Development of Apps for Mobile Devices

Angular offers the Ionic framework for mobile app development, which allows you to create hybrid mobile apps. These apps are cost-effective to produce since they employ a single codebase for both iOS and Android technologies. While hybrid applications do not have much of a reputation in offering a natural user experience. 

Whereas React Native does this a bit uniquely. Because it provides an almost-native user experience, the MERN stack is a preferred solution for mobile app development. If you’re still not sure, one can work discuss it with a mobile app development agency. 

Security and Scalability

MERN and MEAN stacks each offer best-in-class security. So you can choose any single of them in this regard. 

MERN, on the other hand, comes out on top in terms of security since it is higher scalable than MEAN.

Large-Scale Applications

If you’re working on an eCommerce project with others, the MEAN stack is a great option. It may be used as a base for reactive web apps and provides a more steady prototype process. I favor the MEAN stack for building large-scale apps on full-stack development frameworks.

User Interface Requirements

We all want our app’s user interface to be easy and advanced at the same time. Well, to achieve that, you can employ the MERN stack. It is capable of creating a frame in the blink of an eye and showing it to the user, delivering a seamless user experience.

Preventing Errors

If you want to choose a stack that allows you to prevent easy coding errors, the MEAN stack is the best solution. Typescripts is a technique used by Angular that helps avoid basic code errors while developing. Many of the android mobile app development company in USA suggest MEAN stack for avoiding potential defects and errors.

Long-Term Upkeep and Improvement

React, and Angular are no doubt quite famous frameworks. But, as React is becoming more popular day by day, it is more likely to find React developers easily in the long run. 


In the MEAN stack, Angular is utilized to alter the actual DOM. DOM or Document Object Model, if you don’t know, is an XML and HTML text programming interface. 

Whereas in MERN, React is used to maintain the virtual DOM updated, not like in MEAN, where actual DOM is altered. And this makes it easy for MERN users to write apps faster. 

As a result, no framework can meet all of a company’s objectives. You have to consider what goals your company is aiming for, and then you have to evaluate both frameworks to figure out which one works better for you. 

Wrapping up

MEAN, and MERN stacks have heavy competition. And it’s not simple to choose one of them in one second. As both of them offer best-in-class performance and capabilities, it’s quite important to consider all of the factors before choosing one of them. You have to consider your specific goals and start with the ones that fit well. Or you can discuss or hire a company offering mobile app development service USA to help you out.

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