Develop Apps for Foldable Smartphones

How to Develop Apps for Foldable Smartphones

Technological advancements and development have also led to the evolution of commendable mobile apps and design updates. There is no better example than the foldable smartphones that gained attraction in 2019. People have become used to the regular involvement of mobile phones, and there is no going back. Instead, the customers now look forward to the latest designs and effective mobile features. 

Developing mobile applications fit for foldable devices

The foldable devices like Galaxy Z Fold have a long way to go, and so are the chances of thriving mobile app development services in USA for the same. Now that we have foldable devices in the market trends, there is a need for customised applications developed for the same. It is the best opportunity for app developers to create innovative and unique mobile apps to keep up with trends and customer needs. 

One must understand that mobile apps for general smartphones and foldable smartphones vary in numerous features and designs, which we will discuss in the later section. Hence let us begin with the understanding of foldable devices and the process of building mobile apps for the same.

What is a foldable device or smartphone?

The foldable smartphones could be of two types: one with the vertical division wherein the screen display is separated into two equal halves. The other is wherein the screen gets separated into two portions of the display with the horizontal division. It creates a better user experience and allows a wider display for effective and effortless scrolling. 

Keeping its features and characteristics in mind, the foldable devices are predicted to experience a significant boost in the coming future. According to a report, approximately 55 million foldable smartphones displays might be shipped during 2025. Hence it is the best opportunity for mobile app development services to overcome competition and create mobile apps that are unique and customised for foldable devices. 

The foldable feature has also made the designing process a bit easier as the display is already wider, providing massive space for the inclusion of various details without messing up. You can easily categorise your services as a business and provide effective services.

What are the important aspects while developing a mobile app for foldable devices?

mobile app for foldable devices

The customer expectations from the services increase with the development of new devices. This further boosts the challenges of the developers while designing a mobile application for devices like foldable smartphones. However, the Best mobile app development company in USA burns the midnight oil to create something unique, useful, and productive for the customers with every update or advancement. 

A few things that creators and app designers must acknowledge while designing a mobile app for foldable devices include:

1. Minimalism is the key

It is seen that insight of the ever-growing competition and wants to stay ahead developers end up adding numerous things within the application. However, it is not advisable and further depletes the uniqueness or effectiveness of your mobile app. Such mobile apps use many gimmicks in the UI but end up unwanted. 

Hence it is important to consider all the features within a mobile app but keeping the preciseness and presentation is equally important. Avoid any feature that gets in the way of the quality or performance of your mobile app, reducing your probable profits. You could test the same through various studies and technical examinations.

2. Recommended alterations with feedbacks

It is necessary to consider the feedback of viewers and other developers before the final launch of your mobile app. It will help you add or update any feature that might possibly deplete your application quality—testing the same through an actual implementation before launching is also a profitable idea.

3. Sort services with categorizations

Sort services with categorizations

Now that you have a wider screen, you must understand the important features that need to be displayed first. You may distinguish between various features and characteristics through the importance and necessity and then finally decide what is to be displayed first. Keep your content categorised and avoid a display mess up. You now have the opportunity to implement various features within a single screen that can enhance the user experience if implemented in the right manner.

4. Rigorous testing for performance

As the top mobile app development company, you surely understand the need for real feedback and updates within an application. It ultimately enhances the effectiveness and productivity of the same. Hence you must not avoid the rigorous testing procedure and keep up with the same unless you are entirely satisfied with the functioning. Trying your mobile app with a few initial users could give you useful insights and help to evolve your mobile app to a better version. 

5. Clear and precise view

As already mentioned, the real objective of foldable devices is to provide a wider screen area to enhance the customer experience. Hence, the top android mobile app development company in USA should consider designing mobile apps that can be utilised even when users view numerous apps on one single screen.

6. Effective synchronisation

The foldable smartphones allow users to scroll amongst the two screens exhibiting the need for mobile apps that are best with synchronisation categorised. The app must be synchronised to provide an effective experience while using both halves of the screen. Any fault in the same might affect the user experience leading to a negative impact on your mobile app development services.


The mobile app development services are evolving tougher every day with various technological developments and user requirements. It is a competitive task to deal with all the necessary features and required characteristics within a single mobile app. It takes a lot of effort for the app developers to keep up with the trends and provide distinct services for varied gadgets.

The above-mentioned features were a few of the necessary ones that the top mobile app development agency in USA must consider to keep up with the competition ahead and provide a seamless user experience. Any lack in the same or others might cause an immediate decline in acknowledgement of one’s services and efforts.

It takes a lot to design an effective, useful, productive, and attractive mobile app with all the necessary features. Hence if you are a business looking forward to exhibiting services through a customised mobile app for foldable devices, you must consider hiring the best mobile app development company in India to succeed in your long-run objectives.

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