Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Cost

Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Cost & Features – Guide

You’ll be surprised that almost 25% of US consumers order groceries online. Demand is constantly increasing, driving the market to higher growth.  

Why invest in the development of mobile apps for grocery delivery?

As people make more technological advances, it is now commonplace to use the most popular apps for shopping. Online shoppers are increasing and compared to the past,  grocery shopping through mobile apps and on-demand grocery delivery platforms have increased significantly. Contact us for the best mobile app development company in USA

How does the grocery delivery mobile app work?  

The mechanics of the grocery delivery mobile app are elementary. It offers virtually all types of food and provides the possibility to apply specific filters to facilitate searches. Here are the detailed steps: 

  • A user signed up by entering necessary details
  • After signing up, log in with an email id or phone number and Password
  • Search the product that the user wants to purchase
  • Select the product and Add it to Cart
  • Add Address Details where need to deliver
  • Order confirmation by the user by making an online payment
  • Admin receives the order request
  • The request gets forwarded to the grocery store manager
  • The store manager responds to the request by either accepting or declining the request
  • Admin reverts to the customer by sending a notification
  • Store Manager Generates the Order
  • Update Admin that courier service has collected the order
  • Order successfully delivers to the customer
  • Courier Service updates the Admin as well as Customer.

Types of grocery delivery mobile apps 

Aggregator grocery delivery app 

Aggregator grocery delivery app

If you plan to develop a grocery delivery mobile app using the aggregator model,  you need to work with your local grocery store. This model is generally preferred by those who own the store, have it there, or have easy access to the efficient grocereasily y store. 

Dedicated grocery app 

The dedicated grocery delivery app has all the features of the aggregator model, but the reliable model needs to make it easier to manage the entire order. Various grocery stores sign up for this platform and start selling their products. You will have your fleet of deliverers.

Advanced Features To Keep in Mind While Grocery Delivery App Development

Advanced Features To Keep in Mind

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are notification-style messages that appear on your screen when you’re not using the app. These messages enable you to promptly deliver relevant, personalised content to your customers. 

Real-time tracking 

Real-time tracking means providing frequent live tracking updates to your GPS device. H. Mobile phone to send. This allows the driver to deliver the product on time, and the customer does not have to wait uncertainly in the event of a delay. 

GPS tracking 

The mobile phone’s GPS tracking system provides users with a highly personalised experience. It checks the user’s geographic location and provides results such as items to order, currency, famous grocery stores, nearby stores, and more. 

Behaviour tracking 

Behaviour tracking means tracking user responses to improve the user experience. Instances are, for example, the last item ordered by the user, the most searched item, the time of purchase, and the user’s shopping pattern. For instance,  the app recommends choosing Italian dishes such as pasta and lasagna in Italy. 

Real-time analysis 

The real-time analysis becomes data analysis as soon as the data becomes available. This helps you monitor user activity, detect fraud, save costs, and increase conversion rates and profits.  

Loyalty program 

Loyalty programs help businesses stay connected with their customers and build brand loyalty. There are various schemes such as redeemable coins, coupons, memberships, physical gifts or gift cards, intangible rewards, etc. 

InApp Call (Consumer and Store Owner + Deliveryman) 

Like Uber, Ola, etc., you need the ability to call the delivery staff from both the consumer and the shopkeeper within the app. 

InApp Chat (Consumer and Shopkeeper + Delivery) 

Like in-app calls with call capabilities, we need a chat feature that allows the messenger to communicate with both the customer and the shopkeeper. 

Number masking 

Phone number masking is a technology that protects customer privacy by connecting to a delivery person without revealing the actual phone number. InApp 


In-app navigation, primarily via Google Maps, helps users track the location of their delivery address very quickly and helps delivery personnel find their destination. 

Reviews and ratings 
Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings help businesses get customer feedback and help other customers learn about store services from ratings. 


If a customer wants to place the same order multiple times, the reorder feature allows them to identify the same order without adding the item numerous times. 

CRM integration 

CRM integration benefits your business by centralising, streamlining, and streamlining customer communication, deepening your knowledge of your customers, improving segmentation and customer retention, and many other benefits.  

ERP integration 

As your business grows, it becomes more challenging to properly manage all aspects of it. ERP integration helps streamline and monitor all business processes. 

Business intelligence 

Business intelligence helps business owners make more informed decisions backed by accurate data. Ultimately, it enables you to find new business opportunities, reduce costs, and identify inefficient processes that need to be overhauled. 

Custom dashboard 

Custom dashboards allow you to make smarter, data-driven decisions by providing a central location for all units in your organisation to access, interact, and analyse the latest information. 

Visual search 

If the user can’t identify the actual product but wants to purchase the app, an AI-based visual search can help. Visual search uses authentic images (screenshots, web images, or photos) as stimuli to search online and return the desired results. 

Language support 

Voice support or voice search allows users to shop using only voice commands while completing other tasks. 


By recommending similar items that users searched for or browsed in the app, we improved the user experience and increased sales on our website. 

Consider web applications and PWAs 

Although the world is moving to mobile, many people still prefer to shop on the widescreen or desktop. Therefore, it is also essential to develop web applications for businesses and PWAs for users who do not like to download apps with a one-time purchase. 

MVP or authentic grocery delivery app 
MVP or authentic grocery delivery app

A minimal viable product is an app with only essential features, while a complete product has both necessary and advanced features. Developing an MVP food delivery application in Southeast Asia costs less than $ 1525,000, and a full-fledged app costs $ 2535,000. If you’re new to this segment, we recommend starting with  MVP and gradually expanding the functionality of your app. Get in touch with the Best Mobile app development agency in USA

Choosing an app development partner is very important.

Even with thorough research in food delivery, creating a food delivery mobile app is competent and experienced. You need a mobile app development partner. Choosing an e-commerce solution provider with knowledge of domains and the required technology stack is essential. Reach out to us for the USA’s best mobile app development services in USA.  

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