Build A Medicine Reminder & Tracker Mobile App

How To Build A Medicine Reminder & Tracker Mobile App

With the advent of mobile apps in health and fitness, it has become easier to take care of our unique health and our health. The Pill Reminder and Dosing Tracker app are on the horizon for telemedicine or mHealth diversity. Against this background, the disease is higher and is ruled out only if the patient does not take the drug as prescribed. Are you into the medicine business and want to take it to the next level? Drop a message or get in touch on a call as we are the best mobile app development company in USA

Why create a dosing tracking app when you can do it with Siri or Google Assistant? “Hey Siri, tell me to take your medicine at 4 pm”-That’s it, right? Wait, what about medications and other gaps to take the drug? What if I need to carry multiple medications? What if you understand the point? 

Suddenly, creating drug reminders no longer seems overkill. Get started with a well-known drink if you need guidance on creating a medication management app to support patients and healthcare providers. 

How does this app solve your problem? 

According to a survey, 45.8% of the total population of the United States needs at least one prescription drug per month. Failure to take medications prescribed by doctors and medical professionals can exacerbate illness, hospitalization, and even premature death. 

This phenomenon is known as prescription non-compliance. And that was a complex problem in America. Even studies consistently point out that 20 to 30 percent of drug prescriptions are by no means sufficient. On the other hand, about 50% of medicines associated with severe illness are not taken as prescribed. Want to perform the development of a medicine app to take your business to another level? Have a cup of coffee with us and let’s have a conversation about that as we provide the best iOS Mobile App Development Company in USA

Non-compliance with dosing is a severe problem, and for some reason, people do not take them to the extreme. Some say that prescriptions remind them that they are suffering, but many forget to take the pills on time. It also has the quality to bring the family together and explore the quest for medicine for loved ones. This feature encourages stakeholders to check the patient’s pill status. 

Development costs for creating mobile apps for medication reminders 

Development costs for creating mobile apps

This question is most worrisome to entrepreneurs. If you’re also concerned about app development price, you’re not the only one on this list. The cost of developing a medication reminder mobile app depends on the features and features of the app.

This is not enough. There are several other responsible factors such as platform, developer location, developer hourly wages, etc. Consider hiring a mobile app developer for an on-demand real estate mobile app if you’re on a tight budget. As a well-known mobile app developer, we are always enthusiastic, ready to take on new challenges and provide unprecedented digital solutions. 

Must-have Features for Pill Reminder App

Without further effort, we propose to dive into the heart of the problem. What features do customers expect from the medication reminder app? First, let’s review the basic options that must be included in such products. 


Okay, push notifications to seem very obvious. Why do I need an app that tells me to take tablets without notice? At the same time, you can think of several ways to implement this feature. 

Everyone is used to setting notifications in mobile apps. However, not all customers carry smartphones. Nevertheless, they can receive memories, especially if you want to create a simple web interface for creating such reminders. 

Customers visit the site, create reminders, and later receive them as simple text messages that work with older mobile phone models. Alternatively, you can set up notifications for your loved ones to get a link to the medication reminder app and receive your next reminder. 

  •  Text message 
  •  Call 
  •  Push notifications via the app 
  •  Via your favorite messenger app  

Call-based reminders are great for people with poor eyesight. You can be very creative in implementing notifications that are useful to your target audience. Remember that notifications are an essential component of pill reminders for tracking prescription medications. This is discussed in more detail in the Best Practices section. 

Drug database 

We also need a comprehensive database of prescription and over-the-counter medicines suitable for consumers and healthcare professionals. The list should include all the details you need, such as name, description, and image. The most common scenario is to choose a third-party provider that provides such a database and integrate that information into your application. Let’s get in touch over a call or text for the app development services as we are among the best mobile app development agency in USA


Depending on the robustness of the drug recall, you can track the delivery of the drug from one pharmacy or find a route to the nearest pharmacy. This option is not mandatory. However, it may still be helpful in certain situations. 

Image recognition 

Smartphones with AI algorithms can help patients identify tablets and find them in the app’s database or prescriptions simply by analyzing the photo.  Customers always appreciate software that reminds them to take medicine, requires minimal input and handles all the hassle of filling out forms. 

Integration of Google FIT and Apple Health  

In this era, integration with primary mobile healthcare services is essential. First,  it can be easily shared with external providers of the Pill Reminder app to ensure health data interoperability. Second, the apps we create can benefit from using health data transmitted by other solutions via Apple Health and Google Fit. 

Cloud sync 

All data generated by the Pill Reminder app must be securely stored in the cloud and synced with all devices that customers choose to access the service. Otherwise, you risk missing essential reminders and frustrating the health app. This data synchronization keeps providers up-to-date on patient compliance. Cloud synchronization is also necessary if integration with pharmacies or other medical services is required.

 Interaction with other medicines 

Patients appreciate the automatic checking of interactions between the medicines and other medicines. Even if the doctor prescribing you a pill already takes this into account, it’s always better to play it safe and avoid possible side effects. 


So, before we dive deeper into the details of the platform and technology we’re using for our app, we need to clarify what it needs and how to make it unique. So take the time to start with a trusted primary mobile app developer. If you like our services then contact us as we are the provider of the best mobile app development service in USA. 

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