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Best Android Frameworks for App Development in 2021

The world today abounds with a plethora of mobile applications that serve consumer demand in different ways. Across diverse genres of mobile applications such as entertainment, social networking, infotainment, etc., the users reap the benefits of an easier life that are facilitated by these applications. The apps that encompass a diverse range of features under one-stop might seem to be a product of a huge number of the workforce taking a significant amount of time to build these applications. With the onset of technological advancements, these applications that cater to the needs of users and stand out from the competitive app market are based on outstanding and unique frameworks. Mobile application development marketing is making strides by coming up with competent app frameworks that foster the user experience at its optimum level.

If you seek to build a powerful and lucrative app for your business, you must be aware of the best app frameworks that are in trend in the market. To work out the framework, you would want to connect with an efficient android application development company.

Code Craft Crew, an android app development company based in Delhi understands your business needs and the market trends. Therefore, we have got you covered with a precise and insightful list of best framework for your app development in 2021. These android frameworks listed below are one of the best frameworks currently trending in the app development industry and are being widely used by developers all over the world.


Swiftic is one of the most trending mobile app development frameworks. With an easily navigable interface, this framework is very popular on the iOS platform. This amazing app development framework comes with exciting features that can captivate the users and make the app very convenient for the stakeholders to regulate and monitor. With its promising functionality, you get assurance with a 30 days’ money-back guarantee option for all its plans along with furthered 6-months of success guarantee scheme. The power-packed features such as curated in-app coupons, redeemable scratch cards along with enabled communication made possible with efficient customer care. You can furthermore create a base of loyal customers by provisions of loyalty cards and build a tech or a mobile store. With enhanced user engagement via effective app promotion enabled with this framework through the social media fields, you can ensure a successful business app. To be able to track the records of your app’s functionality and performance, advanced analytics and the flexibility of third-party integrations can thereon lead to better monitoring of your app growth.



Ionic is a widely popular app framework that helps create promising and effective apps and saves time due to its efficient functionality. Therefore, due to Live Deploy, applications that are deployed on Ionic manifest cross-platform functionality. Not only this framework is time effective but also saves costs as it is open-source and free for building an ideal application. Your app can be easily built with this framework as it enables the creation of native apps binaries easily. The cross-platform functionality furthermore lets you incorporate features such as delivering the code updates, running A/B tests, making changes to the content, enabling provisions for fixing the bugs found thereof, both before and after the app development.


Native Scripts

Native Scripts is another popular framework that is used to create native mobile applications. The framework is both time and cost-effective as it is an open-source framework, and also helps in reducing the code and thereby, the time of app loads on the device.

The Native Scripts framework is built on reliable web technologies like Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, CSS, and Vue.js, thereby creating a competent native UI. You can thus create cross-functional applications via this framework that will also provide optimum backend support.


React Native is the renowned app development framework as it is known to employ the best JavaScript library as its main scripting programming language. This framework is used to build native applications across different devices and platforms that are iOS and Android friendly. With the employment of a simple and single code-base across diverse platforms, you can meet the needs of your app platform by creating specific versions for different platforms as required. Therefore, React Native functions as a very famous mobile framework with the scope of creation of a hybrid app development. With the saving of the expense due to the code reuse and the support of Node.Js, identify the bugs in your app and build a reliable application.


Flutter is one of the recent best frameworks available for mobile apps. It is a reliable framework as it is a recently curated development product of Google. The creation of hybrid app can be made possible by the developers with this framework launched by Google. This framework offers effective UI designs that are very appealing and captivating to the users.

With this framework, developers can thus make highly optimized applications owing to the dynamic code it is based on. This framework will help you curate your own widgets that run and facilitate smooth accessibility to the users to enhance their user experience.


Similarly, a diverse variety of frameworks can provide you with the personalized features your business needs. Connect with Code Craft Crew to seek the digital solutions to all your tech problems. For any queries about the tech-world or your own optimum mobile/web app development, our team of professionals provide you with the best mobile app development services.

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