Technology has taken a massive turn in the past few years, making processes much more efficient. The most significant invention in the history of technology has been the mobile phones used by every individual in the present times. You can carry it anywhere and everywhere you go without much concern about its size. It has also become a significant and vital part of industries and businesses all over the globe. The only thing that an individual needs to know is mobile app development to stay connected with the technology and its advancements, leading to more remarkable growth in businesses.

To succeed with this development process, you must know and be sure of where or on which platform exactly you wish to develop and establish your application. Presently, the most popular and prominent choices that exist are the iOS and Android platforms. Each of them has its significant features, advantages, and drawbacks and can be developed with the assistance of a professional iOS app development company and Android app development company simultaneously.

Excessive use of applications on mobile

Both the platforms are being used by millions of people all around, opening a great opportunity for your business to target a potential audience. to select one of the above platforms, you must be sure of the specific popularity in your local area and the customers you are targeting.

When we talk of developing an application on the iOS or Android platform, iOS turns out to be the best choice in developed nations, where most users and customers use iPhones. However, the conditions have changed, and the usage of Android devices or Google devices has increased incredibly, leading the business owners to decide on shifting from iOS to Android. The only focus of the business owners is to target audiences that are huge in number and probable to buy their services or products. However, there are several challenges and thoughts that you must be sure of before installing into the process of converting your iOS to Android application.

How can I convert an IOS or iPhone app to an Android app easily?

Once you finally decide to convert your iPhone app to Android after giving every possible aspect a sincere thought, you would require the areas or focus points to accomplish the same. To be successful with this process, you need to ensure several key points and then put it all together to get your final product as the Android app.

1. Design a satisfactory plan and schedule everything timely

The very first thought while converting your iPhone app to an Android app should be to have a proper plan wherein you mark out all the sections that you are clear-sighted of. Such factors could include the budget that you wished to involve, the design you want to develop, the features you wish to inculcate, the architecture, and the entire workflow that you want to do according to the needs or demands of the design the customers.

The other extremely important thing is to consider all issues or problems that could arise due to this porting and address all of them while creating your Android app. Have a proper and time-bound schedule that the entire workforce must follow to set your goals and complete the work timely.

2. Major processing and employing all the services in development

The scheduling would not complete the entire work, and you must now begin with the execution of the whole strategy or plan that you have developed in your mind. Get started with all the technical problems that may arise with the coating libraries and third-party services. Have a clear idea of the technology stack to begin the process of coding and development of the Android mobile app.

This selection of each and everything must be practical and one that fits your budget appropriately. Patience is the key to everything in the entire procedure as it is very time-consuming. It might take a month or more to develop the whole application because porting from an Apple app to an Android app always means creating an individual Android app. The time would also depend upon the features and designs you want to inculcate in your app to make it more impressive and attractive. Make sure that this is a sort of investment, and you must be ready to invest all your time if the results are expected to be positive enough.

3. Entire testing and confirmation before the final release

Now that your application for the Android device is completely ready, you must test it before releasing it. You may employ emulation tools or try on an actual Android device to ensure the proper functioning and development of the application.

If in case there are any issues with the working of the app or you think there are a few features that are not appropriate or up to the mark, you can hire an Android app development company or employ your experts to go through all of it and make it the perfect one. Now when all the things are satisfactory enough, you may release it on the Google Play store, which is much more convenient and less restrictive than the Apple store.

What is the approximate costing involved in converting an iOS app to an Android app?

The entire cost depends on the type of features, designs, themes, and other factors you use in your specific Android app. However, the minimal cost for this conversion project to be successful is about 3000 dollars. However, you must not stick to this number and have an approximate budget of about $5,000 to $20000 to create an app that is satisfactory, attractive, and influential enough to gather your new audience.

Final verdict

Once you are done with converting your Apple app to the Android app, the profits would start coming very soon. If the final product or the app is effective, you can gain back all the input money or investment amount within a few months along with the interest amount, which is an excellent investment if you think on a larger scale.

All you need to do is have patience and wait for the success to knock on your door. Do not ever decide on instant release before keeping all the aspects in mind, making sure that your decision is reliable. Check for all the features, assistance, designing, and management of the Android app before releasing it online. All of these factors have a significant impact on the customers, which would lead to growth or failure.

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