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Complete Food Delivery App Development Guide for Startups in 2021


Our world is witnessing technological transformations every day and users are increasingly surrounded by gadgets of diverse kinds. With the increasing reliance on the digital world, especially during the onset of the pandemic outbreak, many businesses across different industry verticals have witnessed an exponential increasing consumer demand over the digital platform. Unequivocally, the food industry boomed by undertaking a digital shift of their restaurant business into an online food delivery business.

The on-demand food delivery industry, therefore, continues to catapult in number, and developing a food delivery app remains an evergreen start-up idea for business investments and growth. With the onset of food delivery apps such as Uber eats, Swiggy, Zomato, etc., the exponential market size of food delivery apps has tempted many investors to relish this opportunity.

As per Statista reports, the online food delivery revenue generation is predicted to reach its potential of US$28,486m in 2021. The reports have suggested that an annual growth rate of 4.3% can thus be anticipated, leading to an increase in the market volume of US$32,325m by 2024.

Our team of professionals at Code Craft Crew understands the market competition and thus provides you with the best mobile app development services to design and develop your food delivery app. We have got you covered with a complete food delivery app development guide for emerging startups in 2021.


Before boarding on the creation of your food delivery mobile application, it is important to analyze the market trends and understanding the existing competition. After finding your target audience, and analyzing your competitors in that market sphere, it becomes easier to realize the additional services that your application can provide to the customers.

If you seek to stand on a stronger footing than the mushrooming competition, then you must understand the emerging needs of your target customers. This research aspect facilitates in fostering the revenue growth of your food delivery business and also helps in the marketing process of your food delivery business.

After deciphering the needs of the emerging consumer demand, you might want to incorporate the following features into your food delivery application that can help boost the user experience to its optimum level, complemented with enhanced and appealing user-interface.


Your potential customers would want to search from a variety of restaurants, cafes, stores, etc. to place their food delivery order. You can make this search convenient for your customers with your food delivery application. Enabling better search results by sorting results as per menu preferences, preferred locations and based on ratings would provide the users with better and diverse food choices.

Presenting similar search results to offer furthermore wide variety of food items to customers that they might like can boost sales and enable customers to gain enticing experiences.


Your food delivery application is centered on making the food ordering process convenient for its users. Therefore, the application’s interface and wireframe must be designed and developed to deliver optimum functionality. Within a few taps on the screen, the app should focus on making the ordering process smooth and efficient for the user. An extensive and elaborated ordering system will not attract customers to your mobile application. Personalized cart creation can be made possible to make placing of an order more convenient for the customers.



As the customer places the order, they should be able to make payments in their choice of payment method. Therefore, the application should enable both cash and online payment. Payment through cashless methods can incorporate payment through cards, Netbanking, UPI, digital wallets etc.

Integrating secured payment gateway methods that help the customer make smooth transactions should be done by the food delivery app developer.


For a customer who has just placed their order, they are generally excited to track their orders and eager for it to reach their doorstep. Enabling a real-time geolocation tracking system is thus a smart choice to be incorporated into the application. Integration of maps with GPS trackers that tell the customers about the real-time delivery status of their orders builds brand loyalty among customers.


All the orders made my users can automatically be saved into the user’s order history with options to easily repeat the order and enabling the customer to see discounts and offers on similar food items. This can be done by creating an automated user profile. This profile will securely save the users’ delivery address and other necessary information for hassle-free future orders.



One of the most effective way to understand the needs of your users is by directly taking their feedback on the food, the restaurant, food delivery services and app functionality. Easy fill-in feedback forms that enable the customers to give stars or ratings to the app and delivery services without any redirects can ensure optimum functionality of your food delivery application.


For the customers’ ease, the food delivery app can provide its customers with the delivery status from the order confirmation notification to the delivery of the food at their doorstep. The customers will not have to wait and worry about the delay in delivery as they will be aware of the real-time status of their food orders via pop-up notifications.


To incorporate all these features into your food delivery mobile application, you might want to avail the best mobile app development company in India Connect with Code Craft Crew and get the digital solutions to all your tech problems.

Code Craft Crew is much more than a mobile app development agency. We priorities the success of your business and thus by incorporating your ideas with the customer demands, we design and develop your food delivery application with the required tailor made features.



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