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How to Strategize Your E-Commerce Mobile App Development the Best Way

We are all known and aware of the inevitable existence of technology in mobile phones in the present times. We cannot deny the ever-growing development in all sectors and e-commerce due to smartphones anytime in the future. Along with the mobile phones comes to the feature of mobile applications that are either downloaded by default or could be added by the users according to their needs and requirements.

A businessman involved in the E-Commerce sector must consider the idea of involving mobile applications to grow his business at a faster and efficient pace. According to a study, about 85% of smartphone users prefer to use mobile apps instead of websites to get in touch with the desired services. Hence, it proves to be an excellent opportunity for development and significant growth that any business owner or company should not miss.

Developing the best E-Commerce mobile app

Before you start developing or releasing your mobile app for the E-Commerce services you might provide, you must make sure that you initially strategize your E-commerce mobile app development in the appropriate manner favorable to the customers and your business altogether. We have mentioned below a few key elements that you might incorporate in designing your E-commerce mobile app for better efficiency and productivity.

1. Simple yet, significant designing

The user interface factor has to be the first and foremost thing when you strategize the development of your app and want it to be compelling enough. You should never forget that the size of a typical smartphone is much smaller than that of a PC, and hence the presentation of the app should be accordingly.


You must ensure that once the user opens your E-Commerce app, he should get access to all the possible features on the same homepage without creating chaos at the same time. The presentation of an app matters the most as it is the first thing that comes into the user’s vision when he opens the app.


The categories must be sorted and presented to allow the user to navigate and search for their products and services. You should also avoid the usage of dark colors as the theme of your app if possible, as it might distract the users from the services and the key features that you are providing on that application. Always remember that the lesser clicks to reach the checkout section, the higher is the customer satisfaction.

2. Faster processing and easy checkouts

A user or customer gets the most irritated and frustrated when he has gone through the entire procedure of selecting the appropriate services or products and now has to go through the lengthy process of check out. To eliminate this problem, you must ensure that the customer is not asked to put in the details like email address, name, and phone numbers repeatedly, and the process is less time-consuming.


The typing of personal details, again and again, is usually difficult due to the absence of a physical keyboard on the touch screen phones, thus preventing your customers from completing the payment process. This is the endpoint of a customer buying your product, and you might lose him due to the lengthy processes you have installed in your mobile app. Take care of this aspect and ensure that the services are convenient for use by the customers.


You may employ auto-fill fields to ease the process for the customers and allow the feature of modification in their order during the final checkout. The presence of a share button at the end of the checkout might also prove to be significant for your E-Commerce business as the customers might share the products that they buy on their social media sites leading to a promotion for your brand.

3. Visually appealing and impressive presentation

The visual presentation of your mobile app is extremely important. You must ensure that the entire theme for the app is consistent and does not lack decency. The choice of background colors or visual effects is a key to attract possible customers. Avoid or completely prevent the usage of different fonts and colors as this may distract the customer.

4. Consistent product visual on distinct platforms

If you have released your mobile app for e-commerce services on more than one platform, you must ensure that the product and its materials are the same on all platforms. The presence of varied or different images and patterns on applications and platforms might confuse the customers, and they might also become questionable about the final product they might receive.

5. Simple and easy navigation buttons

Always ensure that the cart button is present on every page that the customer opens on your application. This will allow them to directly put the products in the cart without opening the cart page. This will make the process less time-consuming and more efficient as the probable chances of the customer resisting the purchase of any additional products would minimize.

6. Thumb friendly zones consideration for important buttons

The existence of valuable controls at the thumb-friendly zone is of utmost importance. Thumb friendly zone is the area on the mobile phone which the user’s thumb could easily reach. This would avoid the effort they had to put in if the buttons are placed in the more complicated screen region.


The buttons that should be prioritized in the thumb-friendly zone are added to the cart, proceed to checkout, and the payment button. All these buttons are very significant for your business, and you might want to make the best use of your mobile application to generate more customers and revenue for your better growth.

7. Safe and secure user experience

Keeps your data safe

Last but not least, the feature that must be taken into consideration with the utmost concern is the security of your customers on the application that you have developed. The existence of an E-Commerce app for purchasing requires several personal details of the customer, like the bank account details, phone number, email address, residence address, and much more, which must be kept highly confidential.

We all know that firewall attacks and viruses are increasing along with the increasing use of smartphones. Hence, being an e-commerce business owner, you must ensure the safety of customer details. This will also build up the sense of trust and faith of your customers in your brand and might make them permanent, leading to higher revenues in the future.

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