make Messaging App like WhatsApp or Telegram

How to Make a Messaging App like WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack

The current work from home conditions has led to the urgent requirement to enhance employee engagement and professional communication. It is an essential part of any organization to keep up with a healthy environment and a professional workflow. It is further necessary for businesses to have impactful communication with their probable customers. The companies like tele-calling have elevated demand and necessity of the same 24/7 customer service providers.

Why is a messaging app important for any business?

messaging app important for any business

A practical and real-time chat application can only deal with the existing challenges and communication requirements of a business. You can easily communicate with your employees, customers or colleagues using an effective messaging app like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Slack. It makes the work process convenient and the work environment more comfortable yet productive. Such applications developed by the top mobile app development company have compelling features and credibility to transfer information or messages within seconds. You may include the chat functionality or feature within your business mobile application or create a separate one like Slack.

Despite being productive and useful for business functioning, a few existing messaging apps charge their users a specified amount. The charges of various apps differ relating to the services required by all the businesses depending on the security and features they expect from the application. The app definitely has incredible features that enhance the workflow and elevate business success.

According to the best mobile app development company in India, creating a separate messaging application for your workforce is better. It reduces the complexities that might occur when you instill the messaging feature within your existing business application and create chaos. As we already mentioned, the top messaging applications in the present time include WhatsApp, telegram, and Slack which are incomparable to any other and thus have a huge customer base. To create an application of a similar kind with amazing features, we will guide you with the development process all through this article.

How to get the best messaging app for your business with top mobile app development services?

Before beginning with the development process, you must be sure of a few factors that will create a base for your mobile application. The factors include your business requirements, budget and number of probable users. It will help in better development and enhance services within the same mobile app.

You would want to include numerous incredible features within your app but have to be sorted before the entire development procedure. A few of the basic yet necessary features that must be included for effective functioning and productivity are as explained below.

1. The message controls and choices:

message controls and choices

As the name suggests, a messaging application has the major objective to transfer messages and information from one place to another. However, you may add various categories to the messaging feature within your app like:

Disappearing messages: They are highly prominent and useful in the present times. You could send chats, images and videos that would disappear after a single view or specified time duration. It builds the privacy of the user, which further boosts the customer trust in your services.

The delivery status: The feature helps you know about the delivery status of your message. You can easily view the messages seen, received and read with an indicator in your application.

Unsend messages: It is a trending feature that is now becoming necessary for various users. It allows you to unsend a message within a specified time limit to avoid any awkwardness that might exist due to false typing or AutoCorrect issues.

Group chats: A group chat feature is necessary for every messaging app that allows two or more users to share messages that are visible to the whole group. You may communicate with numerous users at the same time.

Admins setup: When you add a group messaging feature within your application, it is also necessary to instill an admin. The admin of the group has the right to remove or add any member in case of anything inappropriate or unwanted is posted within the group. The admin is also allowed to restrict the number of people messaging within the group, making things more formal and manageable for a professional company.

2. Voice and video format messaging

Voice and video format messaging

At times it isn’t very pleasant to type a long text and deliver your exact message to the other user. However, this is made easy with the voice and video messages alternative, where you can easily record what you want to say or display and share with the user. It saves a lot of time and allows proper detailing or explanation of the message that you wish to deliver to your chat partner.

3. Voice in video calling

Voice in video calling

Messages could be delivered through any medium, including text messages, voice calls and video calls and a lot more. To keep up with the same, you must include a voice and video call feature within your application, which also allows you to hold meetings online with your co-workers. It boosts the workspace effectiveness and productivity with easy information exchange.

4. The files and documents delivery

You can easily share a document or file with the other user if you instill a similar feature within your application. The app must allow file exchange in numerous formats, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and a lot more. You may also integrate your Google Drive and Dropbox with the help of their APIs to boost the application functionality.

5. Public groups or channels

Public groups or channels

If you hire the top mobile app development company to create an application for your business, you may also add the feature of public groups and channels. It will allow you to connect to a specified group of people who might be focused on a goal similar to yours. You may share your ideas, strategies and daily updates for enhanced effectiveness and productivity. Further, these channels would also allow you to promote your services in groups relating to your target audience or people from the same background.

6. Online payments

Online payments

Online payment is a new feature included by various messaging apps like WhatsApp to allow easy transactions. You may easily pay or receive money with the integration of payment options within your application. You will not have to open a separate app for online payment and can use the messaging app itself.

The final call

We have listed the various features and advantages of a messaging application developed by the best mobile app development company in Delhi. In the present times, a message on the app is limited to messaging and consists of many more features making things more convenient and effortless for the users.

The mobile app development services have elevated the growth of various businesses within a short span of time. You can easily communicate with people all over the world with a single click, text message, voice call, video messages, and a lot more. It helps you connect with people and exchange your ideas, making them more credible and effective in the outer world.

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