6 E-Commerce Trends in 2022

6 E-Commerce Trends in 2022

From local grocery stores to bookstores, businesses are becoming online. E-commerce is experiencing an unprecedented rise. Let’s look at some numbers. In 2021,  global e-commerce retail sales were approximately $ 4.9 trillion. That number is expected to increase by 50% over the next four years to reach roughly $ 7.4 trillion by 2025. Want to take your E-Commerce store to another level? Let us know about it we will take care of it as we are the best web development company India

If you’re thinking of ways to grow your business in this highly competitive environment,  your answer is to watch the latest trends. Now, reading a lot of information, looking at some reports, and knowing which directions are helpful for your business can be a big job. 

Top 6 E-Commerce Trends in 2022

Augmented reality and virtual reality 

The increasing use of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality make the shopping experience more immersive.  These technologies enhance the customer experience by allowing customers to visualize before purchasing. Some of the  benefits of augmented reality and virtual reality are: 

  • Reduce product return rate 
  • Providing a personalized experience 
  • Improve customer retention 
  • Improving customer satisfaction 

Example: Ikea is one of the pioneers in using augmented reality in the retail industry. We have released an AR app that allows shoppers to see furniture at home. There are several ways to start offering an immersive experience in your store. Includes an interactive user guide, virtual fitting solution, 3D product configurator, and more. 

Product customization 

Product customization

With growing interest in personality, shoppers look for products that reflect their unique identity. And that’s why brands say no to off-the-shelf products and rely on personalization. Web to Print product design tools helps you sell customizable products such as T-shirts, gifts, stationery, banners, and leaflets. 

End users can customize their products with various features such as clip art, text editors, image editors, ready-made templates, and real-time pricing. This tool can be easily integrated with major e-commerce platforms. Assuming the store is on Magento, you can integrate  Magento Web into your printing tools and then apply different configurations such as design areas, printing methods, and so on. Contact us to get a similar app built for your business and turn it into an E-Store, as we are the best web app development agency in Delhi.  

E-Commerce sustainability 

Sustainability is becoming a major initiative for many companies as consumers demand sustainability. Did you know that 66% of consumers worldwide say they pay more for sustainable products? Both large and small brands are moving to a sustainable model.  For example, Amazon has announced that it will make its company carbon-neutral by 2040. Clothing brands like Zara promote sustainable or recycled clothing. Here are some ways to make your online business more eco-friendly. 

  • Take a clear stance on sustainability by renewing the spirit of the brand.
  • Consider using a recycled package. 
  • Rely on eco-friendly transportation practices. 
  • We provide eco-friendly products that replace existing product lines. 

Voice search 

Another fastest-growing e-commerce trend is voice search.  Juniper Research predicts that language transactions will grow to more than $ 80 billion annually by the end of 2023. One of the most significant benefits of voice search is time efficiency. This allows buyers to get results quickly. 

It also helps you personalize your shopping experience with recommendations based on your tastes. One way to optimize your e-commerce store for voice search is to reassess your SEO strategy—further focus on the conversational, long tail, and question keywords. Then optimize your website to increase page speed. 

Various payment methods 

Various payment methods 

There are significant changes in customer payment methods. Companies are expanding payment options based on customer needs. “In March 2020, consumer payment methods changed. For the first time, the non-card-presented transaction volume exceeded the card-presented volume, and the displacement did not return to pre-pandemic levels:— Joel Henckel, Mastercard, SVP, US market adoption. Traders currently use the most common methods digital wallets, QR code payments, and link payments. 

There are several advantages to different payment methods

  • Reduce the chances of your cart being abandoned due to a lack of the required payment method. 
  • Improves conversion rate at checkout.
  • We provide more accessible and more convenient buyers. 
  • Enhance your brand image and stay competitive. 

Subscription model 

Subscription transactions are increasing. According to a  McKinsey & Company survey, 15% of online shoppers are signed up for at least one subscription service. Subscription e-commerce is a model that allows customers to subscribe to products regularly. The most famous example of this is Dollar Shave Club. We offer a variety of subscription plans to offer our customers personalized care products. 

There are several reasons for the popularity of this model. On the one hand, you can retain customers and thereby increase sales. Second, this model offers higher predictability compared to the Pay Once model. You know the product and quantity you need. 

These were the top six e-commerce trends to watch in 2022. However, there are others, but I’ll briefly discuss this in the next section. 

  • The direct sales business, which sells products without wholesalers or retailers, is booming. 
  • The omni-channel strategy will be further extended to provide more convenience to shoppers. 
  • Video continues to be an essential part of marketing strategies to attract more customers.  
  • More and more brands are using chatbots to provide better customer service. 
  • Shoppers use social media to browse and buy products. 
  • Companies use artificial intelligence to sell and sell their products to their customers. 
  • It improved fulfillment plans such as an optimized supply chain and multi-layer distribution model. 
  • Mobile commerce is still popular with shoppers.
  • Brands use gamification technology to offer loyalty and rewards programs to retain their customers.  


As more shoppers choose to shop online and more companies increase their online presence, the e-commerce industry is ready to reach new heights.  However, the industry is dominated by fierce competition and large corporations. Keeping track of the latest trends can help you grow your online business ahead of your competitors. Get in touch for the best web development services in Delhi. 

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