How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application

About android?

What is an android? How is it helpful to us? Android is an operating system mainly designed for smartphones, but now we see this software on more devices than Android TVs, watches, etc. It is helpful to us as there are over 2.5 billion active Android users worldwide. This stat is enough to show the hold of android in the software market. If we consider it now, Android is a mature software as it already has so many advanced features for its users. Android ensures the best user experience for its customers. Google is the founder and operator of android. Any latest changes needed in this OS are done by Google and then later by other smartphone companies.

Android 11

One of the latest most widely used Android versions is android 11. However, the newest android version has already been released, and it is yet not accessible by everyone except the Google smartphone users. So it is safe to say that the android 11 version is still the most widely used operating software version. As we have already known that android is now in a mature state, it only makes some minute changes to make itself more user-friendly. Hence, we do not find any drastic software or algorithm changes in android 11 concerning its earlier version, android 10. Still, all the mobile app development companies in USA make their apps based on the latest Android version.


Although there is not much difference between android ten and android 11, there are some unique features that were added to it apart from its past versions. Some of them are:-

Redesigned power menu

Android 11 has given a new addition to its power lock menu where users can save their instantly used tabs such as e-wallets, tickets, identification cards, house light control, etc. now; a person needs to unlock his smartphone for using such charges of instantaneous uses. Instead, you can now have them with a single tap on your power off button.

Pull-up voice control

Another attractive feature of android 11 includes its pull-up voice control where one can manage the device’s voice quality with the tab at the notification bar itself. They need not open the app separately to operate the device’s voice control or the connected device. This feature is not just user-friendly but also gives an attractive look to the interface. 

Chat bubbles

Chat bubbles were earlier present on the devices as an in-built feature of the app, and it wasn’t a feature supported or offered by android. But in android 11, this feature was provided by android, where the users can keep chat bubbles of their chat, making cheating in different conversations easy all at once. You can add more than one or as many chat bubbles as you want at once. All the messaging apps, such as messenger, WhatsApp, telegram, etc., would now run all at once with these chat bubbles.  

Notification control

Another exciting update of android 11 is its; notification control feature. Here the android itself arranges a device’s notification according to the app useability and components. For instance, all the messages from a singular app would be seen at once. All similar kinds of notifications would also be arranged accordingly. Messages from one app would be grouped separately, and thus, all the messaging apps notifications would be grouped. This goes the same with all other apps, be it news, entertainment, editing, e-commerce, or any other type of app notification.

Screen recording

Screen recording is something very much needed in smartphones today. It’s a source of video-sharing because some sites restrict sharing of video directly to any third party. In such cases, one can use screen recording to save video aur any other activity on a device in a video format through this app. The demand for this feature was so much that many devices gave it an in-built device component, and in fact, there came many apps that provided screen-recording as a feature. Finally, this feature became available to all with its introduction to this latest used android version. 


Android 11 has also added up a gear on update in its privacy feature. This new feature allows the apps to ask for device control access and gives the user the authority to enable single-time access. This improves the app’s efficiency with better device control and enhances the personal security of the user as well. This feature comes with a tenure duration as well. For instance, if you allow your device access to any app and do not reuse the app for a very long time, the app would ask for permission again when the apps are used. This could be considered an excellent step for privacy enhancement. Any top mobile app development company in USA keeps in mind the security and access provided by the different OS.

Voice accessibility

The list of significant updates in the existing OS may go on and on, but the last feature of this android version that needs to be mentioned is its voice accessibility. Google has made the life of android users even more simple by giving the fantastic google assistant feature to android. With this feature, one can use their phone and od their nails at the same time. You need not even run your fingers on the keypad, and still, you can operate your phone just by giving instructions through your voice.


Altogether, with this, we have seen the smartness of android 11. Every update brings something new and fresh that attracts more public attention. Android 11 is a better version of android 10, and undoubtedly android 12 would be a better version of the former. We at Code Craft Crew are a team of skilled tech professionals developing new technology every day to serve our clients and their customers. We create apps that can be operated on android, ios, and other operating systems as per the need of the kinds. We assure to provide the best mobile app development services to our customers and satisfy them with the best deliverables.

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