How to Build a Scooter Sharing App Like Lime

It is understandable why electric scooters and other e-vehicles have gained popularity all over the world. They still give you a way to get where you’re going on time while saving you money, space, and the environment. You don’t even have to buy your own for all of that!

Electric vehicles are quite popular, which motivates companies to expand their scooter rental services with the help of Mobile app development company in USA. Additionally, it has the potential to be a lucrative economic venture; in fact, the e-scooter sharing industry is anticipated to reach $1,752 million in 2022.

As a top android and ios mobile app development company in USA, we can help you navigate the electric scooter sharing market and teach you the fundamentals of building your own scooter share software.

How does a shared electric scooter system work?

Micromobility sharing services like electric scooter sharing enable customers to hire electric scooters for a limited time. An e-scooter sharing software can fully automate this procedure, making it a crucial component of scooter rentals.

The whole rental process—from checking in, picking up the scooter, and dropping it off—is managed through scooter sharing applications. Before they can take their journey, users must first sign in and select a payment option.

Users use an interactive map to locate the closest scooter, and then use a QR code to unlock it. The e-scooter software keeps track of how much time you spend riding and figures out how much money you’ll need to pay in total when you’re done. When you’re finished, the scooter is secured once more until the following rider is prepared to take it up.

Electric scooters that are dockless, or those that don’t have a permanent station where you have to return them, are frequently offered by scooter rental businesses. In accordance with traffic restrictions, users are free to locate and leave scooters anywhere in the service area.

E-scooter sharing applications’ advantages

Electric ride-sharing did not suddenly appear on the world market. This sort of service emerged as a logical response to consumers’ present requirements and contemporary social trends.

Therefore, why do so many individuals choose sharing scooters?

  • Spend less
  • lowering CO2 emissions
  • Conserve fuel
  • reduce traffic in cities
  • Avoid gridlock.
  • short distances to cover
  • Select mobile vehicles.
  • Charge with speed
  • Easy to maintain e-scooter fleets

E-scooter applications’ key characteristics

You might be wondering what elements serve as the cornerstone of an e-scooter mobile app when it comes to creation.

Let’s examine how to create a scooter-sharing app that rivals Lime or other industry heavyweights as per the top mobile app development agency in USA.


The first steps new users take are onboarding and registration. You have the opportunity to captivate them with a pleasing design, faultless navigation, and understandable functionalities. Make every effort to make the procedure as simple as you can. Allow people to log in using their social network accounts, for instance, and just ask for the minimum amount of personal information during registration.

A dynamic map

Users may locate and reserve nearby scooters using the map function. Maps may be used by customers to find the fastest way to a location. Typically, developers incorporate the MapKit framework for iOS and the Google Maps API for Android devices.

You must have navigation options to show the costs for each vehicle type if your service provides not just e-scooters but also e-bikes or other e-vehicles.

A QR code reader

The majority of scooter rental firms make use of QR codes to unlock and lock the scooter. It is regarded by the ride’s creators as the safest method to begin and end. Individual QR codes should be used to identify each vehicle, and the in-app functionality should function flawlessly.

However, people frequently lament that this mechanism occasionally performs wrong.

Monetary system

For businesses who want to make their scooter-sharing services viable, payment alternatives are essential. To save clients time and increase user happiness, provide users with a variety of in-app payment choices. The payment system must function flawlessly because it handles extremely private customer data.

A GPS tracker

Any e-scooter sharing app must include a GPS function since it handles all the key operations. Users may locate the closest car and a convenient parking place using a GPS tracker, and administrators can monitor the whereabouts of the scooters in the event of a theft attempt or gather the cars that require maintenance or repair.

Feedback document

Do you want to find out if consumers enjoy your app? Ask them about it right away! A crucial tool for expanding and enhancing your app is feedback. Give your users an opportunity to voice their opinions and encourage them to contact support with any grievances or suggestions for improvement. It will assist you in improving, updating, and customising the app to meet the needs and demands of the appropriate clients.

To sum up

Sharing electric scooters is a promising economic sector that has been attracting investors and users who care about the environment. The e-vehicle industry strives to make people’s daily lives more convenient and to provide a cleaner future for everybody.

There is considerable room in this field to develop novel solutions and change the industry. The creation of an e-scooter sharing app comprises a number of procedures and considerations that ensure a smooth and engaging user experience.

If you have an idea and want to convert it into reality, we can help you out. As an android mobile app development company in USA, we can turn your idea into a top-notch app that will lead the market.



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