How to Upload an App to Google Play Store

The digital platform has been growing at a fast pace in the present times. However, the demand for the customized mobile apps has also increased significantly. Even the most prominent business globally is hiring the best mobile app development company to cope with the current requirements. A mobile app has always been attractive to users because of its comfort and features. We are all aware of several mobile apps that are present online for various services. There are multiple platforms from where people can download their favorite and required apps.

Why Google Play store?

However, amongst all the platforms for downloading apps, the Google Play Store remains at the top. It is highly prominent and well known in the entire world. According to the reports, more than 2.8 million applications are available on Play Store, while 3739 new apps get released daily. Google Play Store acts as a significant and fundamental part of the digital world to download or install any app. If you are a business owner and want to take your business online through mobile app development, you would indeed consider the Google Play Store to release your app. If you do not know the entire procedure, you may initially hire the Mobile app development company in India to build one and then release it with the methods given below.

Uploading an App on Google Play Store

1.Create a fresh account for app upload

Initially, when you want to release your app on Google Play Store, you would have to create a new account. To make your account on Google Play Store, you would be required to pay a fee of $25, which is a one-time investment. The account you create is filled with features and functions that will help you in your mobile app activity.

To upload a mobile app on Google Play Store it is essential to have a developer dashboard. The developer console is a back-end controlling center the developers use to upload the app on the Play Store. You need to fill in and enter all the details required when you create the new account. The Google Play Store takes 48 hours to approve your request to create a new account and then move forward with the further steps.

2. Link the Google wallet merchant account with the developer account

In case your App supports in-app purchases, then a merchant account would be required. To do so, you need to:

  • Sign in to your Google Console account.
  • Go to ‘Reports.’
  • Click on ‘Financial Reports.’
  • Select the ‘Set Up A Merchant Account Now‘ alternative and then enter all the details.

This merchant account will be linked to your Google Console account automatically. You can now keep up with the sales of the app easily.

3. Create a valid application

Follow the below steps when you log in to your developer account:

  • Open the Menu section and then click on the All Applications button.
  • Click on ‘Create Application’ and chose the application’s default language from the drop-down menu.
  • Type the application title, but it can also the altered later according to your convenience.
  • Select the ‘Create’ option, and it’s done.

4. Do the App Listing with Caution

Now that you are done with the significant steps, you need to enter the app listing details, which you should have already prepared before. App Listing is an important step and should be considered with safety while entering all the details. Also, include the appropriate keywords while you type the app description to increase the chances and make your App appear on the top of searches.

5. Uploading the App Bundles or APK on Play Store

After doing all the above steps, you need to use App Bundle or APK files with signed app release and upload them to your application. To do the same, follow the next steps:

  • Go to Release Management.
  • Then click on the App Release.
  • Select any release according to yourself: internal test, close test, production release, or open test.
  • Click on Create Release.
  • Now you reach the production page and have to select whether you want Google Play apps signing on the application or not. If not, select the OPT-OUT
  • Click on Browse Files and upload the APK to Google Play Store. Also, do the naming and description of your App release by the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Press Review if you want to confirm the details.
  • Lastly, press the Save

6. Content Rating on Play Store

Now you need to do the content rating of your app. It is an essential step as it might also lead to the complete removal of your app from the Google Play Store. For the same, you may follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select the Content Rating in the Menu bar on left.
  • Press Continue and enter the email address.
  • Click on Confirm.
  • Enter the answers in the questionnaire and click on Save Questionnaire.
  • Select Calculate Rating, and the Play Store finally displays the rating.
  • Finally, click on Apply if you confirm.

7. Select the countries of release and price for your app download

You need to select the countries where you want your app to be released. The Google Play Store does not allow you to release your App worldwide but only in a few countries. Also, select the price you want your app to be installed at or whether you want it to be free. If you choose for FREE, the decision should be firm, as you will not change it later. However, you can alter the prices in the future.

For this, visit the Price and Distribution tab in the menu and select Free or Paid according to your choice. Click on the countries where you want to release your app. If your app is appropriate for 13+ children, you need to click on Yes for the Primary Child Detected. Otherwise, click on No. Lastly, select whether you want ads to be displayed on your app or not.

8. The final release on Google Play Store

Finally, you may publish it on Google Play Store by following the next steps when confirmed with all the details.

  • Go to the App Releases
  • Click on Manage Production and then select Edit Release.
  • Select the option Review and then Start Rollout To Production.
  • Press on the Confirm button and Hurray!!

Your app is finally released and uploaded on the Google Play Store free of cost. Now you merely need to wait and get it approved, which usually took only two hours. However, the Google Play Store has updated its privacy policy, and now it may take hours or even days for the final approval. This policy will motivate even the best mobile app development agency to enhance their features, efficiency, and flawlessness while they create the app.

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