Best Fintech app ideas for startups businesses in 2022

In today’s scenario, technology has come a long way to make our life easier; from daily life problems to career issues, it’s helping a lot to make the world more convenient for humans. In the last two decades, technology has lent a hand to the financial sector too, to bring a magnificent change and make it easier and hassle-free for us.

The fintech industry has been on an exponential growth recently with various benefits. If you are planning for a startup by building a mobile app, you should go for Fintech. The need for Fintech is rising rapidly among people, and the capability of the fintech industry for a startup is amazing. A thing to remember, if you want to build an app or go for a mobile app development service in USA, do not compromise; go for the top agencies.

A survey run by Pitchbook claimed that fintech startups back in 2009 had made $1.1 billion from venture capital investments which after almost a decade climbed up to $44.1 billion. According to another survey, a group of market leaders claimed that by 2022, the global fintech market would cross the mark of $309 billion. 

What is a Fintech App? 

Fintech is the term made to combine the worlds of finance and technology. The fintech apps are built to help people in their financial journey. They usually provide services to people or companies to make their financial management and tracking part easy. Many of the apps work to connect banks and consumers in one click, which benefits them both. Fintech has become a huge industry that helps in banking and online investments. The most considerate benefit of Fintech apps is they are easy to use and provide a huge value to the consumer by simplifying the complex banking procedures. The increasing need for fintech mobile apps makes the market experimental and beneficial for an android mobile app development company in USA

Best Fintech app ideas for startups/businesses in 2022

Digital banking apps

The need for digital banking apps is increasing rapidly as people have started understanding the easy and reliable service that these apps are providing. It makes banking less time-consuming and specifically stress-free as one does not have to walk to the bank, wait in line and then follow the complex banking procedure. It benefits both the bank and consumers. Banking use became stable and simply operative for the consumers and banks. Digital banking apps cover several profits, for instance, opening a bank account and securities with several others.


I don’t even have to point out why you need it. We all use it already in our daily life. eWallets had made it too easy for consumers to pay at physical merchant stores or to pay bills across various e-commerce stores, websites with incredible ease. 

Blockchain apps

Ahead-of-the-curve technology like Blockchain creates hundreds of new exceptions in the finance industry. For app developers and entrepreneurs, Blockchain apps are a wonderful option. Blockchain apps are innovative Fintech app ways with enormous future potential. Cryptocurrency is used in blockchain apps, which gives the digital banking and financial business a boost.

P2P payment apps

Peer-to-peer payments apps are quite useful, and their need is increasing too in the fintech app development sector. P2P payment apps focus on facilitating the fund transfers between two accounts by eliminating third-party websites, which make the process pretty fast and reliable. 

This area in the fintech industry is quite promising for entrepreneurs and is famous amongst the developers in the best mobile app development agency in USA. As the need is growing, innovation and experiments can make you stand out and rise fast. Developers have been trying many ways to make it more efficient and safe with facial recognition technology, biometrics incorporation, and many more. 

PFM apps

Personal Finance Management (PFM) Apps help consumers to keep track of their money. As the investment options are on a hike, people are struggling to maintain their investments and expenditure numbers on the count. PFM apps solve the issue and help the consumers to keep track of all their financial activities on the one hand. 


Insurance apps

Previously, the concept of insurance was limited, but now, thanks to the Fintech app, it is broad and beneficial. It has grown into one of the Fintech industry’s most powerful mobile apps. Digitalization has broadened the scope of banking, and insurance apps are becoming increasingly useful. The Insurance app helps to simplify company procedures and improves them with cutting-edge technology.

Loan lending apps

The idea of building a loan lending app has good odds to work out as it is simple and solves the issue of loan seekers and lenders. Trust and security do have a big role in this idea. 

Financial record maintenance apps

Who can save all its payment receipts, tax invoices, and more than a dozen of financial records? It’s simply hard enough for a working person; that’s where the Financial record maintenance apps come into the picture. These apps make financial record maintenance hassle-free as they do all of your work by saving your data in one place.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps

Crypto trading platforms have been more popular in recent years as bitcoin trading has grown in popularity throughout the world. Other than Bitcoin, there were roughly 9,000 altcoins on the market in March 2021. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is $2 trillion USD.

Cryptocurrency trading exchanges connect buyers and sellers, making trading easier and convenient. As a result, creating these trades using blockchain technology might be difficult yet rewarding.

One-stop banking solutions apps

Well, if you want to go all out in the market with a bang. One-stop banking solutions apps might be the best option for you as they cover all banking and investment needs like processing easy and fast transactions, keeping count of your balance, investing in different assets like the stock market and cryptocurrency, and a lot more.

Bottom Line

The fintech industry is undoubtedly the future of banking. Setting your foot up in the market with a proper plan and app can make you out to the top easily and fast. The market is estimated to reach $309.98 billion by next year, so if there’s ever gonna be the best chance to jump in the fintech industry, it’s right now. The easy and convenient nature of fintech apps makes their need rise constantly. A word of advice to you, don’t rush out without a proper plan, reach out to the best mobile app development company in USA and get your journey to begin.

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