9 Best Reddit Apps You Should Not Miss

In the 21st century, the world is running swiftly, and one has to match up with speed not to lag. Also, one needs to be updated with everything that is going out there in the world. But do people have the time to read the newspaper or catch up with every news shown on the news channel? Well, considering the busy urban life, one would certainly say no. But what if you get an app that keeps you updated with everything going on around you? Most of them must have been or, after reading this, surely would use a Reddit app. Many mobile app development companies in USA develop Reddit apps to serve the most engaging content to their targeted audience. 

Reddit apps are the ones that keep you up to date with everything happening in the world, be it news, sports, trends, etc. You get everything on Reddit apps. All you have to do is open the Reddit apps and get all the headlines of your interest in your free time.


There is undoubtedly a massive demand for Reddit apps among users. Also, we can analyze this by considering that Reddit apps make all their revenue by user traffic, which often remains high. As the stats say, at the end of 2020, there will be 52 million daily active Reddit users worldwide (Wall Street Journal, 2020). This marks a 44 percent year-over-year increase from October 2019’s 36 million. The nos. In themselves are big enough to make us understand the importance and significance o Reddit apps in people’s lives. Any top mobile app development company would add all the necessary features to attract most users as it is the only source of revenue for a Reddit app.

Best Reddit apps

There are many Reddit apps with different features and different target audiences, but the moto for every Reddit app is to serve the best of information to its users. Here is the list of the top 9 Reddit apps used by readers worldwide:-   


Bacon reader is awarded as the best Reddit apps by the android authority. It has a user base of over 5 million active users. It is a full-featured Reddit app that allows you to browse the best of Reddit in an easy-to-use package. It is available on both android and ios. It provides so many user-friendly features, such as adding themes. Any Reddit user or any person who likes reading news would definitely love it.

Relay for Reddit

Relay for Reddit is a much more fun Reddit app than any other of its type. Also, it’s faster, and it’s simpler. It has a beautiful and intuitive user interface inspired by material design. Most of the Reddit users prefer relay over any other Reddit app.  

Reddit offline

Some people do not like online Reddit apps and prefer offline apps. For such people, Reddit offline is the destination to their hunt. Here users can load the news and topic of their interest and read it on later whenever they want to.  

Joey for Reddit

It is a third-party user Reddit app, and here the user gets an entirely different user experience. It also gives fresh news and updates to the users every time they refresh the app. It avoids the chances of repeated links and news content that often creates boredom. It is time-saving as it shows only the new post, and one can add changes to its shape and font and give a more customized look. 

Slide for Reddit

Slide for Reddit is the most favorite Reddit app of many Reddit users. The app’s key features that make it so popular among users are its offline support feature, where one can even load images and videos and watch them later even with no internet connection. Also, the support sync of the app makes the users rely on it. 

Apollo for Reddit

It is another Reddit app that most users love. It also has impressive theme features, and it’s creative, highly efficient. It allows the users to add comments to subreddits and make a personalized comment section experienced by adding color themes.

Now for Reddit

Reddit apps are all about updates and the latest information. Now for Reddit, there are other similar Reddit apps like the ones mentioned above. It supports various files, also has Imgur support and support for Reddit gold features. It is quick at browsing information. There is a free version and a pro version for $3.99 (as an in-app purchase).

Narwhal for Reddit

It is the best Reddit apps for ios users. As we know, the no. of apps for ios devices are comparatively lower than that in the android mode for the same type, and if one has to talk about Reddit apps, then narwhal for Reddit is the best one for sure. It’s a free app and also easy to use. There is not so much effort to operate it because of its excellent user interface.


This Reddit app has a magazine-like user interface. It has a polished surface which often attracts the attention of users. Like any other Reddit apps, it has features like adding comments and sharing subreddit links with others, etc.


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