ideas and apps to plan a wedding in an incredible manner

Best ideas and apps to plan a wedding in an incredible manner

What’s more important for a person than his or her own wedding. It is a highly fortunate and most awaited day in one’s life. Everyone is willing to put in all their efforts to make it the best as it is one of the most remarkable days in their lives. The entire planning for a wedding is extremely time-consuming and cannot lag behind in any of the management activities.

Now that we have become known to several technologies and their advancements, we could use them to plan the big day. There are several wedding planner apps that can assist you in the perfect manner without consuming much time and keeping up with all your desires. All you need to do is download the app and start working.

The Trending Wedding planner Apps to make things remarkable

Trending Wedding planner Apps

Let us know more about the wedding planner apps which could assist you in the best possible manner and make the most important day of your life extremely special.

1. Wedding planner by TheKnot

TheKnot is an amazing and incredible wedding planning app with immense features and characteristics to keep up with anything and everything you might require. It is well known for various assistant features like themes, styles, and contacts of the local vendors for your wedding. It is a complete package that has things from the start comprising budgets, registry, colour themes, and a lot more.

TheKnot helps you stay organised and make things more manageable by tracking your budget and aligning things in a similar manner. It has an incredible variety of local vendors, which sums up to around 25000 in numbers. Furthermore, it is free of cost which can be downloaded without paying a single penny.

2. The Zola wedding app


Zola is yet another excellent wedding planner app. It is well known for the creativity and renovation that it brings to your ideas and planning relating to your wedding. As reviewed by the users, it provides an amazing experience and assistance while planning the entire wedding, from preparing a checklist to actually implementing it all.

3. The WeddingHappy app

Wedding Happy App

The WeddingHappy app is an attractive wedding planner app that helps you keep up with all the details and necessities that you require during the management and planning of your wedding. The app is usually focused on assisting a greater portion of busy people

All you need to do is mention your wedding date, and the WeddingHappy app would organize it all for you. It prepares a well-managed schedule along with the to-do list to avoid any last-minute hurry or issues. It further assesses the deadlines for a task to be completed, which makes it more attractive and useful. It is free of cost app which might have a few in-app purchases.

4. The IWedPlanner app


The IWedPlanner app is an interesting wedding planner app that makes things more interesting and convenient at the same time. It provides you with a well-organized platform wherein you could plan things out according to your own convenience and comfort. It is extremely wonderful with vendor connections and registry tools to help you out plan the entire wedding in a better manner.

You can create a to-do list, know the vendor information, track the RSVPs, and do a lot more with the help of this app. The IWedPlanner app also includes a budget calculator along with the tool to organise the seating arrangement. Further, the countdown reminder is one of the amazing features that make it stand out amongst the other similar wedding planner apps. It will help you remind yourself of the number of days left for your wedding and make things more exciting and cheerful.

5. The WeddingWire's wedding planner app

The WeddingWire’s planner app is a multi-tasker and marvelous in all its work. It allows the couple to plan everything beforehand and avoid the last-minute struggle or inconvenience. It has some amazing features and tools which help you plan out your wedding from the start to the end of the function.

The app has numerous features, which include to-do lists, countdown timer, inspirational ideas, research work, vendor connections, and an entire 360-degree venue tour. What else would a person want from a wedding planner app when you could have the best wedding with one single app at your fingertips.

The above mentioned were a few wedding planner apps that are surely designed by India’s top mobile app development company as the services are incomparable to any other. These apps would make things more manageable at your own convenience, along with keeping everything according to your wish and desire. You would never want your wedding to contradict your expectations, and hence these apps provide you with a phenomenal platform to plan out your entire wedding.

Top wedding planner app features to look out for

The planning for an entire wedding involves many things that can be best held by a wedding planner app developed by the mobile app development company. Let us further know about the features which are usually incorporated in the best wedding planner apps for incredible assistance and management.

1. The first feature would be the signup and login process necessary for all sorts of mobile apps.

2. The app requires you to mention your wedding date to plan out things accordingly in a timely manner.

3. It displays the list of all available event organisers and vendors that you will require in the process of planning out several things.

4. You can easily search for the vendors and service providers according to the requirement that includes makeup, catering, decorations, and a lot more.

5. The app allows you to view the vendor profiles, ratings, reviews, and portfolios individually to make your selection more specific and satisfactory.

6. According to your own convenience, you can easily contact the vendors through the wedding planner app either on a call or chat.

7. The best wedding planner app also allows you to share the profile of the vendors if you wish to consider a second opinion of your friends or family.

8. The search for the wedding location or venues could be easily handled with wedding planner apps.

9. You can also create a checklist according to the deadlines that you wish to set for specific tasks. This will allow proper management and avoid the last-minute hurry.

10. The app also consists of a wedding budget calculator, which helps you manage your monetary assets and the amount that you wish to pay for a specific service.

11. A proper schedule and list of the guests can be created, along with the seating arrangements.

12. You can stay on track with the help of the wedding countdown feature instilled within the app.

13. The best wedding planner app will also allow you to add reviews and ratings to consider your opinion about the services that are provided for your wedding.

If you are a wedding planner and do not have a customized mobile app for your business, it is the right time to invest in the same. As things have shifted entirely in the online mode, you must consider hiring the best mobile app development company in India and take your services to greater heights. The mobile app development services would allow you to gain significant profits, make your business more manageable, and attract more customers.

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