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App Store is our garden, and we are always ready to make our hands dirty to root the best possible apps specially designed for you. At Code Craft Crew, we are known for the best app development company because we prove our love for our customers’ apps like our own success. We honor our title of app development company with great pride and constantly hustle to stay the top Mobile App development company by making your journey from idea to app store a remarkable one!

Our Recipe For Successful Apps

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Requirement Gathering

Market Research

Project Mapping



Style Guides

UX Prototyping



Backend Development

Testing & QA


App Store Deployment

App Marketing Strategy

Support & Updates

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What We Offer

Fully customized app for you!

Hoverer big or small your company is, our mobile app development company in India gets just the right solutions for you that are tailored specifically for your business. From IOS app development to android app development, we cover all industries to help you master their audience reach.

How we Rank High In the Market


Agile Methodology

With our agile methodology strategies, we aim to provide a flexible and revised process for the development of an integrated and refined mobile application. Agile methodology mobile app development makes the entire process more accessible to you. It keeps the process updated with all the new requirements resulting in top mobile apps which can skyrocket your business to new heights.


The Right Consulting Solutions

We believe in understanding the end customer's needs first and then designing the right solutions for them. To achieve this, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced IT consultants who work closely with the required gathering process that helps our development team to serve more efficient and innovative solutions.


The Zeal to Stay Updated

Our enthusiasm to keep up with the growing technology and market trends; allows us to stay ahead in the marketplace. In today's era, where new technologies and programming tools come into the latest picture almost every month, we make sure to incorporate the right features into our projects to make our applications stay at top positions in the industry and never go outdated.


Maintenance Services

We consider the end-user experience that comes as our utmost priority to deliver end-to-end development services for every application project. Our post-delivery application maintenance and up-gradation offerings make it very easy and quick for our client network to stay updated with the growing technology trends.

Our Diversified Mobile Application Development Services

Cross Platform app

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Hybrid mobile applications are often the best choice for our partners. This technology gives the best results to support multiple devices when seeking the product quickly and on a reasonable budget. Offering a quicker time-to-market, the cross platform mobile app development technology is particularly popular in reducing the development time and cost, significantly in the new phase of launching a digital service to make your mobile app reach a wider audience.

Cross Platform
ios app development company
ios app development company in delhi

IOS Mobile App Development

Our extensive portfolio contains a well-made range of iOS applications, offering the right features and helping startups, SMBs, and leading enterprises elevate their operations with spot-on iOS development. Our Apple geek developers find the most bespoke, robust and scalable iOS mobile app solutions for you to make your next app the apple of your user’s eye.

Apps available For all Devices

Start your own chapter in this exciting app development journey

android application development company

Android Mobile App Development

Choosing Code Craft Crew for your android application development opens endless possibilities for your next big idea. Our crew would love to fulfill your fantasy of feature rich and secure mobile apps by using the latest technology for android app development that will help bring your vision to life and ensure running smoothly with time.

ecommerce app development company

AR/VR App Mobile App Development

Virtual reality is all about the experience. The future is now and our team is ready to bridges the gap between the digital and physical world. With deep industry expertise, our innovations for AR/VR applications are stable, usable, and secure for mobile, web, and headset, stimulating multi-user experience with minimum risks and maximum potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time duration is basically a factor dependent on the other assisting factors like features, advancements, and designing. The coding for an app is extremely complicated, and we do not risk any fault, so time may vary accordingly. For an approximate value, it takes about 3-6 months to develop a typical mobile app. The time also depends upon how complex or simple you want your app to be.

We assure you that you would never regret the time you put in the making once you see our final product or app designed for you.

It is similar to the case of time duration. The cost will depend entirely on the features and design that you wish to incorporate in your app. This will be a sort of investment as the more you spend now, the higher would be the profits from the result. Further, app development cost depends upon several factors of your need like Designing, Coding, Development, and Testing.

Share your details for a ballpark estimate and to get the full estimation of your project kindly contact our team now!
Yes, we can. This is one of the most common yet essential questions asked by all mobile app companies. We assure you that your idea is safe until the app launches in the market publicly. To assist the statement, we would sign up for a NDA with you for your idea to be secured legally and professionally. At last, the best way to secure your ideas of designing and conceptualization is to instantly act on them and deliver them before your competitors hear about it.
Yes, we surely advise you to initially launch your mobile app model and gradually make the updates. This will allow you to test all the features and make changes accordingly. The updates will also enhance your quality and reputation if you update them slowly yet effectively. As a professional company, we always choose the AGILE development methodology to keep your app development flexible for all kinds of updates.

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