Develop a GPS Navigation App like Waze

How to Develop a GPS Navigation App like Waze

We are increasingly relying on technology to guide us on our journeys. With the onset of smartphones and other smart navigation devices, gone are the days where people used to memorize maps and pathways. GPS navigation devices can help you find the route to your destination and take you through the shortest route possible with the real-time navigation system.

The GPS devices thus have made lives easier and saved our time by taking us to the road not taken.
With a GPS navigation app like Waze, you can find the best route with the least obstructions and minimum traffic and red lights.

Undoubtedly, there is a heavy dependence on GPS navigation applications by the users as they increasingly use smartphones to travel, or go to work and run errands.
A study suggests that there is over 77 percent of smartphone users have navigation applications installed on their mobile devices. These GPS navigation apps are used across different applications to track their order delivery status, find restaurants, discover different places, travel to favorite destinations hassle-free. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the GPS apps will be having a revenue share of about $34.56 billion by the end of 2021. Therefore, developing a GPS navigation application like Waze can be a very lucrative online business idea.

Currently, the top two applications for iOS and Android devices for the GPS navigation services are Google Maps and Waze. Google Maps have an active monthly user base of 154.4 million users with a market share of 67% in total. On the other hand, Waze accounted for a total of over 110 million monthly active users in 2019 with an estimated annual revenue of $37.7 million.

We at Code Craft Crew understand the market competition and the importance of developing an outstanding GPS navigation mobile application. We prioritize the growth and success of your business and thus have got you covered with a comprehensive guide on how to develop a GPS navigation app like Waze.

In order to develop a competent GPS navigation application, you need to understand the top features of the pre-existing application such as Waze.

  • Waze uses branded pins as one of its famous features that depict the nearby store sign and benefitting the consumers and shopkeepers as it captivates the users who are on the road to the stores and shops nearby. 
  • Waze signals the user about the zero-speed takeovers in cases where the user comes at a stop for over 3 seconds. This is how this app functions as a digital traffic spotlight.
  • Waze also provides for promoted search advertisements. This facilitates the user with relevant information about what markets and malls to visit or what restaurants to explore

Now that you understand the diverse features of the top famous GPS navigation apps, let us delve into the process of developing your own GPS navigation application. The significant stages in the process of developing a GPS mobile application are as follows-

  1. Selecting the right mobile application development company is a very important step in the development of a robust GPS navigation mobile application with optimum functionality. At this stage, you choose the best company after analyzing and researching the mobile application development services that you need and thereon, a mobile development company that best meets your needs.
  2. The second step in this process is determining the purpose and the target audience for your application. At this stage, you must lay out your business objectives and the means to achieve them through your application development. You should also define the app features that would be the USP of your navigation application. Setting out your mobile application’s vision thus becomes important at this stage, keeping in mind the needs of the end-users.
  3. The third step of the application development process is to decipher how your application is going to look and function. Therefore, this stage is concerned with designing the UI (user interface) and the functionality of the application, that is, the User experience. Thus at this stage, you start designing the visual elements of your navigation application and how is it going to appeal to the end-users. The UI/UX design journey can entail the user journey map.
  4. Development of wireframes for your application and motion designing must be done at this stage. The next process involves starting off the project of developing your GPS navigation application by collaborating with your team members, defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member, and setting out the guidelines for the smooth and efficient development of your application.
  5. The next plan of action includes building the application with planning, coding, building wireframes, and running prototype tests to ensure the optimum functionality of the application. Once the app is completely built and runs through some tests, then you can make changes if required before launching the product.
  6. Finally, once the application is ready for launch, you would want to make your navigation application available on the app market and play store. For that, you need to upload your application as required by the laws, running through beta tests, and optimizing the final app you can make your app listed on the Play Store.
  7. The app development process does not stop with the application launch. You need to actively engage with the users, identify crashes, if any and work towards fixing and improving the website to enhance the user experience.

We at Code Craft Crew understand the market competition and the emerging trends in the GPS navigation app market. Our team of professionals work together to provide the best mobile app development services from India. We help you at every step of the way in designing and developing your GPS navigation mobile application. Connect with us and get the solutions to all your digital problems at one spot.

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