App Like Hopper for Flight and Hotel Booking

How to Create an App Like Hopper for Flight and Hotel Booking

What is Hopper?

Hopper is an artificial intelligence-based price predictor for flight and hotel bookings. Hopper uses state-of-the-art AI engines to predict when flights and hotels will be at their lowest prices and encourage users to book now or wait for prices to drop. Contact us for the best mobile app development services in USA

Users can use Hopper to search for flights, but they cannot book tickets directly from the app. Air travel pricing can be very complex and confusing, and travellers often do not have the information to get the best deal. Users can easily book flights at the lowest prices with an app like Hopper. 

How does the hopper work? 

The hopper asks the user to enter the origin and destination, the number of travellers, and whether the user will reserve a hotel room for their stay. The app then asks the user the date of the trip and whether to book a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket. 

Once the user has provided the app with the required information, the hopper goes to work and searches for the travel day ticket and hotel of the selected travel date in the area chosen by the user. After listing all flights and hotels, Hopper tells the user to book a ticket or room or wait for the price to drop. It also predicts if the price will rise after a specific date and how much it will rise. 

The hopper then allows the user to select “Show this trip”. This allows the hopper to track selected flights and send push notifications to users in the event of price fluctuations or new fare forecasts. Alternatively, the user can choose a flight and book a ticket—also the app. 

Why do you need to make an app like Hopper? 

Improve the visitor experience 

Almost all smartphone users use the app to enhance their travel experience. The mobile app provides travel agencies with an excellent opportunity to promote local products and services, allowing visitors to use their mobile phones and tablets to search for places of interest and explore parks and gardens.

Create a unique way to attract visitors 

This application provides information about travel destinations, significantly impacts user awareness, and increases visibility and the number of visitors. 

Provide access to timetables, maps and other information 

This app can provide visitors with schedules, maps, and additional information. Travellers also have real-time access to relevant information and can manage their travel plans themselves. You can also redirect, offer, and schedule promotions in real-time.

Providing online booking service 

Travellers book hotels, travel packages, show tickets and other tourism-related services through the app. The app allows travel agencies to provide users with the opportunity to book online quickly and conveniently at any time. 

Know your visitors and their tastes 

Get to know your visitors and markets with the mobile travel app. The app provides essential reports and statistics such as preferences, demographics and interests to help you analyse the relevance of your material. You can use these reports in future marketing campaigns to optimise your brand and improve your visitor experience. 

Increase your profits 

They provide services and products through applications where travel agencies offer exclusive promotions, offers, or sales and ultimately create new sales channels that increase profits.  

Get direct and immediate feedback from users. 

immediate feedback from users

The mobile travel app can provide direct feedback from users. By answering user feedback and questions, you can avoid unnecessary issues within the app. According to some surveys, 69% of tourists prefer to read travel site reviews before deciding on a vacation destination. Providing the best travel app for vacation planning enhances the user experience and builds a large customer base. 

Essential features for apps like Hopper 
Sign up 

The main requirements for registration are simplicity (eliminating unnecessary steps), reliability (guaranteeing that user data is protected), and versatility (providing multiple registration options). 


Creating a user account is the next logical step after registration. The profile contains personal information about the user. 


Search options are essential. The hopper has a streamlined search screen that initially asks the user only for the number of travellers, age,  destination and place of departure. When the user enters the initial information, the hopper will move to the next screen, where they will join the travel details. 

The hopper also provides users with multiple filters. For example, if you want to buy a round-trip or one-way ticket, prioritise the number of flights connected. When the user selects a date, Hopper Bunny will start working and provide a list of the cheapest flights for each user.

Observation list 

Flight and hotel fares change over time. Anyone who keeps track of these costs may know that it’s tough to monitor flight and hotel prices. After a user saves a flight or hotel and adds it to their watchlist, Hopper carefully monitors the travel and price lists offered to the user in the past and alerts the user when current or future price forecasts change. Reach out to the best mobile app development company in USA


The hopper has several filters for hotels and flights within the search area. For fares, users can choose to search for one-way or round-trip tickets. Users can also add to show minimum food, options, and whether to offer flights with or without connections. The hopper provides filters for ratings, costs, amenities, and more. 


The map feature allows users to view hotel locations and rates per night on a map. This will enable users to know more about the hotel’s location compared to other accommodation options.

Secure payment gateway 
Secure payment gateway

This is not a complete travel solution if users cannot book flights or hotel rooms from the app itself. To do this, you need a popular, secure payment gateway. People can be cautious when shopping online or sharing payment details, so you need to use a payment gateway that people trust. You can also have your customers pay in multiple ways. In addition to credit and debit cards, you can also pay with an e-wallet. 


Push notifications are a great way to interact with users and serve multiple purposes. Notifications are a great marketing tool, but they’re essential for users, especially for apps like Hopper.  

One of the main benefits of hopper push notifications is to let users know about the fluctuations they are seeing and provide fair forecasts. This allows users to book tickets and rooms at the lowest price at the right time. 

Final idea 

When building an application like Hopper, you need to understand the user’s perspective. Your app should be well designed, user-friendly, and optimised. That said, you need to make sure that the prediction algorithm works. You need to create an algorithm that can produce similar results outside your personality. With the help of experienced developers and designers, mobile app developers can use world-class IT resources and state-of-the-art tools to ensure quality and achieve incredible results for their apps. Get in touch with the best Flight and Hotel Booking App Development Company in USA.

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