Building an Event Planning & Organizer App: Use Cases, Features

One of the first sectors to feel the severe effects of the epidemic was the events sector. Companies have been forced to consider how to carry on with their events as a result of the recent developments.

If you belong to this group, be ready to start hunting the maze with us as soon as possible!

Change your approach and take it, that is what we propose: virtual. You have a wide range of options, including recorded events, live webinars, virtual shows, and more. You may handle all responsibilities easily when you design an event planning app.

Continue reading if you find this interesting. As a Mobile app development company in USA, we’ll discuss our ideas for creating event apps that will help you grow your company.

What Is a Planning and Organizer App for Events?

An event planning and organiser app is a programme created especially to help users organise and plan events. These applications enable users to effortlessly plan events while juggling daily responsibilities.

Perfect and anticipated management is an event’s main goal, and here is where these applications are useful. They carry out our requests utilising effective tools and include cutting-edge features and functions to ensure the success of an event.

Additional Benefits of Building Event Planning Software

Look down the additional benefits of an event planning software mentioned by the top ios mobile app development company in USA.

Simplify Attendee Experience – The attendee may easily register, buy a ticket using online payment options, check in with the aid of a barcode scanner, etc. utilising a mobile app. You may streamline the event experience in this way.

Events apps are an excellent approach to promoting engagement and increasing attendees’ interest. Attendees may engage in conversations and contests, live quizzes, and more using the app.

Make Connections – As we previously established, the major purpose of any event is networking. You and the guests will both profit from using a mobile event app. Using newsletters, alerts, publications, etc., you may connect with the community as an event professional.

Analyze Data – Measuring the return is challenging when holding several events. An efficient method for calculating the return on investment for your event is a mobile app.

Application for Event Planning: Features

You need to know what features to add while creating an event app. This section has been separated into 2 parts,

  • Features Attendees Look for
  • Must-Have Event Management Tools

Features Attendees Look for

Cellular Check-in – The conventional registration process takes time. As a result, you must streamline the procedure by adding the check-in option to your app. It reduces wait times, expedites the procedure, and serves as an effective tool for gathering user information.

Events Feed – The events feed lists all current and forthcoming events in a region, city, or state. By utilising the search filter, users may check the events they are interested in. The location, kind, free/paid, and popularity search parameters are the ones used most frequently in event apps.

Purchase Tickets – Users will eventually need to purchase tickets and make payments. You must incorporate third-party payment methods in your app to do this. PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe are our top three choices for payment processing solutions. Make sure you provide users with order management tools. They will be able to cancel after seeing a list of the tickets they bought.

Maps & Directions – In the case of offline events, participants and visitors must be aware of the location of the event. Therefore, the location feature is crucial. When navigating both inside and outside, think about maps. You may use augmented reality for interior navigation. Users will be directed to a certain location through AR pointers.

Social media integration – Attendees like interacting with speakers and other attendees online. You may perform this task with the aid of social media integration. You may make an event-specific hashtag for marketing purposes and urge attendees to tweet or contribute images with the hashtag.

Essential Event Management Tools

A dashboard to assist event planners in managing participants, speakers, sponsors, etc.

Users may be reached through marketing methods including emails, in-app conversations, and social media adverts.

Data collection, monitoring, and analysis tools.

Features to add polls, quizzes, surveys, and provide loyalty schemes.

Event App Development from Scratch

We’ve included the essential tips for developing event apps. –

Establish Purpose: Depending on your market research, finalise your business plan and choose the sort of app you want to build.

Finalize the Features – To design an event app, you’ll need to include all the features that guests need as well as the tools you’ll need to run the event. Consider including sophisticated features as well to provide value.

Select a Development Approach – Based on the sort of app you want to build (web, mobile, or both), choose between native and cross-platform development.

Join Forces With a Development Firm – When selecting a mobile app development agency in USA, look for experience and skill.

Test and launch – Perform app testing prior to making the event app accessible to users.

Promote – Use any method necessary to spread the word about your app, including social media and search engine optimization.

There Must Be a Show

It is only natural that event-related enterprises have lost their allure. When will we be able to participate fearlessly in local festive events and attend on-site conferences? But it doesn’t mean you should go right away. Today, you may drastically alter your business if you make the proper move in the right way.

Contact Code Craft Crew right away if you have a concept for the application you wish to use for event planning. We are the best mobile app development services in USA that you won’t regret taking.



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