Customizing your business apps with the help of India’s top mobile app development company has become a necessity for every business presently. We have shifted entirely to an online mode in maximum sectors, which has immense possibilities of growth. The mobile apps serve as the best possible idea to thrive one’s business online.

Hence once you finally release your app on the Google Play store, it becomes effortless to see the positive impact. It is necessary to keep up with its analytics and the growth that is done by it. You must understand all the key features and processes to upload your app on Google Play Store to have the best mobile app for your company. You might also want to keep up with the payment options available for your business for better customer experience and comfort.

Even though things have a significant presence online, business cards stay in trend. One might want to know your details and business cards are one of the best options to let them know about the same. It is used as a formal introduction by businesses and stands as a common way to communicate. But at times, as an individual, you might find it challenging to keep safe all the business cards you might have, and each of them has importance to you. It further becomes hectic to save all the contact details in your smartphones manually one-by-one.

What are business card scanner apps exactly?

Even the customers find it challenging to keep up with all the business cards that they might possess. Hence, business card scanner apps are a sure boon! The business card scanner apps make it easy for you to save contacts and make new ones through the business cards that you might have. This gives you the best option to be connected or reach out to all the businesses in a single place.

Top business card scanner apps 2021

A single or two business cards could be handled quickly, but many of them might create confusion and a lot more difficulty while finding the right one. Hence it would be best to consider the most useful business card scanner apps for your devices like iPhone and iPad. You might want to know about a few prominent and well-known helpful business card scanner apps, and here are we for your assistance.

1. ABBYY Business Card Scanner App

  • ABBYY business card scanner app is one of the most prominent and trustworthy business card scanner app available online. It makes the best use of optical character recognition technology to enhance features and comfort the users.

  • The users could quickly scan and save the contacts along with information immediately from the business cards. There is no barrier of language as it contains assistance of 25 languages. The accuracy of recognizing names, organizations, phone numbers, and email addresses are commendable of the ABBYY app.

  • ABBYY even fills in the missing data for better assistance, including country code, extensions, and typos. The users can quickly backup all the data from this app either automatically or manually according to their convenience.

  • However, the free version of ABBYY allows the users only to save ten cards with regular advertisements. If you wish to continue with the same, you need to pay the monthly amount according to the plan that you want to sign up for.

2. CamCard business card scanner

  • Cam card is yet another unique and efficient business card scanner app available online. Looking at its features and systems, it is undoubtedly developed by the top mobile app development agency. The users can easily access the expansive feature, which is free of cost, unlike the ABBYY app. How about its premium version that consists of additional benefits and services!
  • The user can quickly scan and save the contact details of several businesses through their cards, either one at a time or in batches. Along with saving the contacts on your smartphone, you can easily add notes or reminders to avoid losing any information. For the best feature of the CamCard business card scanner app is that you can even ask your mates or secretary to scan and save contacts by inviting them on the same platform.
  • Also, the CamCard gives you the feature of saving your business card. In case you fall short of paper cards, you may deliver the e-cards to your clients and customers through the CamCard app itself. The CamCard app is highly efficient as it also sends notifications if a specific contact gets promoted or changes jobs.

3. ScanBizCards

  • ScanBizCards is a dedicated and influential business card scanner app, especially in the companies which use Salesforce or SugarCRM. Individuals can use the significant features of the ScanBizCards, but it is specially designed for enterprises. The app provides you with the unlimited scan option for every sort of business card.
  • You may either save the details from business cards to your already existing contacts or create new ones according to your own convenience. You are allowed to fix any detail that might be incorrect manually. The ScanBizCards also involve optical character recognition or OCR technology for better functioning.
  • One of the most significant features of ScanBizCards is that it includes no in-app purchases, and you are good to go by one-time payment initially.

4. Wantedly people

  • At times, you might have bundles of business cards for scanning but almost no time for one by one process. This is the time when Wantedly People comes into the highlight. It allows you to scan not one or two but ten cards at the very same time. Hence it is incredibly effective and efficient in working with timely results.
  • You might have a question about the specific setting of numerous business cards on a table for the Wantedly People app to scan quickly. However, you need not worry about the same and scatter all the business cards that you have randomly on a flat surface. Now only tap the button on your Wantedly app that will handle everything very quickly.
  • Free Wantedly app also uses OCR technology and artificial intelligence, which makes it easier to detect any text or contact detail on the business card.
  • The mobile app development services that designed the Wantedly app also installed business chatting features in the app itself. This makes it easier to communicate with the business contacts without losing time. Further, it allows the users to create their own profiles and share them along with other details within the app itself.

5. SwiftScan business card scanner app

  • The SwiftScan app was initially known as Scanbot. It allows you to scan the business cards and creates excellent copies, and scans documents for which you might require digital copies. You simply need to hold your smartphone over the document or business card, and the scanning would be done immediately. It might show you notifications or pop-up instructions like moving closer or not moving to create a better digital copy.
  • The SwiftScan app uses the OCR technology to read the exact text on your document or business card, and then you may copy the same on your clipboard for importing. The app integrates with numerous third-party cloud services, making it easier to backup or upload all the data to a service of your choice.
  • However, the SwiftScan app has the drawback of not immediately or automatically saving the contacts and details on business cards. You need to do a bit of hard work manually for the same. But it can always be used for scanning documents and business cards for a general-purpose.
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