How To Build Thriving Real Estate App Like Zillow

Real estate design

What is real estate? Real estate is the land, along with any permanent improvements attached to the ground. In layman’s language, Real estate is defined as land at, above, and below the earth’s surface, including all things permanently attached to it, natural or manufactured. A real estate is a form of real property. Selling and buying this property is called a real estate business. But how does this work on an app? Does this question make you wonder as well?  Well, it’s simple: everything that one can sell is available online, so why not land?  Yes, one can quickly sell or buy their property online. 

Growth in recent years

Not just the availability but also the growth of real estate in the online market is immense. This can be seen in the record of the past several years. A report by PWC in 2017 says that the realtors tend to ignore customer comfort on online platforms loses much. Also, a 2015 report of the National Association of the Realtors (USA) states that, Out of 80% of the interested buyers for properties in the US, 70% now prefer to look for good real estate agents on mobile apps. There is a growing demand for real estate mobile app development, and brokers are now willing to pay vast amounts for mobile technology. An android app development company in USA makes these apps on demand from the clients to potentially give a spike to their businesses. 

There are some aspects a buyer and sellers both keep in buying, selling, or renting any property. The app developer also needs to keep in mind these requirements. The developer of an app tries to provide the best mobile app development services in USA to its clients. These services include creating user-friendly features as well. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

Aspects of buying or selling a property


Most people prefer buying a furnished home. Furshining is one of the foremost aspects of purchasing any property. Better furnishing of one house could often convince the customers to choose the better-furnished one. 

Emphasis on location

Location is one of the essential factors in buying or selling any property. The main consequence of choosing a site determines the cost of the property. Land in some locations is costlier than the others. Moreover, the other things considered are the availability of resources, distance from the market, safety, neighboring property, etc. 

Property view

The best feature of an app is the availability of pictures or videos of the product or site to be purchased.  On an online real estate app, you can have a view of the property on your smartphone itself. 

Efficient monetization facilities

The benefits of technology can be experienced in monetary terms as well. Online transactions have made applying for loans so easy and have also simplified EMIs or direct payment options.  Better monthly payment options and other monetary benefits are the best way to attract customers. 

Rental management

The selling or purchasing of the property and the facilitating of renting a property are available on these apps. The tenant looking for a temporary rental apartment can also use these sites to find their temporary abode.

Target customers

Apps like these also help find the people looking for a specific kind of property based on previous searches and thus target the correct type of customers for the right property. 

Increased market reach

Social media is a daily part of our lives, and it’s a mode of communication, entertainment, information, and advertising. The promotion of any company or business increases significantly with the digitalization of their techniques. An app indeed increases any firm’s publicity and targets the right customers, thus increasing sales.

Commission or brokerage

The property bought, sold, or rented through apps is cost-efficient as they do not involve any broker in between them. Usually, any property costing a decent amount becomes so expensive because of the brokerage attached to it. The brokerage adds up to as much as 50% in rental services and up to 2% in selling and purchasing. The online apps have made this thing completely avoidable.

Filter location

Customers can find the best property of their choice by adding filters such as the type of property you want, like land ownership, or flats like an apartment, residential, or business purpose. They are also furnished or not, 1BHK, 2 BHK, or more. In a particular location, cost ranges, etc., are some other filters that one can add on while looking for an app.

Cost and other information

Due to online detailing, the cost of the apartments is also mentioned clearly without any fraud. Also, many apps provide a feature of cost analysis. Customers can get the actual market value of any property they see or sell, so there is no chance of over-costing.

Query and grievances 

The apps generally have a queries and grievances section where buyers or sellers can answer their queries and complaints. The complaints may include no response from the other party. Analysis of cost, neighboring location specification, documentation needed.


This feature of any app is an indirect promotion technique as good feedback attracts other potential buyers, whereas critical reviews open up the scope of improvisation. 

Online verification

The other benefit of this digital property business is an easy documentation process apart from legal property exchange papers. Rest all the documentation can be done online by scanning and uploading the identification and other certificates. This also ensures the authenticity of the users of the apps. It helps in checking the buyers or sellers are genuine and not a fraud. 


We at code craft crew make all kinds of apps on demand. The user may choose the app they want to have for their purpose. We provide the best services, like providing all the latest and updated features and keeping the target audiences’ preferences, choices, etc. We assure excellent customer support. As a mobile app development company in USA, we cater to the customers’ needs and ensure the best deliverables.

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