Developing an Incredible Mobile Reading App

All You Need to Know About Developing an Incredible Mobile Reading App

While everything in this fast-paced world is developing and advancing in features, why should the books remain behind? We have seen everything changing and transforming into something much better through technology in the past few decades. Similar is in the case of books which are now coming out on the online platform as well. It is not easy and affordable for everyone to carry a book in their hand wherever they travel. However, carrying a phone is a necessity, and hence you could take your book along with the latest mobile reading apps that have been developed and read them on the go.

Ebooks in mobile reading apps have become a trend in the past few years, and they will keep growing. This creates an excellent opportunity for businesses to hire the top mobile app development company and get one built for themselves. Paper books not only lead to the wastage of paper but also consume money and time during the purchase. Contrary to the same, the online reading apps allow you to either download or read directly online without paying a single penny at times.

Things to consider while developing a mobile reading app

Moving forward, let us understand what you must know despite hiring the best mobile app development company in India to get the best mobile reading app. Many things can be inserted into a mobile reading app based on your requirements and needs. Do not forget to consider the budget while discussing everything with your mobile app development company to get a better overview.

Entire schedule and list of books

As the very initial step, you must have a good list of all the available books in your online store. The readers must know what all books they can read or view on your specific mobile reading app. This will also allow you to understand the requirement and the necessity of books to be added to your mobile app for better functioning and a greater audience.

You may also categorize the books based on their genre like comic, romance, fiction, historical, and much more to make things more manageable and exciting.

If you look forward to hiring the top mobile app development, you may also get to have a feature in your mobile reading app which will provide recommendations to the users. It can be done by employing technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence, which enhances the functioning of your mobile app.

Make the books available in distinct formats.

A mobile reading app is used by an end number of users who are interested in reading. However, this could be hampered if you provide your books only in a specific format. Hence, to enhance the reading experience and gain a significant audience, you must provide your reading material in numerous formats, including PDF, TXT, MOBI and many others. This will allow the users to read your books in a format that they are most comfortable with. Further, it boosts the customer experience and satisfaction levels, upgrading your profits.

Make sure your mobile reading app supports various online platforms.

mobile reading app supports various online platforms
Every customer has a different platform that they mostly use. Limiting your mobile reading app to a specific browser also limits your audience and further revenue generation. This will create a negative impact on your profits and customers online. To avoid the same, you must ask the mobile app development services to develop a mobile reading app that supports multiple platforms online. Also, make sure that you make your app available on both IOS and Android devices. Deciding upon any of these must also depend upon your budget and various other criteria that you might have in mind.

Make your books and reading material customer friendly.

At times the users have low eyesight or do not have larger screens to view the content. This could be managed by allowing your mobile app development companies to change the font and several other details according to the reader. Make sure that you also include a night mode in your mobile reading as most of the customers prefer reading in the nighttime.

Try and have warm colors for your app to avoid trouble for the eyes while the reader visits your mobile reading app. You may also include the highlighting feature in your app, which will enable the readers to highlight a specific line or phrase according to their own needs or will.

Provide assisting features and tools to your mobile reading app

Enhancing the customer experience must remain the topmost priority for a business person. This remains constant in every field of work, and so is in the case of a mobile reading app. Slowly and gradually, once your mobile reading app gets a significant amount of customers, you may want to update the features and add a few assisting tools to the same.

The essential tools that would help enhance customer experience include an inbuilt dictionary, bookmarks, notes, attachments, and highlighting. All these features would allow the reader to have a more comfortable environment to read in.

Make sure that you consider every sort of reader necessity that might visit your mobile reading app. Further, consider employing the audiobooks or tools like text-to-speech to allow more and more users to use your app easily.

Socialize your mobile reading app and its content with the help of users themselves

Social media is an incredible platform in the present times for marketing purposes. It has immense power to create or destroy an entire business. You can use social media platforms as a way to advertise your services in the market. This could also be done if you include a feature in your app that allows social integration.

The readers might want to share what they read on their social media platforms, which becomes a method of advertisement. The users might also share this in several groups and distinct social media platforms, which creates a more excellent reputation and reach of your services online.

The final call

Building an app is not an easy task, and so is the selection of the mobile app development agency. Make sure you hire the best people and get the most incredible results out of anything that you have invested.

All of the above features are only a few amongst several and must be taken care of while preparing the mobile reading app. The basic criteria to grow and thrive your business online or offline is considering the customer experience as the topmost priority. You might have several ideas, strategies, and investments, but a lack of a good customer base or trust could lead to immense losses.

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