Best On-demand App Ideas to Start Money Making Startup in 2021

The world today is indubitably making strides towards technological advancements. The capitalist nature of our society is thus tapping into the emerging digital shift. The businesses are therefore capitalizing on the user base that spends most of their time on the internet. Realizing the consumer demand reflects on the need of the businesses to make the user experience more convenient, simpler, and accessible at the ease of their fingertips. Mobile applications are therefore emerging as the hot market. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, the on-demand app market attracts more than 22.4 million consumers on an annual basis, spending more than $57.6 billion. Especially ever since the pandemic outbreak, consumer demand has shifted on mobile applications to fulfill their needs. On-demand applications have thus gained popularity over the years by tapping on and expanding their diverse user base across different industry verticals.

We at Code Craft Crew understand the market demand and present you with the best on-demand app ideas that you can tap into and foster the growth of your business. We have got you covered with the relevant and trending ideas for your start-ups that can yield you a profitable business.


The emergence of On-demand apps has risen with apps such as Uber and Ola. Taxi services applications thus are gaining popularity with the onset of the transport and logistics industry boom owing to the apps such as Ola and Uber.

People these days are stepping into a fast pacing world and thus would like to avail efficient services pertaining to cargo logistics, taxi booking, bus booking apps, e-scooter, bikes, and bicycles booking applications that cater to their safety and comfort needs. You can thus take advantage of the emerging consumer need and incorporate features such as live traffic checking, GPS navigation, no extra cost on rescheduling or the cancelation of rides, etc.


Reverse image search by scanning any product of your choice and then directing the customer to the online stores that offer the desired product at affordable prices and with amazing deals is another app idea that can work wonders in the cropping up era of online shopping. The growing demand for online shopping owing to the pandemic outbreak can be thus capitalized by the startups.

You can devise new ways to enhance the customers’ shopping experience and add features to make the user experience more convenient for potential customers.


With the ongoing pandemic outbreak, the demand for medicines has catapulted drastically. Furthermore, the consumer demand for pharmaceutical products has shifted increasingly on the online medium as one would not prefer to go out to a drugstore in times of a pandemic outbreak. Therefore, services of authentic prescription delivery that makes the allocating of medicines convenient for the patients can be provided. The buying of required pharmaceuticals can be made easier with features of prescription reading and tracking delivery can be an effective idea to tap on by the upcoming startups.


Another trending consumer culture is now emerging to be more health-conscious and relying on mobile applications to satiate the fitness freak within them. The dawn of the pandemic has resulted in the shutting down of many gyms and people are growing their likes to try their hands on the fitness apps to keep a check on their health.

A pro-fitness lifestyle web application focusing on the health conscious people by enabling them to keep a track of their nutrition and workout habits. The app can have features that connect the users with registered nutritionists, pathologists and health coaches that can provide them with diet plans, fitness workouts and address the queries of the users. The app can also provide personalized services and custom-made plans for its users to attract more audiences.

You can also create an app that serves to be doctor consultation, an informative app related to major diseases


Going out to shop clothing items and fashion apparels has reduced owing to the pandemic outbreak. People are thus inclining towards ecommerce websites for their fashion needs. Statista reports show that 42% of consumers are interested in shopping online. Furthermore, fashion apps delivering the latest fashion trends and featured styles for customers to choose from, makes the app all the more captivating to the customers.

Features that allow users to choose from customized choices enable easy payment, efficient order tracking, etc. can be a fruitful and profitable start-up idea.


Finance and bill management can be cumbersome for many youngsters and even for adults. An app that assists users to maintain and manage the records of their finances and the bills maintain their credit score, send payment due date notifications, etc. can be a lucrative idea to leverage. Features that help college students split bills among roommates, maintain their pocket money spending records, and send alerts to them can be very profitable and in demand.


The emerging startups can capitalize on the growing demand for subscriptions of diverse kinds. Nowadays users get subscriptions to different apps like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other entertainment apps. This app will notify you and help you keep track of all your entertainment and utility subscriptions and bills and will accordingly maintain a record and update you when you are close to the deadlines.

The on-demand app solutions provided to you by Mobile app development agency will help you kick start your startup endeavor. Connect with us for any kind of technical support and queries. Our comprehensive list of on-demand startup ideas will help you establish your footing in the competitive market. If you are passionate about starting with these ideas and need any assistance along the way, reach out to us at Code Craft Crew and avail the best services of more than just a mobile application development company.

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