How to Determine the Cost to Build a Food Delivery App like DoorDash?

Food delivery apps are one of the favorite apps of people. The joy of ordering your favorite food from your desired location from the comfort of your home or workplace or any other place of your choice is undoubtedly enough to make a person delighted. But how do are these apps made? What are some key features of these apps? How can you find the best developers? How much demand for these apps is there in the market? These are some basic questions when one thinks about building an app. Here are some answers to the above questions that any mobile app development agency in USA would give.

Demand in market

The need and demand of a food delivery app could easily be seen by the no. of delivery persons you see daily on roads for them. To get an exact statistical figure, an online survey says an average of 1000milion$ increase in revenue of online food delivery apps in the US. According to reports by USA Today, the online food delivery market recorded a gain of $17 billion in 2018 and reached $19.472 billion in 2019. The same report predicts that the online food delivery market in the United States in 2021 is expected to reach $22.332 billion with over 116.1 million users. The figure is enough to state how significant the food delivery apps have become in the lives of ordinary people.

Pricing, complexity, and other aspects

These apps are multivendor. A separate panel is made for the restaurants taking a booking, one for the user interface to place an order, and one for the delivery staff to receive the order from a particular restaurant and deliver it to the right place with a location tracking feature. The most important panel is the admin panel which supervises the working of all the other panels. As the complexity of the app increases, the pricing increases as well. More the level of complexity or features more are the work for the developers, leading to increased cost.

Basic needs of an app

There are basic requirements for developing an app. Let’s have a glimpse of a few of them:- 

1. UI designing

A UI designer is the visual interface of an app, machine, or software that gives looks to it. The more attractive and user-friendly it is the more user like the app. It can also be called the “first impression” of the app. Once the wireframing is added, the user can start adding images that give a different look to the app or say add life to it. 

2. Technology used (native/ hybrid)

The technology used in each app is different depending on the need of the client’s needs. If the app needs to be a single platform, it is preferred to be a native app, whereas a cross-platform is supposedly a hybrid. Apart from this, the app’s complexity and pricing also affect the type of technology to be used. For instance, a complex code is made in the native language, also with an increase in complexity, the price of this technology is higher than the hybrid app. The kind of technology needed could be precisely described by an app developer based on mobile app development services required to build the best app expected by the client.     

 3. Different panels

As described earlier, there is more than one panel for such apps are the cost of building each panel is different depending upon the complexity of each. Usually, the admin panel and user panel are the most important panels of an app. The working and significance of each panel are different. The working of these panels altogether states the efficiency of the app.

4. Dedicated team

One of the most critical aspects of an app development project is a dedicated team. The more efficient and hard working a team would be, the better result of the project they will yield. With dedication, sufficient team employees with adequate experience are required to provide the best deliverables. We at Code Craft Crew have a team of 55 developers with 5+ years of on the latest technology satisfying the needs of our clients. 

About the team

When we look at the insights of an app development team, the project head resides at the top, who supervises all the coordinates of the project and is responsible for delivering the final product. Under the project head, we have the app developers, and they are expert coders who write codes of an app. They are the building blocks of an app. Then we have the tech head of the team, the delivery manager, junior engineers, UI designers, etc. The estimated rate for developing an app could vary from (20$-50$) per hour based on complexity and features required.

Types of working model

For long-term projects or continuous development projects, we charge on an hourly basis. This is called the full-time developer model. A dedicated team is available on call to develop, modify and update the application as the software lifecycle goes on. The second is the fixed model, where we gather all the requirements and set the whole application with 3 months of maintenance at a fixed cost discussed at the time of contract. This helps in managing the budget of the project by the client and getting the desired application ready within the timeline. We usually work on a fixed-cost model.


 We at code craft crew make all kinds of apps on demand. The user may choose the app they want to have for their purpose. We provide the best services, like providing all the latest and updated features and keeping the target audiences’ preferences, choices, etc. We assure excellent customer support. As a mobile app development company in USA, we cater to the customers’ needs and ensure the best deliverables.

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