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How much does mobile game development cost in 2022?

Whenever anyone gets a beautiful idea, the cost of putting it into action is the next thought that springs to mind. Mobile games have grown in popularity. Furthermore, it has emerged as a hot market with excellent profit potential. Mobile games have become more fascinating because of technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. The mobile gaming development business, in particular, shows no signs of stopping down. Mobile gaming is becoming more popular, and mobile games are by far the most installed apps. Also, as the mobile app development company in USA is coming up with innovative ideas and interfaces, the market hasn’t intended to head south anytime soon.

  • Global online games income is expected to reach $17.8 billion by 2024, according to projections.
  • According to estimates, the professional games business would expand by 24 billion dollars by 2024.
  • According to projections, the global gaming market is expected to reach a value of USD $256.97 billion by 2025.

Building mobile game applications is a challenging feat because there are numerous elements that must be considered in order to create an appealing mobile game. Furthermore, the competition is fierce, so if your game isn’t practical or visually appealing, it won’t stand out.

To assess the cost of producing a mobile gaming app, you must first understand the aspects that must be considered. Following are the major factors considered by android and ios mobile app development company in USA while determining the estimated cost of mobile app development.

Game type and level of difficulty

Before providing a mobile game development estimate, the game development team reviews all of the needs and elements in the form of a GDD document, a list of assets, and other technical documentation. The more difficult the game, the greater the price:

Small-Scale games

small scale game

Small games with few sophisticated features, such as payment solutions or score storing, are the simplest for game developers to handle. Smaller games are not expected to cross the $ 5000 mark. However, if you desire a modest game with an engaging 2D or 3D UI, several levels, and some additional player choices, the expense may settle at around $ 20,000. The bulk of games in this group will require funds around $ 20,000 and $ 40,000.

We suggest that you construct a prototype game to evaluate your concept and see the opportunity there in order to reduce risks and expenditures.

Medium-Scale games

medium scale

These games progress in difficulty and provide players multiple levels to explore, as well as varied characters, a more sophisticated tale, sound, visual effects, an appealing and welcoming interface, and minor games integrated within the main game. This type of game might cost anything from $60,000 to $120,000.

Large-Scale games

large scale game

Large titles provide players with a compelling tale and a wealth of content. They offer a good monetization strategy, despite the fact that they are generally free to download. This sort of game may have a budget of more than $150,000.

Theme and plotline

With so many games to select from, capturing the interest of gamers is difficult. Every game has a storyline because the plot keeps the player interested. Ensure the game’s narrative is engaging enough to retain the gamer’s interest. More significantly, you must focus on the characters and their characteristics in order to have an appealing plot. You must also decide how the avatars will engage with the gamers and how you might keep them motivated.


Designing a mobile gaming application is a multi-layered and complicated task. Targeting users, game atmosphere, game stages, and gameplay are all planned during the design process.

Furthermore, if the design is not thoroughly planned and performed, the game will be riddled with flaws and problems.

Categories and genres

Now that the game idea is complete, it’s time to start constructing the game. Furthermore, it is a critical and costly step because the expense of the game application is highly dependent on the kind of mobile game application you are producing. A simple gaming app costs less than a simulation or social gaming app.


Different sorts of games have varying degrees of difficulty. Mobile gaming apps can be classified into the following categories based on their level of difficulty:

Mini or casual mobile app games: They are easy, solo games that require no special skills to play.

Casual 2D games: Because they use simple 2D graphics, casual 2D games are low-budget games. Despite their minimal aesthetics, these games have high engagement rates and scaling potential.

Social games: On prominent social media sites, various users participate in social games.

Mid-level games: Different stages, characters, plots, and high-quality graphics can be found in mid-level games.

Business games: Business gaming applications are created to keep a group of people entertained.

High-level games: High-level games are prohibitively expensive. These games necessitate meticulous planning, in-depth comprehension, and great design. A high-level game can take up to a year to build.


A mobile gaming app’s testing procedure is equally as crucial as its development. There must be no bugs in the games because they should perform easily and effectively.

People, in general, dislike games that are riddled with problems. Ensure you have a budget set up for the testing. Testing services are provided by some mobile app development agency in USA as a stage of the work.


Having a terrific mobile game idea and seeing it through to completion is a huge accomplishment. However, no matter how good the game is, it will not be successful without some form of marketing support. Furthermore, having a strong marketing strategy in place to cope with competitiveness and connect to the intended audience is critical. Setting up a marketing fund for your mobile game application is critical because it will boost the game’s exposure.


Creating a mobile game is an exciting process that necessitates the collaboration of a team of experts. The overall cost of mobile app development depends on the sort of game you want to build. The graphics, storyline, number of levels and the app’s complexity are the most critical factors to consider while determining the budget for your game’s development. Picking an appropriate mobile app development service in USA is a crucial decision that might determine the success or failure of your mobile game.

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