Develop a Hotel Booking Mobile App

How to Develop a Hotel Booking Mobile App?

A repetitive lifestyle and a break from a tiring work-life are common concerns of most people. Travelling away from regular work and living structures can refresh a person’s mood and return to a  creative peak. However, there are other aspects related to this travel idea, the most notable of which is the choice of accommodation during the trip. Hotels are the most viable option in this scenario, and you can focus on making your trip memorable by having an app to help you book your hotel—Ge in touch with the best mobile app development company in USA

Facts and numbers related to the hotel booking app

We have already pointed out that the travel and hospitality industry has grown exponentially over the past year. People can quickly feel the whole process of booking an online hotel. This directly contributes to taking the hotel booking app to a whole new level.  45% of online travel agency (OTA) bookings are made via mobile phones. 80% of last-minute bookings are made on mobile. Mobile conversation rates are five times higher than mobile web conversion rates. 

Business model related to mobile hotel reservation app 

mobile hotel reservation app

Dealer model 

In this model type, the app owner has a contract with the hotel and buys the room wholesale, so they own a certain number of hotel rooms at a discounted rate. These rooms will be offered to app users with an average margin of 1040% in the next step. Room and hotel rates vary due to various factors, including travel demand. 

Advertising model 

The advertising model allows you to make money through your hotel booking app. App owners generate capital by redirecting users to the hotel’s website. Of all the business models I’ll discuss, this model is the least profitable, but the pluses are less risk and less capital investment. 

Aggregator model 

It’s the most popular format for hotel booking apps and a good reason. Hotel booking apps that follow this model are usually associated with various online booking services. As users scroll through the hotel booking app to find comfortable accommodations, they will see an extensive list of hotels with flexible pricing. 

Special model 

This model is a recommended option for widespread hotel chains that integrate the app into the name to integrate all brands and resort brands such as Marriott, Grand Hyatt and Hilton. However, personal apps for hotels and chains will only prove appropriate if the app is popular enough. 

Hotel reservation & reservation Multi-listing service (MLS) 

Hotel reservation & reservation Multi-listing

Multiple listing services are a central database or central database and share each reservation agent to help win more users. All such hotel label combination databases are known as some listing service databases. Contact us for the best quality development services by the best mobile app development agency in USA

Real estate management system for hotel reservation (PMS) 

Property Management System  (PMS) is a specific hotel management web application for hotel staff owners and receiving staff to operate a business efficiently. This software or application can adapt to existing room reservations, etc., concerning availability, reservation, room reservation, administrator management, and bills. 

Hotel reservation service reservation

In Layman conditions, the hotel reservation machine can handle online booking and inquiries on the hotel’s website, mobile app, social media page software application. The booking engine works in conjunction with the hotel’s asset management system. Most hotels rely on travel agencies and travel websites to list their rooms.

Intelligent function connected to hotel reservation app 

Intelligent function connected to hotel reservation app

Adding some innovative features to the above essential functions will help; they have the audience you want reaching these thoughtful features.  

Estimated cost prediction 

Flights and hotel costs are constantly ON and OFF. This makes it difficult for the user to calculate the final cost of their journey. The app built an algorithm that provides seasonal, offer, and discount users who support users when booking appropriate flights and hotel rooms. 

Recommendation engine

The app recognises the user shows various recommendations other than and As time passes, more data is collected, which supports algorithms in generating tremendous results. 

Travel guide on the go 

Travel assistants in chatbots, messengers, WeChat, and Google Assistant always provide users with a customer experience. User sorts all user queries.  

Virtual tour 

Users can get hotel ideas through photos and videos and even enjoy virtual tours with the help of 360-degree images. Various areas of the hotel are subject to this feature.  

Analytics dashboard 

Administrators have access to the hotel dashboard, customer dashboard, dashboard flight and have access to improve their decision. If the reservation frequency is given, a reservation can be provided at a low price if the reservation frequency is expected. 

CRM integration 

CRM integration into the system proves to be a feat, as the primary goal of the hospitality business is to provide relaxation to customers, and CRM integration helps to achieve just that.  

Push notification 

Information about all new features, latest discounts and offers added to the app will be provided to customers through push notifications. 

Marketing tools 

Marketing tools play an essential role in attracting the audience you want to attract. Marketing tools include chatbots, email marketing, paid social media marketing, and a few other media. 

Costs for creating a mobile hotel booking app 

The total cost of developing an app like the mobile hotel booking app for IOS and Android depends on various factors such as size and overall complexity. Apart from that, the location of the mobile app developer and the total time spent creating the app also plays an essential role in organising the total capital that needs to be invested in the app. 

We have collected the fees required by developers in different countries worldwide—a full-featured hotel booking app designed for a single platform costs between $ 2000 and $ 3000. If you want this app to be compatible with multiple platforms, you need to invest more.  


The business of hotel booking apps is evolving day by day, so you need to be up-to-date to stay ahead of the competition. You should always be aware of all the new apps and the new and exciting features they bring to your table. Get inspired by these newcomers and make your app even more enjoyable. Reach out to us for the best mobile app development services in USA.

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