A Comprehensive Guide To Modern Cloud Application Development

Do you know what a cloud is? A storage house of water. But do you know what a digital cloud is? It’s an app or a feature in an app used to store data. It helps in easy data management and safely transfers files and data from one device to another. Cloud computing is a basic mobile app development service in USA provided by the app developers is an inbuilt feature of the app.

Feature rather than an application

A cloud application is a storage application, but it is more commonly used and known as a feature. You must have seen applications based on editing images, video, text, etc., store their final product in the application itself rather than on the device. This feature of an app is the cloud computing feature. It also helps the user in data management. 


The subscription model of any app helps you use its premium feature. A cloud application includes extra storage space, a better data management facility, security perks, etc. This model is the primary revenue source of a cloud application. Most cloud applications or feature users buy this model for better data management and extra storage for their digital stuff. 

Key features

Now, as we have known enough of what a cloud application is, let us have a look at some of the best features that a top mobile app development company in USA builds into it.

  1. Security

 The best feature of a cloud application is its security level. A cloud application has the best security features as its vital role is data storage and security. A cloud application is like a bank locker, whereas the important digital stuff is kept safe and secured and could be taken from it whenever and wherever needed. 

  1. Sharing with team

Also, apart from saving, you can organize files and folders in cloud applications and share them with other people like your friends, workspace team, and others. The security feature of the application helps us prevent data leakage, so the threat of data leakage can also be avoided by sharing with these apps.

3. Cost-effective

These applications are cost-effective as they are not hardware devices that need to be bought at a high amount to add store data. In fact, the app’s premium model costs way less than a hardware device and gives more space for storage. Also, you do not have to maintain a separate device just to store data. All your data stays within your device, which is very easily accessible.

Types of cloud applications

There are three types of cloud applications in general. Here is some basic information about them all, with several examples.

1. SAS 

SAS refers to software as a service and serves both cloud apps as well as individuals. These apps run on third-party hardware and not on the user’s device. Some of the main features of this model include high availability, elastic infrastructure, automated provisioning, multi-tendency model, etc. Also, in this model, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) make the integration between different pieces of software possible. Some of the examples of SAS are google, dropbox, predefined, etc.

2. IAS 

IAS stands for infrastructure as a service. It provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. Also, this type of product often requires middleware and app support from the clients. The main feature of this type are dynamic scaling, platform visualizing technology, GUI and API-based access, automated administrative tasks, etc. some of the most common IAS cloud apps services are go daddy, web hoster, hosting services, etc. 

3. PAS 

PAS stands for a platform as a service. As clearly known from the name itself, this type of apps provides a platform as a medium for its service. Some of its key features are Multi-tenant architecture, Customizable /Programmable User Interface, Customizable /Programmable User Interface, Robust Workflow engine/capabilities, Flexible “services-enabled” integration model, etc. some common examples are AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure, Heroku, Force.com, Google App Engine, Apache Stratos, etc.


We at code craft crew make both kinds of apps on demand. The user may choose the type of app they want to have for their purpose. We provide the best services, like providing all the latest and updated features and keeping the target audiences’ preferences, choices, etc. We assure excellent customer support. As a mobile app development company in USA, we cater to the customers’ needs and ensure the best deliverables.

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