How To Create an eCommerce Marketplace an App Like eBay?

We were only beginning to understand what an online marketplace was in the early 2000s. These platforms now represent an amazing 62.5% of all worldwide online spending, and the percentage is increasing.

Online marketplaces are preferred by businesses because they save them from the headache of managing physical stores or spending a fortune on marketing. Customers decide to shop there since it saves time to buy everything in one location. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that by 2025, spending on the top online marketplaces would surpass that of the majority of retail and travel e-commerce shops.

The virtually monopolistic success of such behemoths as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy can be scary if you’re debating whether you should build a marketplace app. However, as a top mobile app development company in USA, we can guarantee you that it’s a practical idea if you hire the correct team to perform the task because we are a development firm with a number of successful apps in our portfolio.

In this article, we provide helpful advice on how to develop a marketplace app similar to those found on eBay or Etsy, all of which are based on our nine years of expertise developing mobile apps, specifically eCommerce platforms.

What is a marketplace app for the internet, and what goals does it serve?

A marketplace serves as a mediator, a connection between merchants and buyers. A digital equivalent of a department store, an online marketplace sells a variety of goods and services from numerous sellers in one location while also giving benefits like discounts and safe financial transactions.

A marketplace’s primary goal is to promote efficient and seamless communication between buyers and sellers. However, there are a few more objectives that internet markets support. These consist of:

  • Giving the merchants a chance to connect with a large audience of potential customers
  • Functioning as a tool for promoting the products and services by taking on the marketing and administrative responsibilities
  • Through automating trading operations, corporate productivity and income can be increased.
  • Making the experience of buying fast and simple for the customers

The basic tenet of contemporary marketing is to persuade customers to make a purchase without giving it much thought. A marketplace must be practical and simple to use in order to adhere to this criterion. Before making a purchase, people are unlikely to take the time to sit down and learn how to utilise a complicated platform. For the typical consumer, a single-click transaction is optimal.

Marketing is the ultimate goal of any marketplace. This is quite evident considering that transactions require actual purchases in order to be profitable. For this, you need to attract buyers who are looking for a good bargain and sellers who are looking to make a profit.

Advantages of a marketplace

A well-run market is a veritable gold mine. The top advantages of it as per the top Android and ios mobile app development company in USA are:

A marketplace platform offers customers an easy method to browse the largest selection of goods and services in the present. A customer can choose a vendor and read reviews rather than searching through physical stores spread out over the city for the best deal. It’s simple as pie.

For a business owner, an online marketplace is a cutting-edge and reasonably priced tool for starting a company that offers the chance to start making money from the very first transaction.

The following is a more thorough list of advantages of operating an online marketplace:

A flexible business strategy

Building an eCommerce app and a marketplace app costs about the same. However, investing in a marketplace is less risky than starting an eCommerce company because you aren’t buying any products or services yourself; rather, you are acting as a middleman between the vendor and the client. However, marketplaces frequently grow more quickly than eCommerce companies do.

Many different ways to make money

Despite the fact that commissions from purchases are the most popular monetization strategy for online marketplaces, the owners of the apps can mix them with other models, such as premium listings or lead generating fees, adverts, and subscriptions. For instance, premium listings provide for a portion of Craigslist’s income.

Added value for the vendors

Businesses, especially new ones, can sell their goods on online marketplaces without having to create a physical location or spend a lot of money on advertising. Additionally, the management of the website or app is not the responsibility of the sellers. Additionally, even if the marketplace is new to the market, it can entice suppliers with cheaper commission rates and a superior platform user experience.

Clientele’s interest

Users are more likely to make a purchase from an app that has a large selection of goods or services so they may pick the best option and acquire everything they require at once.

A step-by-step manual for developing a marketplace application

Step 1: Assess the concept and iron out any flaws.

Step 2: Identify your target market and conduct a market analysis.

Step 3: Specify your product. Describe your approach.

Step 4: Specify your application’s business model.

Step 5: List the features you want your marketplace application to have.

Step 6: Select the appropriate technology to create your marketplace application.

Step 7: Choose a reputable mobile app development agency in USA


The hardest part of building a marketplace application is coming up with an idea that will differentiate your service and offer clients a special experience. You may leave the rest to a development firm with the necessary expertise and experience.

Therefore, schedule a free consultation with one of our business development specialists, who will answer all of your questions, if you want to talk about your concept and potential ways to implement it or get a general idea of the cost of your project. Code Craft Crew offers the top-in-class mobile app development service in USA that you won’t regret taking. 

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