Android 12 Vs 11 Features Differences Impact Your Mobile Application

Android 12 has finally come out of the mist with its fascinating and innovative features. Google has brought down some completely new features that are quite enough to impress you from head to toe. The new features have left mobile developers in fascination and impressed by Google. 

The hard work of the Google team paid off as they dropped the most personalized user interface till now. The Android 12 beta version has been made available for the public and has been released first in Google’s pixel. The update has created a rush in mobile app development services providers. 

Android 12 is no longer limited to a small set of functions, and it now offers a variety of user-friendly options. With eye-catching design themes, there are fewer privacy problems, excellent battery backup, and optimal performance. 

Android 12 vs. Android 11

Android 12 Beta 2 is now available. It provides a wide range of benefits. As previously stated, the next version centers on the newest UI that adapts to you, called Material You by Google. There are also a number of feature upgrades that will improve functionality, stability, and performance. Let’s see some of them. 

Flexible Design

Android 12 has given the user interface a fresh start. It has been backed with the most fundamental change in the User Interface. “Material you” is what Google named it. The name itself recalls Google’s promise from the previous year. It’s the most individualized user interface we’ve seen thus far. Some notable upgrades over the original look include gradient colors, cutting-edge buttons, easy navigation, and a variety of adjustments.

The new Android 12 UI has introduced dozens of new features. The developments mark a significant milestone for the mobile app development services providers. 

Remodeled Notification Tray

The notification panel has been remodeled for usability, functionality, and visual appeal. The redesigned tray’s rounded corners are on the top panel. The panel is larger and more colorful than the previous one. Google’s consistent commitment to making transitions and animations easier to use is impressive.

What effect does it have?

The new notification tile is faster, bringing the user to the designated app in under a second.

Better Assistance

With Android 12, calling the Google Assistant is a lot easier. Smooth help can be requested by pressing and holding the power button for 0.5 seconds. The Google Assistant will be smarter and more responsive.

What effect does it have?

The update will be much useful to the top mobile app development company in USA. For better Google Assistance optimization, apps like cab booking, delivery, and e-scooter will adopt speech recognition functions.

Single-Handed Mode

With just one hand, using the huge screen Android phone might be exhausting. It is now possible to use Android 12 with just one hand. After you’ve activated the mode, swipe downwards to any point near the bottom. The display ratio has been reduced to fit in the palm of your hand.

What effect does it have?

The incredible features for simplifying out work for availability and allowing them to use mobile apps without interruption.

Improved Privacy

When trying to compare Android 12 to Android 11, one of the most notable additions of Android 12 is the Privacy Panel, which allows users to see what data apps are accessing. The new Privacy Dashboard gives you a specific image of your permissions settings, as well as information about what data is now being accessible, how and when, and by which apps. Furthermore, you have the right to ask an app why it obtained sensitive data.

Indicating Mic and Camera

When apps are using the device’s camera or microphone, Google is introducing signs to the status bar to let users know. You can check whether apps are using your camera or microphone data in Quick Settings and adjust restrictions if necessary.

Improved Internet Panel

Google is bringing a simplified and more straightforward connectivity experience across the Status Bar, Quick Settings, and Settings to help users better handle their network connections. The new Internet Panel makes it easier for users to switch Internet providers and manage network connectivity issues.

Rich Content Sharing

The all-new API for Rich Content Sharing is introduced in Android 12. It allows users to have more control over rich media by using a keyboard and a simple drag-and-drop option. Other forms, such as audio files, styling text markup, gifs, photos, and more, make it easier for users to share media.

What effect does it have?

It is a suitable function for the top mobile app development company supplying the app for digital marketing, financial operations, and business-driven apps. On the device, the user does not need to install a bundle of files.

Widgets Renovation

Widgets have also been given a makeover in Android 12. Widgets have been modified to make them more rounded. We saw some boasting widgets from iOS 14 last year, and Android 12 has received an updated version with several tweaks.

The color extraction system uses a grouping technique to determine the color of widgets, panels, and the majority of the UI. 

What effect does it have?

The feature will be heavily useful for mobile app development agency in USA. The apps that include functions like meditation and grocery shopping provide a better experience with the new widget capabilities. Users do not have to open the app every time they want to use it.

In The End

Android 12 has come up with extraordinarily impressive features. Whether we talk about the most personalized user interface, “Material You,” or improved Privacy which we all have been asking for. From redesigned notification panel to smooth and better Google assistance, Android 12 didn’t fail to amuse us as expected. Some of the big advantages and updates were for the top mobile app development company. As of now, they can offer various exclusive functions like redesign widgets and speech recognition to their clients. The world of android is about to change for good.

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