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5 Must-Have Features For Taxi Booking App Development

Traveling with convenience has become a matter of the moment and has immense opportunities for businesses to expand and level up. Travelling is not only about fun journeys but also about your day-to-day necessity that needs to be acknowledged by various businesses to transform, develop, and meet the current demands. While talking of travel, online taxi services have become extremely common and irreplaceable due to massive efficiency and demand. 

People can now conveniently travel from one place to another in cars of their choice without actually spending massive amounts on purchasing. They could easily hire or book a taxi remotely to travel anywhere and everywhere with no time limitations. The top android app development company has made it possible for businesses to provide 24 seven assistance with online taxi booking to the customers and arrange things according to the requirements. There is no set bar for the minimum distance making it useful even for simple visits to airports, shopping malls, offices, railway stations, restaurants, clinics, etc. 

Should I really invest in online mobile app development services for business growth?

If you own a taxi service, it is the right choice to finally invest in online mobile app development services and raise professional standards by providing an accessible establishment for customers at all times. You will no longer require a brick-and-mortar office and can manage things remotely. Adding to the benefits, you must not forget that the governance and supervision of an online taxi business need lesser investment and time when compared to the traditional ways. 

However, to enjoy the online services benefits and massive possible profits, you need to make an initial investment in the top mobile app development company in India and get the best available features within your app for easy navigation and accessibility to the users. 

What should my taxi booking app look like?

To begin with, let us understand the taxi booking app development services and the process for building the same.

Developing a taxi booking app is not as simple as we might think of, but only if you want it to be useful and worthwhile. It is essential to understand that developing an app for such services requires multiple portals depending upon the use and functioning. A taxi business app must have at least two portals differentiating between the passenger and driver. The below details would help you understand the idea better.

The passenger portal/app: 

passenger portal app

It is specifically designed for the passengers to allow easy sign up with basic details like name, contact number, and email. It helps with the communication at further levels when the bookings are confirmed. The user can book the cab remotely anytime, and access features like geolocation and in-app chat with the driver for a comfortable and safe trip.

The driver portal/app: 

driver portal app

The portal is specifically designed for drivers. They will have to begin with the initial registration and login with name, address, contact, experience, and id proof. It is important to ensure the safety and security of passengers with a thorough background check of the driver. It allows your passengers to set belief and trust in your service and access them without hesitating.  

The must-have features in a taxi booking mobile app.

With the basic details of what is the exact use and meaning of an online taxi business app, let us process the important features that would make the establishment of your online taxi service mobile app a worthwhile investment and get massively productive results.

1. The geolocation services 

geolocation services

The feature that is undoubtedly the most important and unavoidable part of a taxi business is the Geolocation service. It allows easy access to the live location and makes the travel less time-consuming. You could easily know about the pickup location and destination with the basic setup and avoid the chances of wrong routes.

2. Preferred type of vehicle

Adding an option for the customer to choose the preferred vehicle type assists the online taxi business to enhance its customer services. The price is good to be adjusted according to the vehicle type providing more convenience and say of the customers for a comfortable journey. 

3. Instant confirmation and cancellation 

Instant confirmation and cancellation

The best mobile app development agency in Delhi would always recommend a confirmation and canceling feature within your online taxi business for better management. It enhances the customer experience and makes the app simpler yet useful. 

Whenever a customer confirms a ride, the nearby driver gets a notification regarding the same. The online mobile apps have also made the cancellation process less time-consuming. You can easily press the cancel button on your application, and the app would automatically notify the assigned driver to allow proper communication and avoid inconvenience.

4. Real-time cab status 

Live cab status is yet another key feature for a profitable and commendable online taxi booking app service. It allows the passenger to track the vehicle through a live GPS facility. The user can also share the travel status with his/her friends and family members merely with the link. It not only makes the travel trouble-free but also comfortable for both the driver and the traveler.

5. In-app chat facility with online mode of payments 
app chat facility online mode of payments

Adding an in-app driver chat and payments feature within your taxi booking app is undoubtedly a commendable and productive idea. It will enable a straightforward conversation between the driver and the traveler about any information relating to the arrival or difficulty in finding the pickup location. 

You can also allow online payments through the app itself to make transactions more manageable. The availability of numerous payment options allows the passenger to pay according to his or her own convenience leading to greater satisfaction and enhanced customer experience.

Let’s get this done!

These were only a few features that could be included within your online taxi booking application with the help of expert developers and mobile app development services available nearby to your location. These features are irreplaceable and highly productive for a prosperous business. Such exclusive, functional, and handy features effectively compel passengers to book your taxi service for their next travel, leading to a set customer base with greater profits.

Apart from these, it would be the right choice to allow and instill the ideas proposed by the top android app development company to boost the effectiveness and performance of your taxi booking mobile app.

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