PMs create an effective UX Roadmap

How can PMs create an effective UX Roadmap?


But the most critical role is the problem solver. Yes, it doesn’t feel as good for product managers as solving the problem. The UX roadmap is the only tool that helps you create products that meet your needs and eliminate frustration. Get in touch with the best UI UX design agency in USA

What is the UX Roadmap? Isn’t it the responsibility of the design team? 

According to NN, the UX roadmap is a strategic and lively deliverable that coordinates, prioritises, and communicates future work and issues to be resolved by the UX team. User experience is not only the responsibility of the design team but covers the entire organisation. UX determines if the resulting product is valuable and affects the company’s property. The user experience roadmap precedes the design and development of digital products. Contact us for the best UI UX design services in USA.

Product managers are responsible for creating product visions, so they also need to understand exactly what the user experience means.  UX goals and objectives include ease of use, visual design, interaction, microscope colour tones, etc. Still, this result-based roadmap provides a bird’s-eye view of what comes according to priority.

 What to do before creating a UX roadmap?

  • UX discovery and strategy workshops are held quarterly to identify the needs and issues of the right users. 
  • Use the data and insights collected from these workshops to create goals that will be part of your UX roadmap. 
  • Create a high-level schedule to achieve these goals. These schedules should consider the time required to test unexpected, expected challenges, iterations, and prototypes.

Create a 3-Step UX Roadmap 

Create a 3-Step UX Roadmap

A successful user experience strategy and roadmap is to investigate and recognise limitations and concerns from all sides. The UX roadmap guides the project and helps designers, researchers, developers, and stakeholders coordinate toward a single vision and priorities. A good product roadmap consists of high-level goals to be achieved, including:

Step 1: List out high-level needs 

Who is going to be the recipients of this experience? (Customers, employees, third party users) 

 What is the problem to be solved? (Highly productive and fast query resolution) 

Step 2: List high-level goals 

List high-level goals

 Purpose (reduction of design debt, simplification of onboarding, etc.) 

Step 3: Schedule a review 

Schedule a review

Review schedule (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) 

Definition of a successful UX roadmap 

Roadmaps are successful when you make realistic promises, prioritise features over appearance, and are strategic documents rather than feature-specific release plans. The following characteristics can define a successful UX roadmap – 

User Survey is Basic 

User-centricity is a fundamental need for UX-related activities, and roadmaps are no exception. Think of the roadmap goal as a user problem to solve—issues outlined from qualitative and quantitative user survey exercises. Roadmap goals, both present and future, are research-based and should not be stakeholder-derived. 

User first, and not feature-first 

Most importantly, outcomes should be prioritised over outputs. Avoid listing specific features as a roadmap goal (make clear buttons more visible) and stick to comprehensive priorities (create a unified design library). Listing particular features on the roadmap can lead to conflicting goals and disrupt the iterative flow. 

Based on the proper context 

The roadmap needs to be part of the company’s larger UX strategy. Placing the goal in the proper context will help build the meaning and usage of the roadmap and make it understandable to all stakeholders. 

Continuous and Collaborative 

The UX roadmap is a prototype of future UX strategies. Therefore, it is vital to clarify that the roadmap’s goals will change as new variables and insights emerge. The ideal roadmap collaborates between multiple stakeholders such as product teams, designers, developers,  and SMBs. 

The UX roadmap is essentially a strategic document. It is a landmark for designers, researchers, developers, and stakeholders to define, prioritise, and future coordinate work on the UX team’s vision. Reach out to us for the best UI UX design company in USA



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