How to Create a Great Retail App — Main Features and Characteristics

The users of online shopping apps are increasing at a very high pace nowadays. The reason is the efficient and convenient services these online apps provide, be it the home delivery facility, the convenience of shopping from home, the large variety of products, and many more. But does it affect the offline retail business? Yes, it does! The customers who earlier used to go and shop from offline stores now rely on online apps. The online shopping apps have hit the customers of retail stores.

To maintain their business revenue, many offline retail stores are creating their apps. Generally, these app contains all the products available in their stores and some additional products as well. These apps could be a grocery store, clothing store, footwear store, or even combined at once. They provide all the other general benefits of any shopping app. Every mobile app development agency in USA tries its level best to build user-friendly apps.

Benefits of an online retail app

1. Enhance eCommerce

The online retail app leads to a spike in business growth. The convenience of shopping online often makes the user shop more than usual. According to the statistics shared by the Think With Google team, each second of shopping apps installed on users’ smartphones are used at least weekly.

We can imagine the influence of online retail apps on people. Hence taking your store to online mode might prove to be one of the best ways to hike your business revenue.

2. Launch Loyalty Program

These programs are based on credit points, i.e., whenever a customer purchases something, he gets points that later get credited as rewards. Usually, these points are added up to some great offers such as heavy discounts. Free shopping coupons or might be some gifts. This helps in keeping the customers loyal to their app for purchase.

3. Establish Better Connection with Your Customers

The customer care feature and interactive user interface help to establish a better connection with customers. This eventually leads to target audience growth. There are enormous ways in online shopping that lead to business growth but establishing a better relationship is one of the best. It increases the trust of buyers and the credibility of the company or store in the market. A company developing an app always keeps in mind that its mobile app development services in USA help its clients build a good connection with their customers. 

4. Product Review and Detailed Feedback

In the online app, the review and feedback feature helps you improve your facilities. The feedback that users give about the products and the store hospitality helps other customers consider your products. So we can say how important it is to have good feedback from previous customers to get the new ones.

5. Smart search filters

The smart search filters help customers filter out the best products of their interest. It is a multi-utility app; there are different sections for everything like apparel, footwear, grocery, medical, etc. The customers can go to their desired section to buy the products of their interest with different sizes, colors, etc., giving the user too much variety to choose from.    

6. Merchandising and Branding

With online access to the customers, you can launch your brand and merchandise, publicize it in the best way possible, and target a lot more audience than physically likely. It increases business growth and helps you grow personally. It raises the standard bar of your business, making you a manufacturer and a retailer and then eventually increasing the profit percentage.

7. Payment Flexibility

The mode of payment is absolutely your choice. Want to pay cash? You will get the COD option. Want to pay through an online transaction? Pay online. This flexibility of the payment option makes your love for the online medicine delivery app a bit deeper. You might or might not have cash in hand at an odd hour, and then you can go for the online transaction option. Not only this, you even get considerable rewards in the form of cash-back, discounts, etc., on certain payments apps or cards.

E-commerce and traditional commerce

E-commerce saves time and values money. The online transaction also gives you so many options to get discounts and economic rewards. Whereas in traditional commerce you might have to go to different stores to collect the stuff you can do avoid by online shopping. Traditional marketing is supply-focused, whereas ecommerce is demand-focused. The business conventional commerce scope is limited, whereas the ecommerce market has a global reach. The publicity activity in ecommerce is way more reachable than traditional commerce. You will surely see so many benefits for getting your retail shop online.     


We at code craft crew try to make the best apps to deliver our clients with the most features that help them boost their business. We make apps as prescribed by the customers keeping in mind the needs and interests of the clients. We provide the best services, like providing all the latest and updated features, keeping in mind the target audiences’ preferences, choices, etc. We assure excellent customer support. As a mobile app development company in USA, we cater to the customers’ needs and ensure the best deliverables.

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