Why Should You Bother About Breadcrumb Navigation for Your Website?

What are bread crumbs?

Do you know what a breadcrumb is? Breadcrumbs in a website is a navigation pattern that tells where the user is at in a website. It can be called a pathway of the user’s current location. Every top web development company India includes breadcrumbs on its website to make it more user-friendly. 

Types of bread crumbs

Also, these breadcrumbs have different types giving location indications in different ways. Mainly there are three types of breadcrumbs in general, they are:-


These are static breadcrumbs that show the location of the user on the website in order. Its a representation of the structure of a site. It helps the user to navigate through the site’s hierarchy and understand their location in the best possible way. Usually, all the web development companies in Delhi prefer adding this breadcrumb to their website, making it more user-friendly.


These are the meta-information in the site represented in the form of breadcrumbs. It is mainly seen on e-commerce websites to specify the added filters in a chosen category. It is helpful for the user as it lets them see where they need to make changes in their searching to find the perfect product for them.


These breadcrumbs are also known as the history trail, and it is more like the google pathway that tells where that user had been in their latest search. This is a dynamic breadcrumb. Sometimes these types of breadcrumbs could be helpful, but most often, they are not, or we can say comparatively less helpful than the above two.  


The importance of breadcrumbs is that it’s SEO friendly. They are loved by most of the users as they are too helpful in navigating their location on a website. Another user-friendly aspect of breadcrumbs is that it lets users visit more pages of a website with ease. Also, they help search engine bots during the crawling and indexing phase. Google shows breadcrumb information in the SERPS instead of showing the permalink of a page.


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