mobile apps make the hotel industry appealing

How do mobile apps make the hotel industry appealing?

What is the first thing you do when planning a vacation or a trip to a particular place? Of course, you book a hotel. Staying is the first thing that clicks our mind when we plan to go out of town, and hotels have always been a comfortable solution. And now, with new technology coming up every day, booking a hotel has become more accessible and convenient more than ever. A big thanks for the same goes to the mobile app development company in USA. Just a click, and the work is done!

Booking a perfect hotel is not an easy task. A big impression of your memories depends on how good your hotel was. Everything you want or look for today is available on various apps, so it is the hotel of your desired choices. Apart from availability, there are various other features that online booking apps provide. These mobile app development services are generally provided and updated by the developer from time to time to keep the app user-friendly. Let us have a look at some of these features.

Features that attract customers

1. Complete virtual tour

Complete virtual tour

Through the online booking apps, you can have a complete virtual tour of any hotel you wish to book for the stay. Have a look at every part of the hotel from your booking place itself and pick the best hotel of your taste. Explore the pool, garden, cafeteria, restaurant of any hotel from the comfort of your couch. Also with this feature, you can have an idea about the facilities available in that hotel.

2. Facilities provided

Apart from stay, hotels provide their customers with fascinating facilities that you can easily add to your booking with a few clicks. These facilities include food, pool, clubbing, spa, etc. Also, the availability status and description of these facilities on your mobile app help you pick the best option for yourself and your loved ones, giving you a comfortable stay.

3. Listing availability

With different facilities and rate differences, a list is made for you, depending on your preferences. This listing feature helps you compare other hotels providing the same kind of room according to your liking, rate, insights, etc., for you to choose the best hotel that suits your taste, budget, and other requirements.

4. Reviews and feedbacks

Are you worried about whether the physical facilities provided are as good as they mention on the apps? If yes, then the apps have got a solution for this problem as well. With genuine feedbacks and reviews of previous customers, you can get the idea of “dos” and “don’ts” for your stay.

5. Blogs, guides availability, and places to explore

The online hotel booking apps have so many features that the more you explore, the more you become reliant on them. One such feature that most users love is the blogs and guide availability feature. With this feature, you can explore the nearby tourist spots, places to visit, check out travel blogs, and book a guide for sightseeing.  

6. Multi-lingual platform

Regarding the native languages and encouraging the local audience, giving the language preference option has become a wise decision for many websites and app platforms. To help such users, the app has an inbuilt multi-lingual feature where the users can choose their comfort language, make all the required bookings in the same, and set the bar higher in terms of customer convenience.

7. Paper reduction

Eco-friendly substitutes are the need of the hour, and online booking is one such eco-friendly alternative. Wondering how? Well, it reduces the use of paper as in online booking all the booking details, invoices, and itineraries can be stored in your electronic devices to avoid the hassle of carrying printouts.” To cover a mile, you have to start with a single step.” Take such small steps to contribute on your part for a better environment.

8. Payment flexibility

Payment flexibility

Cash or e-cash, it’s totally your choice! From plastic cards and net banking to e-wallets and now even cryptocurrencies, technology has given the flexibility to pay as you like, keeping purchases convenient for each customer. You have the freedom to choose from as many options as you know. 

9. Deals and offers

The advantages of mobile apps are not just limited to payment flexibility, but it extends to attract customers offering super appealing deals and offers. Promotional activities like group discounts, honeymoon packages, loyalty programs, complimentary add-ons, etc., can be easily managed on digital platforms(Website and Mobile Apps). That definitely makes the stay a lot more fun altogether.

10. Customer care support

When you reach the hotel, you booked and got any experience of inconvenience and discomfort, the customer care support of the mobile app as well as the hotel would be there for you, making sure your stay is comfortable. Such customer comforting features are the key features that make an app more reliant than others.

11. Easy to locate

Are you having difficulty locating your booked hotel? Just click the shared location link and check the direction to your desired location. Technology has made everything so effortless for us. Everything we need to look for is available on our screen like a dish on a platter.

12. Fleet management
Fleet management

Transportation facility is one of the significant issues faced by people when they visit a new place. Won’t it be super fantastic if that problem too gets resolved with the same hotel booking app? Yes, it is. The online apps provide you with an option to book your transportation facility to and from the hotel. The hotel offers to pick you up from a bus, railway station or an airport and provides taxis, buses, etc. on booking. This fleet is generally owned by the hotel for customer service.

13. Keyless entry

Are you worried about the security of your room? Don’t be. The advanced technology has made locks that will be only opened by OTPs received on the mobile phone registered during check-in. Every day we see new development in technology. The keyless entry method is one such giving the hotel room something fascinating and the customer’s something secured.


All in all, we can say that the online hotel booking app takes all your worries for out-of-town tour planning, gives you comfort, and facilitates you with food, fleet, etc. The advancement of technology is definitely making our lives simpler and more accessible. A top mobile app development company would try to provide every possible feature to make their app most reliant and user-friendly. Instead of worrying about the availability of a hotel room while going on a tour, you can pre-book it and enjoy the journey in peace. Technology is undoubtedly making our lives simpler and more efficient. 

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